Top 101 Best Exercise Bike Under 200

Top 101 Best Exercise Bike Under 200

There are. Maybe your gym is a neighborhood, or you don’t like people – both are factors that are workable.

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to get healthy in the home, if you are thinking that will assist you an exercise bicycle is a fantastic place to get started.

Exercise bicycles are usually less bulky in comparison to other household equipment such as treadmills – they’re also easier to keep away when you aren’t utilizing them.

Lessconf has rounded up some of the Best Exercise Bike Under 200 for each gym, all which will not violate the bank as their cost.

Best Exercise Bike Under 200

Best Exercise Bike Under 200

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1. Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike


  • 400 lb weight limit
  • Adjustable height chair to accommodate users up to 6’5″
  • 8 degrees of adjustable immunity
  • Folds for storage in half
  • Over-sized chair for comfort
  • Heart rate sensor
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Hard to work with for shorter people (under 5’two ″)
  • Some complaints about gathering

The Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS is topping the list to get bicycles that are vertical because of it’s durable construction and capability to accommodate users.

All these are. This heavy-duty bicycle by Exerpeutic is effective at holding riders around 400 pounds and around 6’5″ tall. This is excellent news for tall and big customers.

The Exerpeutic Gold provides. Users report that the immunity is adequate to have a workout.

Be sure that you pay careful attention when constructing the wiring element.

As you may have guessed from the bike’s title, this system will not fold in half for simple storage. If you’re searching to fit in a little space, this is a perk.

The bike weighs approximately 50 pounds and features built-in transportation wheels, therefore moving this system should not be a problem.

Exerpeutic set an over-sized, cushioned seat to improve comfort. A problem with all exercise bicycles appears to be the chair.

I know I have a spin bike and needed to set a gel cushion because it was. The seat with this model ought to help.

The Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS will include a rate monitor. These features make it simple to monitor stats such as time, space, rate, and heart rate.

This bike does have a 1-year limited guarantee. Because exercise bikes do not this is fine.

The Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike is the best selection for individuals. It is constructed more powerful than any other bike in its price range and may adapt to accommodate users up to 6’5″ tall.

2. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike


  • 300 lb weight limit
  • 8 degrees of adjustable immunity
  • LCD screen
  • A comfy chair, large
  • Folds for storage in half
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Simple assembly


  • Too little for users that are taller
  • Straps can break down over time

This folding vertical bicycle by Exerpeutic earns its way to the peak of each”affordable best of” list. This is only because this bicycle comes in the limit we set for ourselves and provides a whole lot of perks.

As the name mentions the Exerpeutic folds in half for simple storage when not in use- ideal if you reside in house or a small flat with an exercise room that is shared.

The Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike comes with a pound weight capacity. Not quite as heavy-duty because it is big brother mentioned previously, but still impressive considering this system weighs approximately 40lb.

Remember, however, this bicycle says it could only comfortably accommodate riders with peaks between 5’3″ — 6’1″.

You may love the over-sized seat during those rides, particularly with this bike. The seat makes it more comfortable to sit – a frequent problem among budget and high-end bicycles equally.

Concerning features, the Exerpeutic does have a display screen that shows heartbeat, calories, distance, speed, and time. Yes, this bike does have a grip heart rate monitor.

It built to permit you to transfer this bicycle from room to room and contains 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

Exerpeutic is currently supplying a restricted 1-year guarantee. With this budget, this can be pretty decent.

The Exerpeutic Folding Upright Bike is difficult to beat in this price range. It can fold away for storage and has an impressive weight capability. Be certain that you are tall to ride it. See more: Top 101 Best Elliptical Under 200

3. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike


  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Adjustable height chair
  • LCD screen
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Cost


  • No heartbeat monitor
  • After riding Might Need to tighten up things

This upright exercise bicycle by Marcy comes very highly rated by consumers (sorry, no picture available). This exercise bicycle falls well under the $200 limit (it is in fact the most affordable vertical bicycle on this listing ) and is nicely built for the purchase price.

And not that this matters (much), but the Marcy Upright Bike is among the more cosmetically attractive exercise bikes in this price range.

Marcy has made a name for themselves by producing quite cheap, quality exercise machines. I am a huge fan.

This upright bike has a weight capacity of 300 pounds – again, this is fairly great considering how lightweight the framework is, but not as striking as Exerpeutic Gold.

