Top 16 Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000 Dollars


You can find kinds of plasma cutter which you can buy with varying costs based on which satisfies your requirements and your budget.

It’s widely known that these excellent tools may yield amazing results when managed in the appropriate way. But, there are additional expenses that include having a plasma cutter despite the fact that the cutter itself can cost significantly less than 1000.

This review will be to help you to get the best plasma cutter under $1000. Together with our experience and research with these machines, we expect to help you discover the finest low-budget Plasma Cutter that will fulfill your wants.

Reviews of 16 Best Plasma Cutters Under 1000

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Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter Editor’s Choice

The Lotos LTPDC2000D 200-amp multi-purpose machine is a favorite among several with its capacities to TIG and stick weld, together with a 10- to 50-amp cutting output array. Its weight and size are unusually small for what it is capable of. It is an excellent plasma cutter that amazingly retains its location against other machines specific to plasma cutting.

It will have a six-foot floor lead, which is somewhat short for our liking, and the standoff layout on the cutting torch lacks the multi-contact point others need to provide the essential stability as it slips. However, the simple fact that it’s a non-touch pilot arc implies it’s simple to begin cuts. It stays consistent throughout the procedure regardless of variations in the material, soil, or coatings on the metal.

We highly recommend this machine. It is a topnotch plasma cutter that functions both amateurs and light industrial employees well.


  • Clean cuts through rusty/painted alloy
  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • 13-foot flashlight lead
  • Amp range: 10 to 50 amps
  • Max wash cut: 1/2″
  • Max sever 3/4″
  • Compact layout 17″ x 8″ x 12.5″
  • One-year guarantee
  • Weighs 32lb
  • Contains air filter regulator
  • 110/120 & 220/240 volt enter
  • Multi-purpose machine


  • Six-foot floor lead
  • Inadequate standoff layout

Everlast PowerPlasma 50S Plasma Cutter under 1000 bucks

Everlast PowerPlasma 50S Plasma Cutter is an excellent plasma cutter beneath 1000 dollar funding. Designed generally to reduce to 1/2 inch thick alloy very quickly. It’s able to reduce 1/2 inch @ 15-20 ipm fast. It’s 50 AMPS of specialist cutting power.

Should you have to reduce 3/4 inch it’ll get the job done with a few slags you’ll be able to become readily off using a hammer. Should you require severance cut it’s possible to go around 15/16 inch but for thicker stuff better proceed with Everlast PowerPlasma 60S (last one in this article).

When you think about first cost and long-term operating costs all PowerPlasma 50S is absolutely among the finest performing IGBT plasma cutters available for the purchase price. It gives lots of capacity for the ordinary small fab store or hobbyist. It’s also a fantastic actress in a light industrial atmosphere. Everlast PowerPlasma 50 S is a light and portable plasma cutting machine. Everlast PowerPlasma 50S is a fantastic plasma cutter for under 1000 dollars.

This Everlast brand new generations of PowerPlasma 50S features Italian made flashlight. IPT 60 is an improvement over the old series of torches. It’s an enhanced consumable lifetime and a larger selection of consumables. New flashlight tip saver function will help to restrict the Pilot arc period and goes consumable life. CNC port can be now standard with this device.

Super Deal Dc Inverter Plasma Cutter Welding system

The Super Deal welding system provides you innovative features to plasma cut economically. Additionally, the gadget gives you the capacity to attain clean cuts for very a long time, since the tool is dependable, and provides you stable functionality. Besides that, the machine includes a high duty cycle in less consumption of electricity. The apparatus has a higher temperature, higher speed, and higher energy plasma draught that’s the reason why it regarded as more effective other conventional machines.

If we speak about the design of this device, we then come to understand the machine has outfitted with strong materials that provide you long-lasting support. Additionally, the machine has made from heavy-duty iron. You are able to use the welder for welding stainless steel, Aluminum, plasma screen, also it may use it DIY, and also a few other procedures. The machine includes all of the attributes which professional welder needs; hence, you may use it with no doubt. The apparatus as a result of its proficiency usage in a wide selection of programs like ducting function, sheet metal manufacturing, website function, light industrial usage, maintenance, and fixing service.

Besides, the machine gets the characteristic DC output signal Digital LCD Screen to facilitate your functioning. So, with all the digital LCD, it is simple to browse the front panel air pressure gauge. Apart from all this, this system is silent you won’t face any type of sound with the usage of the machine. Additionally, a high cutting rate makes it more valuable for your welders.

