5 Benefits Of Vaping That You Should Know

5 Benefits Of Vaping

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapor that is created by an electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette or a vaping device is essentially a battery operated device that features cartridges that can be filled with a flavoured liquid that usually contains nicotine, different flavours and chemicals. This liquid is what creates the vapor or smoke which the user inhales. E-cigs typically contain glycerin or propylene glycol and alongside the other ingredients mentioned. Let’s see the 5 benefits of vaping that you should know.

While vaping has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, it has also attracted a lot of unwarranted and misinformed criticism. While a certain population preaches the benefits of vaping over smoking, another percentage of the population speaks against its hypothetical risks and exaggerates any dangers that may be associated with vaping. This ongoing debate confuses a lot of individuals and makes them doubt vaping without even giving it a try. Listed below are a few benefits of vaping that are that may help you decide whether vaping is right for you:

1. Vaping is much safer than smoking

Multiple authorities including the British Royal College of Physicians agree that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking. Most authorities estimate this percentage to be close to 90% less harmful. Sine vaping doesn’t involve combustion of any sort, there is no production of tar or carbon monoxide which are probably the most harmful elements in regular or conventional cigarettes. Since a vaping user is no longer exposed to harmful chemicals, they witness improved lung and heart health.

2. Vaping doesn’t feature any bad odor

One of the biggest turnoffs concerning smoking regular cigarettes is the bad and obnoxious odor associated with it. People who smoke cigarettes tend to smell of it most of the time and have all their belongings smell of stale smoke, which is pretty disappointing concerning your personal hygiene. Vaping devices however do not smell of burnt tobacco and only carry the pleasant aroma of the flavour that the user is inhaling in their vape. The vapor leaves a very weak yet pleasant smell which is poles apart from the stink that regular cigarettes leave.

3. Vaping is available in different flavours

Vaping devices have something for everyone and e-juices or the liquid used in vapes is available in multiple flavours including fruit, deserts, mint, beverages and tobacco. Users can try different flavours before they select one they like the most, and can even create their own unique flavors of they are not satisfied with what’s available locally.

4. Vaping allows the user to control their nicotine intake

vaping allows the user to control their nicotine intake in the sense that e-juice or the liquid used in vapes is available in numerous strengths, and users can choose from anywhere between nicotine-free to high-nicotine concentrations in their favorite flavours. This allows the user to decide exactly how much nicotine they wish to consume, and if they are considering quitting smoking altogether, they may start from a high-nicotine e-juice and gradually change to a low-nicotine concentration. 

5. Vaping allows users to control their output

Vaping allows its users to control the vapor that they exhale which essentially is a major component of the entire experience of vaping. certain users use pod vapes which are categorized by low volume of vapor, whereas other users prefer cloud chasing which is available on high-powered vaping mods. Users can also adjust the output, airflow and coil of their vaping device in order to adjust the vapor volume and flavor strength on a daily basis.

While there exist multiple misconceptions about vaping and its health effects, we should try to amplify and promote its positives rather than communicating and advertising unwarranted and baseless claims about its harmful effects.


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