New Trends of Online Games in 2021

Online Games in 2021

The gaming industry has had fantastic success over the last several years, and it can look forward to an exciting future. No one can deny game developers are among those that welcome technological innovations and implement them in their software solutions.Here are new trends of Online Games in 2021.

It’s evident that Online Games in 2021 such as 1 dollar deposit casinos Canada can only attract more players in 2021. But what are other trends that we could see in this industry in 2021? Here are the major predictions for the next year!

More People Will Play on Mobile Devices

If we are talking about leisure time, the odds are you are spending more time on your smartphone than on your PC. It’s a major worldwide trend, which is why the majority of internet gaming platforms support playing on the go. That’s particularly true for online casinos, which make all their games available on the go.

You’ll find many casino operators offering a free app for Android and iOS. These enable an improved experience when playing on portable devices. The odds are that we’ll see more dedicated apps offered by online casinos, which means improved cross-platform support.

While we are talking about cross-platform playing, it’s worth noting that many video game developers are making efforts in this area, too. That’s why you can expect the option to play the same game on PC, but also consoles and even some portable devices.

Cryptocurrency Will Be a Common Payment Form

Bitcoin has reached a new peak value in history in 2020. There is no reason why this cryptocurrency wouldn’t break that record in the next 12 months. BTC and other crypto options are becoming more popular as payment forms worldwide. That’s why expect they will be more present than ever in the industry of Online Games in 2021.

Web-based casinos are the first ones who welcomed Bitcoin and other currencies. Although the majority focuses only on BTC, we expect the implementation of Ethereum, Litecoin, and other variants, too. Players appreciate having cryptocurrency as a payment form since it maximizes anonymity, and that’s why this is on the list of major trends expected in 2021.

4K Resolution Will Become a Standard

Whether you played casino or video Online Games in 2021, it wasn’t that common to play in 4K resolution. However, that’s likely to change in 2021 because more developers will support 4K gaming. We believe that will take playing in online casinos to an entirely new level.

While live gaming was already a way to get close to the experience offered by land-based gambling facilities, 4K resolution will be a true refreshment. It means you could stream the action to big screens while ensuring you see every detail. You shouldn’t underestimate the sound effects that will be more realistic than ever.

An Increased Popularity of VR and AR Gaming

Thousands of households in Canada and worldwide already own VR sets that allow playing virtual reality game releases. These take you to the in-game world where you can explore the area and interact with other users and objects.

Imagine putting on a VR headset and feeling like you are in an actual casino. It will seem like you are standing by the roulette table and placing chips on the desired numbers. VR and AR gaming is still underdeveloped. That’s why we are looking forward to seeing the industry giants maximizing their potential, and we believe that could happen in 2021.

Retro Games Will Make a Big Comeback

Although the gaming industry evolved, it never forgot its roots. Furthermore, you can see video game developers offering remastered versions of their hits, such as Crash Bandicoot, Halo, or Baldur’s Gate. We noticed a similar trend in online casinos since developers don’t hesitate to release simple but attractive titles.

Many casinos already offer video poker, but we expect to see these retro games with added modern features soon. We could say the same for slots where developers could experiment with classic symbols like fruits and gold bars. They’d take the classic slot concept and put it in a new and more attractive wrap with exciting gameplay additions. It’s that mixture between retro and modern with fantastic graphics that we are looking forward to seeing in 2021.

Players Can Look Forward to Generous Bonuses

Online casinos and gaming providers welcome all players regardless of their profiles. If you are a high-roller, you want generous cashback bonuses and other VIP benefits. Casual players prefer the best dollar deposit casinos in Canada offers as it minimizes their investments.

The great news about the internet gaming industry is that it offers higher bonuses than ever. Newcomers to a website will receive free spins, deposit match, and other incentives. If you stick around, you can look forward to loyalty programs, slot races, and other promotions. Many platforms also have VIP levels where you earn various benefits as you progress through the rankings. We only expect these rewarding systems to be more generous and complex in 2021.

Final Thoughts

The industry of Online Games in 2021 keeps up with the latest trends. Major providers listen to players’ requirements and expectations and adjust their offers continuously. That power of adaptation and constant strive for innovation are why internet gaming doesn’t have to worry about the future. As long as the industry continues to leverage the technology to their advantage, players can look forward to a fantastic gaming experience whenever they play online!


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