Another aspect of this exercise bicycle is its own seat height. The maker does not record the height lodging, but testimonials indicate it could comfortably seat users involving 5′ -6′ 4″.

The majority of us will fit into this range. Some consumers complained about some wobbling during use, despite the fact that they were well below the 300 pounds limit.

The Marcy Upright Bike includes 8 degrees of immunity that is manual. You flip the dial to increase or reduce immunity. This model also includes a display for watching your workout stats. Pretty standard stuff.

I like this bike has handlebars. Until I started biking frequently, I never would have figured, but your palms can become uneasy from putting pressure.

This foam padding will create your wrists and hands feel better throughout your workout.

This bike doesn’t incorporate a clasp heart rate monitor. Additionally, it does not fold. The footprint for this particular bicycle is modest, and it’s easy to transfer with the wheels that are included. However, if you’re interested in tracking your HR I would suggest a different bicycle.

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike priced and is an exercise system. It’s the biggest drawback is how it does not possess a heartbeat monitor.

4. Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike


  • 30 lb flywheel
  • Smooth natural texture during use
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Adjustable height handlebars
  • Built-in transport wheels
  • Warranty: 3-year frame, 90-day Pieces


  • 220 lb weight limit
  • No screen

Sunny Fitness and Health are other firms that have made a name for themselves producing exercise equipment. Their spin bicycles are my product they provide.

Their bicycles tend to have specs compared to the competition and are cheap. This is true for your SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike of all time.

I will start right off the bat using the biggest flaw of this bike. The SF-B1001 just has a weight limitation of 220 pounds. I am aware that is low. This bike won’t work for riders.

The majority of the spin bikes in this price range have weight abilities bicycles we discussed previously. I believe that the remainder of this bicycle’s pros outweighs this particular con.

Let us follow the Sunny SF-B1001’s biggest redeeming quality- that the flywheel. Flywheel weights are very important to spin cycles if you remember from the intro.

Most people prefer heavier flywheel weights since they make the bike feel smoother and more natural during usage. The B1001 includes a 30-lb flywheel. This impressive to get a bicycle under $200.

The SF-B1001 also includes a completely adjustable bicycle chair – height in addition to fore and aft (back and forward ). You ought to be aware that bicycle seats aren’t that comfy if you’re not familiar with riding.

They take some getting used to. If it is too uncomfortable, you might choose to receive a gel pillow overlay.

By turning a knob the immunity is increased or diminished. A pad provides immunity. This is typical for budget spin bicycles. Bicycles that are expensive will be managed with immunity.

This bike also offers built-in transportation wheels and is easy to assemble. It includes a water bottle holder. The SF-B1001 doesn’t have a screen.

Some twist bicycles do, some do not. A lot of the wind spin bicycles do not. Something to consider- if you would like a screen you might wish to consider the bicycle.

All in all, the Sunny SF-B1001 is a fantastic spin bike for a fantastic price…if you fit inside its weight limitation. This bike is definitely better suited to smaller riders (height under 6’1″). See also: Top 11 Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 1000 Dollars

5. Merax Fitness Indoor Cycling Trainer


  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • LCD display screen
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • Leather seat for Extra comfort
  • 22 lb flywheel
  • Transport wheels built-in
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Cost


  • Some complaints regarding the display
  • Some complaints regarding stress knob functionality
  • No water bottle holder contained

The Merax Fitness Indoor Cycling Trainer is a reasonable spin bicycle developed for riders. This bicycle provides a 330-pound weight capacity, which is unheard of within this budget.

This demonstrates that this bicycle is designed tough and nicely constructed. That, in conjunction with the adjustable chair, should make this bike a fantastic selection for people.

The Merax Indoor Cycle comes with an LCD screen. This is a wonderful addition if you want to track space and time stats. Many spin bicycles (more costly ones) do not include tracks.

This twist bike has a little padding on the seat of it. Some customers report this aids others do not detect a difference. The truth is that spin bicycle seats require some and are uncomfortable.

However, if you would like to buy an upgraded seat by yourself, it’s simple to change the chair on those spin bicycles out.

The Merax Indoor Cycle includes a 22-pound flywheel. Not as thick as the SF-B1001, however, great for a budget bicycle. This should be sufficient weight to provide a fine ride.

