Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells Review: Like This?


Do you like working out in your privacy? If you have a home gym and prefer sweating it out in the comfort of your home, then Strefit have an ideal product for you.

In case, you like building muscles and strengthen your chest, then we have the perfect dumbbells for you.

These are adjustable and if this interests you, then keep reading.

That is correct and Yes4All adjustable dumbbells Review is going to reveal how this equipment will help you reach your goals. These are quite affordable and are readily available online.

Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Why wait for your gym? Go on and grab those dumbbells right away!

Features Of The Yes4all

The core of these Yes4all adjustable dumbbells is made of chrome. The weight plates are of cast iron and this makes them smooth. The texture matters because you will find it a comfortable alternative to others.

There are a quite few things that go into its favor and they are like:

  1. It is a durable option for those that want dumbbells for personal use
  2. Cast iron plates reduce rusting
  3. The threaded ends keep the weights secured in place
  4. Readily available online
  5. You can choose from a lot of variations
  6. Not to mention these can match any fitness level
  7. This means you can perform a lot of exercises
  8. It does not take long to assemble
  9. These have an unswerving grip
  10. Good for beginners also
  11. Have a warranty of 5 long years

Everyone knows that weight training is a must for those that want to bulk up muscles. Dumbbells are a way to accomplish that and more.

Moreover, dumbbells can improve your cardiovascular health. These dumbbells are quite handy and can assist you achieve the results you crave. These are quality dumbbells that come with a chrome finish.

Why Strefit Like The Yes4all Hand Weight?

If you have simple needs and have no hang ups in regards to brand names, etc., then this could the one for you.

Strefit have a few pointers that can make it clear why we are talking about it.

Why Strefit Like The Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells
Why Strefit Like It?


The Yes4All weights include an all-metal body as explained previously. The principle advantage of them is that they don’t incorporate plastic components that can break easily. This makes them strong and dependable.

Weight plates are made of cast iron, and colored with a dark, solid finish. This lacquer is really an oil paint which not just keeps weight plates from rusting but is compact as well. It doesn’t fall off effectively and doesn’t ruin your clothes while working, unlike the oils on different sorts of hand weights.

Strength and Build Quality

Free weights like this should endure forever, the main thing is, they’re not fundamental and do get a kick out of the chance to tumble off and a portion of the efficiently made ones wear effectively.


The free weight bars are made of steel, including a chrome polish, with knurled grasps. This knurled surface is intended to offer a dominant grip to first timers. You can also use exercise gloves with these dumbbells.

Versatile Weight Plates

In the event that you are keen on dumbbells, chances are you have a barbell too. The cast iron weight plates that accompany these movable weights will fit on your barbell as long all things considered of standard breadth.


It is evident that the Yes4All flexible dumbbells include an adjustable framework. You essentially load the plates on the bars, secure them with the collars and continue with your activities.

In addition, you must know that these free weights are 100% traditional. You can investigate the cast iron weight plates that are substantial and are the most gigantic set as available.

Simple To Use

With the Yes4all have plates, you can add or take off to set the free weight to the weight you want. They utilize something called spin lock corner to affix or remove the weight plates.

Yes, it may seem tedious but is a practical solution. More or less, it keeps the plates held.

Star lock collars are not generally the most secure strategy as you will discover they open effectively and you can feel the plates move around in some cases as you lift, so make a point to fix as much as you can before lifting for additional security.

Changing the weight on these Yes4All dumbbells is moderately easy. In the event that you are resting over a moment between sets. Each time you change the weight on these cast iron free weights, you should do it on four sides since every hand weight has opposite sides.


One the best thing about the Yes4all dumbbells is that they come in various sizes. This means these dumbbells allow you plenty of room to grow. You can find them within a range of 40 pounds to 200 pounds. This gives you a fair idea, as to how much deviation you get while working out with them. You certainly can use a lot of variance while bulking up muscles.


Why burn a hole in your pocket, when you can afford customizable dumbbells? These Yes4all adjustable dumbbells are a real deal when compared to other adjustable dumbbells. This certainly makes it a unique product, as people that deal with dumbbells know how expensive the thing could be.


Another important feature of these dumbbells is that you can increase the weight while working out by a few pounds. Each time you think, you are for the next to move onto the next round, you can start adding 2.5 or 5 pounds to your sets. Ask any professional, they will tell you that you should ideally increase the weights gradually. These give you ample opportunity and scope to do so.

Finished Handles

The most critical thing to recollect about movable dumbbells is that you’re actually lifting them with your hands. If you don’t have the right kind of grasp on the handles, then there is a risk that you could drop the load’s plates and harm somebody or yourself around one.

This is the reason the Yes4All movable free weights are structured with magnificent chrome covered handles that are carved. This assists you with firmer and simple grip on the handle.


When it concerns the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, you can just breathe a sigh of relief that you bought decent quality flexible dumbbells. Alongside the chromed handles, this customizable free weight is built of solid and durable cast iron.

The cast iron is protected with a glossy luster, which prevents rust (that builds up owing to perspiration). If you’ve utilized dumbbells in the past, then you likely realize that rust can be a major issue, yet that is something you’ll never need to worry about with these around.

The collars and handles are likewise strung to guarantee a protected fit. This guarantees that you never need to worry about the loads’ plate tumbling off when you’re lifting, particularly over your head.

What We Don’t Like?

Like any other product the Yes4all adjustable dumbbells set is not devoid of imperfections.

There are a few points that Strefit have not liked in this product, like:

  • Paint – After using it for a while, you may see the paint chips away. This could be a concern for those that like perfect things. Yes, it could be a bit irritating thing as well.
  • Ends – The ends are little pointy and this could be a problem while working out. These can dig into your thighs and you may not find them to be comfortable.

If you want to get a pair of affordable dumbbells, then you must try these.

In fact, this best dumbbell set for home gym talks about how this pair is no less than a professional set.

You can attain the outcome you have been wanting for a long time.

Above all, this is a versatile tool that you can get at this price. For those that want to upgrade their gyms can opt for this one without much of thinking. What is keeping you waiting?


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