Top 14 Best 5 String Bass Under 1000 Dollars

best 5 string bass under 1000

Can you realize that life’s too easy? Can you discover that fun can’t be had in existence, especially if things are as simple as they get? Can you discover that the”ordinary”, mainstream quantity of things is not enough for you? Do you believe the bass guitar which you’re playing with is not versatile enough to the musical needs?

Well, why not pick up and move out of the four strings bass guitar into the brand new and exciting, the much more enjoyable 5 string bass guitar.

The extra string might come connected to extra responsibilities, but you also get some exciting bonuses together. The fifth string means the bass guitar needs to be sturdier, stronger, and thicker but at precisely the same time that it allows you the flexibility and pleasure the four-string does not. The sounds available for you once you’ve got a 5 stringer is something you might have not dreamed of using a regular guitar.

In the end, after so many years of never getting the satisfaction of getting access to the sounds you have always wanted to perform, the challenge that you always craved could be had.

Your fingers might require some adaptation if you’re a new participant and your time may have to be spent adapting to this instrument, but should you commit, you’ll have the ability to attain mastery.

As soon as you do you will have the opportunity to show your listeners who everything they expected of your bass is not even close to everything you’ll be serving and should you have to be supplying music such as this, you’ll require the best 5 string bass guitar.

 Reviews Top 14 Best 5 String Bass Under 1000

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Ibanez Soundgear SR500E

The Ibanez Soundgear Series has existed quite a very long time, and it has made its mark in just about every style of music. Metal and jazz bassists especially love Soundgear basses because of their slick necks and potent tone-shaping tools.

You will find SR basses for beginners all of the ways up to seasoned pros, however, the Ibanez Soundgear SR500E is the best option when you’ve got a thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket. This bass is a fairly good price, so you will also get some change back.

I have owned several Soundgear Series basses, such as the SR500, also used them in several bands. Coming out of guitar history, I found the transition quite easy. They have thin necks and also incredibly comfy string spacing.

As I got better and moved on to basses by brands such as Spector, Fender, and Warwick, I always felt as though my Ibanez Soundgears held their own against more expensive instruments.

The SR500 features a Jatoba/Walnut neck, an Okoume body along with a 24-fret Jotuba fingerboard with Abalone inlays. The pickups are a Bartolini BH2-2 set. It’s hard to overcome such high-quality appointments and tonewoods at bass in this price range, but Ibanez does it over and over. This is the reason why they’ve become one of the best names in the bass world.

For me personally, a huge thing which sets Soundgear apart is your electronics, in this case, that the Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ using mid-frequency switch. This is an energetic bass, and these are some highly effective tone-shaping controls, giving you the capability to dial in just about any sound you can imagine.

I believe Soundgear basses are among the best basses for metal players, but I used mine for rock and jazz as well. I played in a pub band, covering classic rock tunes for some time. My Ibanez equipment came again and again.

Sterling by Music Man RAY35-NT

The Sterling by Music Man RAY35-NT 5-string bass has everything going for it. It’s designed by some of the best engineers in the industry, it has an instantly recognizable classic style, and also all of the ingredients to sound fantastic.

It’s not an inexpensive bass by most standards, but it is an investment you’ll be able to feel safe together this is just one well-made instrument. In our entire Sterling by Music Man RAY35-NT review, we detail why this is such a solid option.

Each hardware is designed by Music Man and of the highest quality. The RAY35-NT offers a large quantity of versatility and we break down some of the features which make this possible. Take a look!

Yamaha TRBX605 5-String Flamed Maple Bass Guitar

Yamaha does create quality instruments and this bass guitar is no exception.

The body is made of Alder that is an interesting option. It is a hardwood however is the softest of the hardwoods, which has an appealing walnut laminate. Your body shape is then sculpted to truly give it an eye-catching appearance.

The neck has a 5 part mahogany/maple construct that is extremely stable and secure. A Yamaha designed die-cast bridge is comprised of a string diameter difference of 18mm allowing lots of space for all playing styles.