All in all, the system is exceptional has innovative features at such an affordable price. The gadget is simple to use and sensible to comprehend. In addition, it provides you all of the variables a specialist welder want. Aside from that, the apparatus also provides you security features so you can use the machine with no fear.


  • The application is reliable and secure.
  • Good security features.


  • Beginners find it somewhat complicated.

Biltek 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter

The Biltek 50Amp Air plasma cutter may open up newer chances before you since it effortlessly welds through mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum, sheet metal and metal steel with different thickness amounts.

It does the same by producing minimum slag even while coping with rusty, painted and rough surfaces.

Compressed gas is blown through a nozzle to the workpiece at high speed for attaining the same.

This subsequently results in the production of an electric arc inside the workpiece, the gasoline or directly between the electrode.

This comparatively quiet device doesn’t produce a significant commotion while used either in your house garage or mill shed.

Your coworkers and relatives can therefore readily carry out their usual work event without becoming bothered by the same.

Heavy-duty materials that go into the building of the lively welder can quickly sustain ordinary wear and tear that could accompany its usual course of work.

It gives severance cut through 12mm steel, maximum cut through 10mm thick steel and optimal cut through 8mm stainless steel.


  • Has an output ranging between 15-50A.
  • Non-Pilot Arc assists in increasing the wellbeing of its consumables.
  • A high acting cutting torch might easily operate through 1/2 inch stainless steel.
  • Accompanying documentation makes it incredibly simple to set up the mobile plasma cutter.
  • Comes packed with an array of accessories for initiating your welding operations nearly immediately.
  • Better duty cycle and more running time are guaranteed by its Advanced Inverter Technology.


  • Requires different air distribution from an air compressor.

AHP AlphaCut plasma cutter

The Alpha Cut plasma is the ideal device for users which makes use of a plasma cutter frequently but isn’t prepared to spend tens of thousands of bucks to get in the plasma cutting edge business.

The Alpha Cut plasma cutter provides you with sufficient power to cut 1/2″ and 5/8″ steel as well as thicker alloys when needed. The additional iPT 60 flashlight is currently a standard utilized with several plasma cutters and is preferred because of its durability and the truth remains that the consumables are easy to discover and reasonably priced.

The plasma, though it’s rated for 60 amps output 240V, includes a dual transmitter design, which will permit the unit to run in 120V power using the provided adapter, even at a lower maximum output.

It’s the front-mounted air pressure adjustment and all controls are easy to achieve. The plasma has 110/220 voltage that includes an adapter to choose the device out of 220v to 110v immediately together with all the snap of a plug. Its features of constant Pilot Arc allows one to cut enlarged, rusted, painted metals


  • Offers clean 1/2″ and 5/8″ cuts.
  • Pilot arc allowed.
  • The device is simple to operate.
  • Optimizes consumable life and enhances productivity.
  • Maximum portability.


  • It could be difficult to establish.
  • It’s fairly costly to use and keep.

Klutch P12AFi Inverter-Powered Plasma Cutter – 120V/12A


This is a lightweight plasma cutting machine created in the united states, available at a comparatively low cost. Nonetheless, it’s a potent apparatus with three electrodes in addition to three nozzles, advertisement it gives out the maximum desirable effects. It has a very long flashlight, and there’s an underground cable to boost functionality.

This cutter also comprises a built-in inner air compressor, which means you don’t have to purchase one separately. Just plug it in, pick up the flashlight, and whit its featured Touch Start System you’re prepared to cut.

The Klutch P12AFi Plasma Cutter apparatus gets user friendly as soon as you get the necessary and necessary abilities, it falls within the budget and many successful for use. It brings out the very best results and guarantees clean cutting.


  • Listed below are the primary features exhibited by the Klutch inverter:
  • Touch Start System with pilot arc
  • It’s a wide 20A-60A which empower amp alterations
  • The inner inverter electricity system is lightweight and efficient
  • It will clean cutting edge steel around 1/8 inch


  • Super lightweight, 37.4 pounds, therefore rendering it mobile
  • Status indicator lights to Be Certain that the device is functioning properly
  • It’s easy to clean and keep
  • It may be used to reduce a Vast Array of metallic Products
  • It’s Been outfitted with fire prevention apparatus thus making it secure to use


  • For novices, it isn’t simple to operate. You’ll require some instruction about the best way best to deal with the devices.