Tension is controlled by turning the exact same way.

On paper, this bicycle may seem to get more going for it compared to SF-B1001. It surely has a much better weight capability and it features a display screen (and it is cheaper).

A lot of consumers have complained about components or components wearing down. There is also no discussion of a guarantee with this product, that this came in at number 2.

Overall users are pleased with this Merax Indoor Cycling Trainer. It is a heavy-weight spin bicycle with a price that is very inexpensive and a screen.

6. Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike


  • Cost
  • Fully adjustable seat
  • 22 lb flywheel
  • For monitoring stats, LCD screen
  • Foam cushioned handlebars


  • 220 pounds weight capacity
  • Bars are not adjustable
  • 90-day guarantee

This twist bike is quite much like this SF-B1001, but with downgrades that are noticeable. To start with, this bike has a 22-pound flywheel. It will not feel as comfy, although this is not bad for a bike of this price tag.

You will find a difference between the bars. This bicycle is flexible – so it will not match as many people.

The weight capacity is exactly the same with this particular spin bike 220 pounds. That is lower than I want to see, however in case you’re of sma smaller size, you should not have some difficulties.

This bicycle isn’t meant for tall or large people. I would not suggest buying this bike if you’re more than 6′ tall.

The chair is flexible, both in fore/aft and height. The chair on this version is a bit bigger than normal, which could help a bit concerning relaxation, but if you’re searching for a chair which imitates a street bike you may be somewhat frustrated.

This indoor cycling bike does come. This provides you with the chance to keep track of calories, space, and your time.

You will also discover that the guarantee on this bicycle is reduced compared to this SF-B1001. A 90-day guarantee is useless.

If you can back your product up for 90-days, that says a great deal. Better than no warranty I figure. I guess we have to bear in mind the price range we’re in here.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is a decent buy for the Purchase Price. However, there isn’t any reason to pick this one over the SF-B1001 unless the 60 is a deal-breaker.

7. Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike


  • 300 lb weight limit
  • Flexible seat suits users ‘3″ – 6’3″
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Large seat for comfort
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to manoeuvre with built-in transportation wheels
  • Has a guarantee


  • Assembly instructions difficult to follow

It’s true, it is possible to even become recumbent bicycles for under $200… I understand, pretty cool. Bikes are very popular since they’re more comfortable to sit and place a strain.

This sort of bicycle works excellent for seniors. The Exerpeutic 900XL is on the very top of the list since it carries an HR monitor has a weight limitation that is good and offers a guarantee.

The Exerpeutic 900XL includes a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. That is adequate for a bicycle under $200 and that weighs 63 pounds. This bike comes with an adjustable chair (horizontally) which helps it adapt individuals of varying heights.

It ought to have the ability to accommodate users from 5’3″ around 6’3″ rather comfortably.

The Exerpeutic 900XL contains 8 degrees of resistance. This is corrected by turning a knob similar to the majority of the bicycles.

There were complaints around needing to readjust the resistance knob since it was hard from users.

Because there also have been some complaints regarding having difficulty following the instructions, this appears to be.

This bike has a fairly LCD display that reveals the metrics you would anticipate. A grip is heart rate monitor in the hand handles, will provide you with a good notion of just how hard you’re working.

Additionally, it has a pair of handles on the console in the event you would like to change up your handgrip. A wonderful touch for comfort.

There’s some confusion online concerning the guarantee on the 900XL. In accordance with Paradigm (the provider ), the 900XL includes a 1-year guarantee on the frame along with also a 90-day guarantee on components.

The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike is a bike for the budget. It’s a weight limitation at 300 pounds and the chair can adapt to fit most consumers.

The guarantee is brief, but we ought to expect this on funding bicycles. Just be certain that you are careful with the meeting, this is really where most complaints arise.

8. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike


  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • 8 degrees or immunity
  • Seat suits users
  • Easy to manoeuvre with built-in transportation wheels
  • 2-year guarantee on frame
  • Cost


  • No heartbeat monitor
  • Uncomfortable seat

This exercise bicycle is much like the 900XL. The difference is that this bike does not possess a heart rate monitor and it costs a bit less. Additionally, it has a guarantee on the frame.