Quality all the way…

Suffice to say that both kinds of timber used and materials for your hardware are of top quality and Yamaha hasn’t cut corners in creating this excellent quality bass guitar.

It is the pickups and electricals though that is worth some consideration. Contained are H5 magnetic dual-coil pickups that have a quad rod design with Alnico magnets which produce some warm and clean tones.

The controls are going to take a bit getting used to integrating as they do, treble, mid and bass boost cut separate dials, a balancer for neck and bridge pickups and as this guitar is double active/passive, a toggle switch to flip between both.

Let’s get the tone in…

The 3 band EQ has an active/passive preamp.

At the underside of the human body is the compartment for a battery. That is an LED low battery alarm lighting.

The playing activity of this bass is surprising. It is smooth and comfy and the fretboard however somewhat broader than its 4 string cousins feels easy to play with.

There is not any doubt this is a superb bass guitar. It brings Yamaha to construct quality and adds some wonderful innovations that will assist you to create and create your own sound.

And the cost? Well, let us just say it is cheap at the purchase price.


  • Beautiful construct with quality materials.
  • Great sound options constructed in.
  • Fantastic value for the money.


  • Quite heavy to maintain.

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Electric Bass

A good deal of the times guitars with extra strings are slight remodels of existing instruments that include the extra string and adjust the design slightly to match the 5th string effortlessly into your own entire body. This means you could find a superior body without needing to be worried about searching for a new version, a very useful thing to have when you’re moving to the domain of a new instrument, or connected instrument.

In the case of Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Electric Bass guitar, you can be certain you will be receiving top quality for the money. The 4 string model has a gorgeous design and create, resulting in unforgettable sound, improved from the mahogany surface of this guitar.

The 5 string version is certainly not inferior to the 4 string model in this respect, together with all the mahogany body emphasizing the brand new, fifth string from the lower register with ease and comfortable attractiveness. The pickup is altered for one which is more suited to the lower register of the 5th string, resulting in a bass guitar that is exceptional because of its cost.


  • Strong Sound
  • Expressive Tones
  • Fantastic tuning stability


  • Does not stand out from the appearance
  • Heavy

Squier From Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V 5-String Electric Bass Guitar

Some of you might be surprised that we’re starting with a Squier as our top pick, but the build quality degree has risen considerably in the musical instruments that surfaced in the nineties.

This altered classic jazz bass 5-string version is performing its part to raise the standing of Fenders’ subsidiary business.

This Squier classic modified 5-string electric bass guitar is exceptionally well fabricated the rust intonation is extremely accurate and the substance used is excellent quality. It is a solidly built wooden beaut with retro aesthetics, for instance, over-sized block-like inlays. It is a three-piece body that may be seen because of the organic finish.

The altered jazz 5-string bass has a spacious maple fretboard that is broad and low you might want to adjust the truss to have the action you would like, and it might not be comfortable for smaller hands.

The Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazz electric bass guitar is outfitted with two fender single-coil pickups that provide a tremendous clean bass tone perfect for jazz. This Fender Standard Jazz electric bass has a three-ply pickguard, along with a five saddle, fixed-bridge all hardware is heavy-duty, which makes it a durable choice.


  • Well-made.
  • Excellent clean bass tone with tone controls.
  • Excellent playability.
  • Single coil pickups + Our best pick.

We Liked It

This Squier by Fender 5-string electric bass guitar makes you need to take everything back negative you said about a Squier; it is considerably well-made, the bass is amazing as is your play-ability formerly tweaked to taste.

This Fender classic modified Jazz electric bass guitar keeps excellent intonation, and they also create a fretless version if you’re interested. Fender bass guitars are usually a great win, and we urge this Squier by Fender classic modified Jazz bass version.

Fender Aerodyne Electric Bass Guitar

If black is the power color, you will love the dark looks of this Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. This below -$1000 version takes the Jazz Bass style and amps it up with contemporary cosmetic modifications. It’s all black, there is not any pickguard and the controller knobs, tuners, hardware and bridge are given a smoked chrome finish.

