Benefits of a Well Rested Mind And Body


Benefits of a Well Rested Mind And Body.importance of sound sleep is underrated by some people. Good sleep is needed for a well-rested mind and body. It also has a say in how you perform throughout the day. Ask yourself this question, do I feel awake and ready to work when it’s morning? Maybe it’s better to delay some daily routines, pay someone to write a paper for college, decide to be lazy for a few hours?

There are generally four stages of sleep, and each is important for both your mind and body. The first stage of sleep is the initial shift from the state of consciousness to unconsciousness; the second stage is where your temperature drops and eyes stop moving, this stage lasts the longest.  The third stage is when you’re sound asleep, and your body completely relaxes. REM (rapid eye movement) is the fourth stage of sleep, where your eyes move constantly and you begin to dream. Missing out on one or two stages is bound to affect the quality of sleep. 

The quality and quantity of your sleep have a long way to go in your daily performance. Some avoidable ailments arise due to lack of good sleep. The following are five benefits of sleeping well that can’t be overlooked.

Importance of Quality Sleep

  1. Concentration Boost: An increase in concentration levels and memory is a result of sleeping well at night. Our brains depend on quality sleep that allows the best of our performance and productivity during the day. So, cast out that thought that it’s only if you push yourself to stay awake at night that you will get great results during the day. When you feel tired, get some rest to recharge yourself.  
  2. Immunity Improvement: Good sleep has some excellent effects on both, brain and body. One great advantage it has on your body is a significant boost in its immune response. This is so because cytokines are produced when we sleep. Cytokines are important in building a great immune response, which will help your body fight against potential health threats.
  3. Expulsion of Stress and Anxiety: Another important advantage of better sleep is the ability to manage stress and anxiety properly and better as compared to less sleep. During sleep, the production of growth hormones takes place in the body. These hormones also help in fighting stress and anxiety. And this is why a good night’s sleep makes you feel happy and more positive in the morning.
  4. Maintenance of a Healthy Weight: Is this possible? Well, yes. Sleeping well can help you maintain a healthy weight. The reason for this is sleep helps to regulate your body’s metabolism, which allows for the balanced processing of nutrients. When next you feel tired and sleep-deprived, get yourself a light snack to head to bed. That snack can be a fruit, lean protein, or nuts. 

5. Creativity Thinking: Have you noticed that on the days you didn’t get enough sleep, your motivation will be on a low, and you’re a bit sluggish? Getting the amount and type of sleep you need is also necessary to get creative. Whether it’s an idea you need for your work or project, or the way forward for your fiction book, you need a good sleep. Rest your brain, and awake a creative ninja.


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