The Marcy Recumbent Bike also has a 300-pound weight capacity and needs to have the ability to accommodate riders around 6’6″. This bicycle is a bit lighter than the Exerpeutic at approximately 60 pounds, therefore moving it ought to be a piece of cake using all the transportation wheels.

This recumbent bicycle includes 8 levels of resistance. By turning the resistance knob Fix. This bicycle has complaints about the resistance strain.

There was one complaint regarding the immunity being too simple until you reach the last couple levels.

This bike also comes with an LCD display screen that shows an odometer, distance, calories, time, along with speed. The one thing missing is your heartbeat monitor.

If you do not care about tracking heart rate, or you already have a heart rate monitor, this might be a fantastic pick since this version is a bit less costly than your Exerpeutic.

Marcy supplies a 2-year guarantee on the frame of this bike. Not bad for a bicycle.

The chair on the Marcy Recumbent bicycle is big with handrails that are oversize. This chair will be much more comfortable than that of a spin bike, but it is not likely to feel as a higher-end recumbent bicycle you see in the neighbourhood gym.

Only a warning, these”cushioned” chairs still are not that comfy.

If you are not concerned about using a heartbeat monitor the Marcy Recumbent Bike is a wonderful option. It has the exact same weight capability as the Exerpeutic plus a much better guarantee (in addition to a greater price).

9. Merax RB1020 Recumbent Bike


  • 380 lb weight limit
  • Simple to correct chair
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • 3-year guarantee on the frame (90-day components )
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Easy to manoeuvre with built-in transportation wheels
  • Simple to build


  • Not comfortable for users that are shorter

Coming in number 3 to our bicycles is your Merax RB1020. The RB1020 created its guarantee the record for its weight capability, and the simplicity of.

Additionally, it comes in under our 200 ceiling that is wonderful. The Merax RB1020 includes a weight capacity of 380 pounds. This is quite impressive, however, there’s a note online saying the maker recommends a decrease weight capability (242 pounds ) for prolonged usage.

That is rather strange. They’re saying that a 380-pound individual can be held by the bicycle, but it is not going to continue with this particular size of the consumer?

Hmm… Well, I figure they’re being fair. If you are worried about this and are a user that is larger, Merax does provide a 3-year guarantee on the frame along with also a 90-day guarantee. If this helps any.

This bicycle has an identical 8-level resistance knob because of the two bicycles. I like this bike has a seat modification that is suitable.

This chair can be adjusted when you’re in fact sitting on it, the majority of these bicycles are easier to fix without you. Merax comprised. This bike must be able to accommodate users between 5’two ″ and 6’5″.

The Merax RB1020 includes a grip heart rate monitor and an LCD display screen. The screen shows previously.

Users are impressed with how simple assembly is about the Merax. The Merax is simple to gather, although assembly is where many cheaper bicycles get dinged.

Since it has a weight capacity, I enjoy the Merax and the chair is extremely user friendly. Additionally, it provides one.

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Fan Bike


  • Air resistance, Endless
  • Adaptive handrail arms
  • LCD screen
  • The monitor has table holder (media shelf)
  • Adjustable seat, large
  • Built-in transport wheels for Simple mobility


  • Low fat capacity (240 pounds )
  • No guarantee

I’d love to begin by stating that finding an air bicycle is not tough. High-end air bicycles are observed in the $600-$900 range and can provide a world world-class using the resistance.

The majority of aviation bikes are fan bicycles and are hybrids. There are several which have a fan at the front, but nevertheless possess a resistance dial.

Fortunately, Fitness & Sunny Health is offering that the Zephyr Air Bike. This is an air lover bicycle because the immunity is provided by the enthusiast.

This is excellent since the tougher your you, the more resistance you get. There is not any limitation to.

Backtrack,e Zephyr (cool name by the way). This enthusiast bike has a 240-pound weight capacity. This is not as striking as a number previously.

But within this budget, this is what we buy for enthusiast bicycles. Bigger people will possess save to save little more to get a duty bike.

The Zephyr Air Fan Bike does have a flexible chair (elevation ). In addition, it has an LCD screen for viewing speed, RPM, distance, and calories burned. There isn’t any heart rate monitor with this bicycle. In fact, enthusiast bikes do not have an HR monitor.

The arms are adjustable a feature, with this bicycle. The seat is padded and large as well.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Fan Bike is around since it gets for under $200. I like this organization and they’re famous for producing, equipment that is affordable that is solid.