The top-mounted Stratocaster output jack is completed in black. Fender describes the impact as”darkly sexy,” and we can not help but concur.

The Fender Aerodyne Bass has a slim, specially shaped and contoured basswood body which features a carved top and cream binding. The maple neck has a C-shaped profile along with also the stained rosewood fingerboard has 20 medium jumbo frets.

To maintain the darkened design consistent, Fender chose to not place any inlays on the fingerboard. You do get side dots for directing your hands across the fretboard, so no need to be concerned about visiting the wrong fret.

The Aerodyne Jazz Bass also features a P/J pickup settings. In the center position, you’ll discover a split single-coil Precision Bass pickup and in the bridge, there’s a Jazz Bass single-coil pickup. It has two control knobs for volume and one for tone.


  • Striking visual appeal
  • Slim neck and body construction makes the bass lightweight and comfy to perform
  • Particularly smoked chrome tuners, bridge, control knobs, and hardware
  • Fantastic Number of tonal range with P/J pickup settings


  • The first setup is necessary
  • Low-range tones maybe not as pronounced

Warwick Rockbass Corvette

Warwick is a premier name from the bass world, and if you’ve played you understand why. The issue is Warwick bass produced in Germany will push you far on your thousand-dollar spending limitation. A couple of years back Warwick determined it wasn’t fair that just those who have large bank accounts must have all of the pleasure and introduced their own Rockbass lineup.

These are fantastic basses with a couple of cut corners and there are several models under $1000. There are really a few different versions. There’s the Corvette Basic with passive or passive electrics, also there’s the Corvette Rockbass Double-buck using a couple thick, nasty humbuckers.

Warwick Rockbass Corvette Basic 4 Strings Bass Guitar with Active Bass & Ekanga veneer stripes – Organic SatinWarwick Rockbass

I have owned a few Warwick Corvettes, and they were equally extraordinary instruments. Of course, they have been German-made, but if you would like to catch something using the Warwick name onto it without killing your budget their Rockbass lineup is the ticket.


ESP LTD is a mainstay from the alloy and hard rock guitar marketplace so it’s no wonder that their 5-string bass, the F-415M, comes in as one of the greatest basses as well!

With a mahogany body with a stunning walnut top veneer along with the transparent black finish, this axe will turn heads wherever you go. However, as we emphasize in our entire review of this F-415M, this guitar has more than just-style. A set of active EMG humbuckers and 3-band EQ controls allow you to dial in the perfect tone for virtually any situation.

The aggressive horned cutaways and smooth U-shaped neck are just the icings on the cake. Any participant trying to find a metal or hard rock bass should look it over.

Schecter Omen Extreme-5 Bass Guitar

Still another 5-string from Schecter. Similar in some ways to the Stiletto but a slightly cheaper version.

The body is mahogany, still using appealing contour edges along with the lean’C’ neck walnut with rosewood fingerboard and a two-way adjustable truss rod. It has a whole 35-inch neck with dual cutaways providing full access.

Schecter has set their very own Diamond bass pickups with this version, one in the bridge, one in the neck. It has a master controller and two ring equalizer controls that shape your sound along with a pickup balance or mix controller. Tuners are by Schecter.

As with most things Schecter, this guitar is beautifully made with a great deal of attention given to detail. The body finish is superbly crafted providing you an impressive-looking instrument.

However, what does it sound like…

Sound-wise it is extremely aggressive. It is profound and incredibly punchy with a great deal of push and sustains.

This bass guitar is not likely to suit some styles of enjoying genres of music. If you are searching to give it some atmosphere and perhaps solo it somewhat, it’ll be quite great.

It has a great deal of metal sound about it without actually trying and actually drives on in the top end, but maintaining a bottom end that is crystal clear rather than muddy.

For the cost, it is outstanding value both by the sound it creates and the grade of the construction.

