8 Must Read Books by Debut Authors


In today’s world, there are new additions to the book available for the readers. All the books this article recommends are the best debut authors that readers must read. If you want to read about the top 8 books that are written by debut authors, then read the following points in this article.


This book is written by Sohn Won-pyung, who creates a compelling story of two ‘monsters’. In this book, Yunjae is born with a brain disease known as Alexithymia. In this condition, it feels hard to feel the emotions such as anger and fear. He can also never make friends. Two almond-shaped neurons are in his brain, thanks to his devoted mother and grandmother, who give him a safe and happy life.

After some time, when he starts to meet new people, one of the girls in the school slowly changes his entire life.

2.Rumours of Spring

Rumours of Spring is an unforgettable book, written by Farah Bashir. As the Indian militants and the troops battle across the violence and the cityscape, that becomes the new normal for the residents of Kashmir. This narrative of a young schoolgirl explores the ordinary tasks – walking to the bus stop, studying for exams, falling asleep, combing her hair, etc., with haunting simplicity. The author captures the vitality and the resilient moments of her girlhood between the increased turmoil and trauma of passing years.

3.Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh

In this pathbreaking work, author Shrayana Bhattacharya highlights the personal and economic trajectories, such as love affairs, jobs, prayers, desires, etc., of a group of women, who belong to the SRK fandom. United in fandom and divided by class, they are considered the steadfast visionaries who are searching for intimacy, fun, and freedom. Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh embraces the idol Shah Rukh Khan and studies how his performances permit women a small respite from the oppressive culture.

4.The House Next to the Factory

This book involves the nine interlinked stories that follow Kavya and their post-partition immigrant family, that consists of the servants, cousins, lovers, tutors, aspirations, small-scale ambitions, and their loneliness. The author, Sonal Kohli, wrote the book, The House Next to the Factory with delicate and fine textured prose, and highlights the complexities in the class and culture of the country.

5.Ladies’ Tailor

The book Ladies’ Tailor consists of the story of Gurdev and his cohort, which was the group of refugees who moved to the east after the partition. Their lives are falling apart, but the characters come together as the world burns around them. There may be a lot of uncertainty that exists here, but there is also relentless hope.

6.Lost Girl

Lost Girl is set in the nondescript town of Fagu. One of the retired officers, Vanessa, and her husband, Aidan, are running around their quaint café together, when they spot something intriguing.

7.The Illuminated

It is the story of two women, Shashi and Tara. When her celebrated husband suddenly dies, Shashi is alarmed to suppose overnight that she has lost her moorings in life. The Illuminated contains a sophisticated story with a charming prose.

8.Open Book

The author of Open Book is Kubbra Sait, who broke all boundaries in the pursuit to make her name shine through on celluloid. She is an extraordinary woman, and her upbringing, detailed in her memoir, is appreciable in how she learns to tackle the harsh ways of life.


This article will tell you the story of the top 8 books that are written by the debut authors. All the mentioned books consist of the different stories, are from different genres, but have one thing in common: excellent writing. Get them today!


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