What To Search For In A Budget Exercise Bike

What To Search For In A Budget Exercise Bike


Budget exercise bicycles are smaller compared to versions that are more expensive. It’s generally the reality, although this principle may not be written in stone. That is 1 reason.

If you’re a tall person (over 6 ft ), you particularly should test and be certain you’ll have the ability to ride the bicycle. Some funding bicycles have a tough time adapting users that are taller.

Quality funding exercise bicycles should accommodate most consumers involving 5’3″ and 6’4. Some versions are a bit better than many others for the people that are larger.

Weight Limit

Weight limitation goes together with the dimensions issue over. Cheaper exercise bikes normally have weight abilities that are lower too. Always, always check a bike’s weight limitation.

Would you be certain that the bicycle may hold you personally, but weight the weight provides you with a good notion of how well constructed the product is?

go with the one with the greater weight limit when stuck between two versions. Even though there are a couple of bikes, I love to see burden limits of 300 pounds.

Remember that our price range here- I’d say that is impressive, in the case can hold a 300-pound consumer.


Bikes at the below $200 class may or may not offer you a guarantee. If they do, they are a 90-day guarantee or maybe a restricted 1-year guarantee.

I’d suggest picking a bicycle that will offer a guarantee as it reveals the maker is ready to back up their product (even if it is a very brief guarantee ).

Just do not expect the funding machines to provide the Exact Same kind of guarantees the high high-endcts provide… never gonna going to

The majority have guarantees ranging between 1-3 decades. I really do suggest you attempt to locate a bicycle that will offer a guarantee – recall, anything is far better than nothing.


This could be sort of a no-brainer, but always check the measurements (footprint) of this bicycle before buy. You wish to be certain to have sufficient space Though these bicycles have a tendency to be bigger.

I invite you to look at out the measurements and measure that distance out in your floor.

Ensure that you add in every direction to ensure proper relaxation.

A few of those bicycles are. If your workout area is tight, start looking for a bicycle that will fold away for storage when not in use- it may make all of the difference when the distance is actually restricted.


Budget exercise bikes will not have the ability to supply because of their expensive counterparts, but a few do include advanced features.

Exercise bikes in this price range will probably include an LCD display screen that is basic. Some will include a grip heart rate (HR) track too.

Do not expect bluetootBluetoothivity or consoles with consumer profiles and exercise programs within this budget. We must pay a bit more for all these features.

Within this budget, you would like to be certain the bicycle can be moved and seats are flexible.

Exercise bikes in this price range don’t have transportation wheels and are lightweight, so freedom is a problem.


1. How do I create my exercise bicycle chair comfortable?

6 Strategies to Reduce Indoor Cycling Seat Infection

Set your bike up properly. Among the frequently overlooked and most frequent causes of biking seat pain, according to the pros, is that a bicycle seat that is either too large or too low.

Purchase a pair of biking shorts.

Use chamois cream.

Purchase a seat cover that is cushioned.

Shower immediately following your workout.

Be consistent.

2. How long if you ride a bicycle to eliminate weight?

For Weight Reduction

Start off pedalling in a very low intensity for 5-10 minutes.

Switch to moderate intensity for 3-5 minutes.

The choice between high intensity (1-3 minutes) and moderate-intensity (3-5 minutes) for another 20 to half an hour.

Cooldown by pedalling in a very low intensity for 5-10 minutes.

3. Does cycling provide you with a flat tummy?

Yes! Cycling can allow you to receive get stomach. … however, you can burn off the fat in the bulge by biking. Cycling is a great calorie-burning work out a 130-po130-pound can burn nearly 600 calories through an hour of cycle riding.

4. Is cycling great for stomach fat?

Yes, it is a fact that a combination of exercise and a nutritious diet is the best method. … Cycling is a superb exercise to grow your exercise regime. It’s a Really effective exercise which can help you reach your weight loss goals and reduce belly fat


$200 is some hard-earned money, why you need to be certain you obtain an item that worth your cash. These exercise bicycles were handpicked and reviewed to offer the very best choices without needing to scour the net to you.

Bikes are exercise equipment which may help in pumping the heart, weight reduction, and leg muscular strengthening therefore it is definitely a rewarding investment you need to consider.


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