It is heavy and also the neck maybe not so easy to navigate around so not a guitar for a novice.

If you’re wishing to acquire a brand new sound and texture, then this bass is absolutely worth a look.

Epiphone “Toby” Standard-IV 5 String Electric Bass

Even when you aren’t a beginner and wish to start playing with a five-string bass, but also do not wish to lose a wad of cash on something too expensive, then perhaps you want to consider the 5 string remix of one of the popular electric bass guitars sold in the marketplace nowadays.

The Epiphone”Toby” Standard IV 5 string electric bass guitar takes the base of the 4 string toby and applies slight changes so the 5 string is easily accommodated. Slightly more heavyweight compared to the 4 string, the Standard remains light enough to be performed for extended periods of time with no the back pain getting at all.

The guitar sounds just as great as you’d expect of such a cheap 5 stringer, however, this doesn’t mean it sounds awful, simply because it may not be as great as some of the more expensive models with this list. Still a solid alternative for beginners and professionals alike seeking to start playing with the 5 string bass.


  • Single Coil Pickups
  • Nuanced Sound
  • Incredibly Inexpensive


  • Pine Body
  • Tuning Stability Issues
  • String Noise
  • Affordable Nut

Spector Legend 4 Electric Bass Guitar

Spector might not have risen to global acclaim in precisely the same manner that Fender failed, but the appreciation out of discerning musicians is unquestionably there. Spector basses supply the tone, features and overall quality which got Spector a location at the highly aggressive guitar marketplace.

The Spector Legend 4 Classic bass boasts an NS curved body shape, which was conceptualized in 1977 and named after its designer Ned Steinberger. Steinberger took the design of this SB-1 bass and tweaked it, which makes it more curved and curved, resulting in a bass that is extremely comfortable to perform.

The Spector Legend 4 Classic has a basswood body and a real figured maple top. The bolt-on walnut neck is obviously a three-piece construction and it’s topped with a 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. This bass comes complete with proprietary busy electronics as well as professional-grade die-cast hardware.

The Legend 4 Classic bass is equipped with specially designed SSD INC humbuckers which are perfectly paired with TonePump Jr. busy tone controls that may provide you up to your 12dB boost. Each pickup has its own volume knob.


  • Several boosting options
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to perform
  • Great build quality and craftsmanship


  • Perhaps not the most versatile EQ
  • Controls may take some getting used to

Read more information:

Dean Edge 09

Cheap selection of bass guitars has seen an influx of solid Dean models that have proven to provide a fantastic value for the price. Dean Edge 09 is exactly what you can get in terms of five-string basses for less than fourteen hundred. On a similar note, Dean’s five-string selection is perhaps even better compared to their four-string basses at the sub $200 range.

Have a look at our list to determine which models we’re speaking about. In general, this item is solid. It features a basswood body, and that isn’t all that unusual in the entry-level class, also comes packing a single soap bar pickup. In terms of functionality, you’re likely to be restricted compared to a version that has a standard setup of pickups, however, there is still enough there to utilize.

The tone is great, filled with girth and widely flexible. Nonetheless, this is certainly not a guitar for precision work. It lacks finesse, but that’s one of those tradeoffs you’re likely to need to make if you would like to spend less. Dean Edge 09 is excellent for metal, stone, and similar thick genres. As a newcomer bass guitar, this item is a solid option.

Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass

Another bass guitar in the cost-effective end of this scale is this Rogue. Not a producer that instantly springs to mind for a lot of us, they have a rather low profile.

They’re though trying to get in the market and are creating some very good bass guitars at very great prices in an effort to do so.

The LX205 is a good example of their product lineup. It is pretty standard using its substance selections -basswood body and maple neck with rosewood fretboard as we’ve seen on some different instruments. The design in impact mirrors so a lot of its competitors.

The throat is fast to perform smoothly in its texture and helps to produce a wonderful warm tone.

There are just two split-coil pickups with a tone and volume control for each providing you with a few sound options.

Die-cast tuners and jet black upholstery give this guitar a wonderful appearance.

Let’s discuss functionality…

The sound to get a guitar with such a reduced cost is actually quite a pleasant surprise. It won’t ever compete with the big boys of course but wasn’t supposed to. The sound it produces is fantastic quality and much exceeds the cost expectancy. The base end is loaded also it has a potent vibrant top.

It is a great guitar and also for the cost, an exceptional instrument. As the top cost, 5 string bass guitars move, you’ll be hard pushed to find better value for money everywhere.

If Rogue continues to create quality instruments offered at such great prices then it will not be long until they’ve developed a solid reputation and a sound customer base.


  • Well made and good looking guitar.
  • Nice sounds with decent tone controls.
  • Attractive price.


  • Maybe it lacks a little from the sound production area.

Washburn Taurus Electric Bass Guitar

Section of the Taurus series, the Washburn Taurus T24 is a fantastic bass guitar for players seeking to upgrade or locate bass. It has a stained mahogany body and a maple/mahogany multi-laminate neck. The neck-thru-body construction offers outstanding stability along with also a pure tone with lots of sustain. A satin finish gives the bass a comfy and fast playing feel.

The throat is topped with a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets and offsets dot inlays. Onboard are passive Double Washburn J style pickups at a J/J configuration. You get two controls for volume and 2 for tone fairly basic but what works smoothly.

If you do not like busy basses and need to take extra batteries, the Washburn Taurus T24 is the bass guitar to you. For those who do want active pickups within their bass, fret not because you can easily alter this guitar and then install it together with all the active pickups of your selection. We assure you this bass is only going to get better if you do so.

Other specs include Grover die-cast bass tuners, chrome hardware and a gig bag. In case you’ve got a budget of $1000 or less, here’s our suggestion: shortlist this bass!


  • Sturdy neck-thru-body construction
  • Perfect for jazz, funk, rock and punk music
  • Comfortable neck feel


  • Not as versatile as other models – maybe not suitable for metal or hard rock
  • Control knobs may feel economical to some players

Some pointers when Purchasing the best bass guitar

It’s easy to pick out a bass guitar for those who have a set budget. As you can see, there are lots of fantastic options for you if you’ve got a spending limit of $1000. The Fender Aerodyne Bass, Schecter Stiletto, Ibanez SRFF805, Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass and Ibanez SR800 all drop in the below $1000 range.

If you want to go much reduced, there’s the Spector Legend 4, Washburn Taurus and Yamaha TRBX505, which cost just a bit more than $500. Every one of these bass guitar models are a steal considering their sound quality and overall functionality.

But would you know exactly what goes with a fantastic bass guitar under $1000? A cool set of accessories. If you are a gigging musician, these are absolute must-haves. And if you are a newcomer or intermediate-level bass, you’re likely going to want these in the long run as well.

Below are some of the bass guitar accessories which go nicely with some of the models within this list of best bass guitars under $1000.

A sturdy case or gig bag

Some of the basses on this list include gig bags and some do not. If the one that you’ve selected doesn’t have a padded gig bag or hardshell case, it might be perfect to purchase one. It’s very important to maintain your bass in its bag or case when not in use. If you’re going to be traveling along with your bass, it’s best to invest in a hardshell case, which provides better protection against damage in transit and changes in both humidity and temperature.

An extra set of strings

Bass guitar strings workout and may even break in the midst of exercise or worse, during a performance. This is the reason it’s a must always have a spare set of strings useful. It’s also a fantastic habit to change your strings every now and then in the event that you play frequently, as gunk and grime buildup on the strings may influence the way the bass sounds.

Cleaning materials

Your bass also needs tender loving care so that it might continue appearing awesome and serve you for several years. Proper maintenance and care require several cleaning tools such as a cleaning/polishing fabric and specially formulated cleaners to your human body along with the strings.

Instrument cable

Choose a cable that fits your output snugly and connects to the amp seamlessly. Finally, you are able to upgrade to a wireless system so that you can move anywhere you need on stage.

Electronic tuner

An electronic bass guitar comes in handy once you need to listen to your bass fast, especially if you’re going to start your set and also the environment is too noisy that you listen to your instrument correctly. You are going to need spare batteries for your tuner too.

Guitar stand

Even if your bass costs less than $1000, you still must protect it from falls and become stepped or sat on. Avoid placing it down to a sofa or on the ground or against a desk place it onto a standalone! A guitar stand provides safe support for the bass guitar. It’s advisable to select one with sturdy rubber feet so that it stays placed on surfaces along with a locking adjustable neck support.

Guitar strap

If you are playing standing up, you are going to want a sturdy guitar strap to maintain the burden of your own bass guitar. Choose a strap having a locking design to secure your bass set up and ease your worry on your equipment falling into the floor if you are not fast enough to grab it in case it gets unlatched out of your strap. If you will be enjoying your bass for extended hours, we still recommend obtaining a strap having cushioning support for extra comfort.

String winder

A must-have restringing tool, a string winder can make your task of altering strings fast and easy. This is especially useful in situations where you do not have a spare bass and also will need to restring ASAP. Start looking for a bass guitar string winder that provides multiple functions and allows you to clip strings, pull out bridge pins and stretch your strings in 1 tool.

Bass booster

A booster lets you improve your sound and increase your degree of volume and projection. Some booster pedals feature switches that allow you to adjust EQ settings and boost frequencies. Using a bass booster using an EQ is a great means to shape the design of a passive bass.


Choose a footswitch which works nicely with the amp you use to expand the amp’s capabilities as well as enhance your own performance. A footswitch lets you activate or deactivate an amp’s mute and FX loop functions without needing to use your hands so you can focus on playing with.

Those are just some of the accessories bass players will need to own for practicing and gigging. With the money you save by simply choosing the best guitar under $1000, you can invest in great equipment which may help provide your music career a boost!


What is a 5-String Bass?

In case you haven’t already guessed by now, a 5-string bass is a bass guitar with an extra-low B string, giving the participant an extended range to play with. The capability to move so low without needing to detune is quite useful to contemporary metal and rock bassists.

Is a 5-String Bass Appropriate for You?

Some bassists won’t ever consider a bass using a fifth string. Examine the likes of James Jamerson, Flea, and Geddy Lee they’ve survived just fine with just four strings!

But, including a fifth string has its advantages and is vital for some bassists. As we have mentioned, that extra low string adds a larger range and reduced frequencies, so that you may become really, really low and include large joys to your own playing.


A 5 string guitar frequently serves one purpose to assist the musician reach heights which previously he or she believed might have been impossible to them. Of course, the instrument also looks extremely cool and sounds exceptional, which means you’ll be turning heads wherever you go, however, the notion of this instrument is to permit you to challenge yourself.

After all, just with struggle do you get better at what they’re doing. This is true for all practices. Videogames, artwork, mathematics, physics, musical instruments, studying and test-taking all have something joining them the more of these you do, the better you get at them. That is the reason why folks start studying because of their test months beforehand.

Why folks spend years practicing just one artwork or another until they call themselves an artist and you will need to spend months learning how to accommodate this instrument before you’re able to completely subject it to your will and whimsy. The best five-string bass guitars can assist you in shortening this time period by becoming more comfortable, or easier to create certain sounds, but the fact stands once you pick up an instrument you want to have the ability to devote to it.

I don’t need to tell this to professional musicians one of you simply searching for recommendations, however, it is great to be educated to not get cocky. All instruments require the time to understand, even once you’ve mastered so many others.

For you beginners though I’ve got this simple suggestion: keep practicing and should you really feel as if you may want to try something easier, go for the 4 string bass guitar. It is going to allow you to learn faster and enable you to develop to your more complex 5 string bass. It is just natural to start with the basics, isn’t it? All the Best!


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