PRIMEWELD CUT60 Plasma Cutter

PRIMEWELD CUT60 is the best-preferred plasma cutter because of its immense capabilities which aren’t supplied by other versions. To begin with, electricity distribution is exceptional with dual voltage capacities (110/220V) therefore it will not fight to cut through the heavy kinds of metals.

We enjoy the way that it’s made out of a high duty cycle of 60 percent in 60 Amps making the device perfect for heavy jobs. If you’re working on light stuff it’s likely to work without hitting the duty cycle.

What’s going to surprise you is a small size that could cause you to doubt if it’s powerful. Surprisingly, it does a fantastic job cutting every sort of metal. It cuts easily and easily up to a depth of 1/2 in. On steel plate aluminum, iron and a lot more.

1 amazing feature you will enjoy is that the constant pilot arc which allows you to cut fairly readily through rusted painted and expanded metals. Blowback is so great and the flashlight is top quality too. The entire product is nicely assembled to get an extended span.

Things We Liked

  • Electricity is excellent to cut Easily
  • Duty cycle is large
  • Construction is sturdy

Things We Didn’t Like

  • User’s manual not laid

Update 110/220V Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter

We reasoned the Reboot Plasma Cutter 50Amps is your best buy for the money. The leads are somewhat brief, and it is not designed for industrial usage. But for anybody needing to do a little cutting in your home, this pieces an outstanding cut through 1/2″ plate also may sever 3/8″ substance if needed.

Reboot supplies a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with this, which can be helpful if you would like to check out exactly what it is like without being jumped to it immediately after the buy. The consumables cost less than that which other machines utilize, plus they continue a while from the machine before having to be replaced.

This is an incredibly economical plasma system and would fit any hobbyist having a dependable machine to cut to 1/2″ wash segments at a lesser cost.


  • Weighs 21.6pounds
  • 110/120 & 220/240 volt enter
  • Max wash cut: 1/2″
  • Max sever 3/5″
  • Amp range: 15 to 50 amps
  • Compact layout 19″ x 13.5″ x 11″
  • One-year guarantee
  • Contains air filter regulator
  • Cheap consumables


  • Not Acceptable for industrial use
  • 6.5′ flashlight lead
  • 6.5′ floor lead

Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 Plasma Cutter

Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 is a small, efficient and light single-stage industrial plasma cutter. The fantastic instrument for the metal cutting occupation. It typically includes a 220 V plug-in normal. Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 will make 5/8 inch clean cut and in severance cut, it’s possible to push it to 1 inch when it is needed. It’s 20 feet TRF 45 Plasma flashlight.

Razorweld Plasma CUT 45 is fantastic for metal and sheet fabrication, maintenance and repair services, light industrial usage, automotive, website function, ducting labor and much more. It may be utilized with the generator provided power. It’s a 2-year guarantee and you’ll be able to register it online and get an additional 6 months added to a guarantee on their page.

Plasma cutter CUT 45 comes complete with a 2T / 4T function that reduces operator fatigue. With easy 20 45 AMP dial-up, you can certainly change your cutting edge capability. Low-frequency pilot arc begins ensures dependable and consistent operator ignition, without hindrance to electrical apparatus nearby.

General specifications:

Cut capacity:

  • As much as 5 / 8-inch blank cut,
  • As much as 1-inch severance cut,
  • 220 V,
  • 20 45 AMP dial affects cutting capability,
  • Preset air modification,
  • User friendly, lightweight, mobile,
  • Builtin manages to simple carry around.

Usually includes:

  • pre-set air-regulator,
  • 19.5 feet sure grip flashlight,
  • A yield direct.

Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter

The Hobart Plasma 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter has ready with air compressor attribute, which is great enough for cutting edge materials. When we discuss the leading rate and work of this machine then we come to recognize that it provides you quick support, it cuts faster compared to Oxyfuel. Therefore, it is going to help save precious time by providing you rapid results. There’s not any demand for gas pressure configurations if you will need flame tuning since this attribute is already pre-set from the machine.

In addition, in this particular machine, you’ve got an inverter technology of airforce 12ci. With this technology, you might have a strong cutting capacity, very helpful for the user. The instrument has a streamlined layout; therefore, it’s light in weight. You are able to take a system for one side to another with no trouble. The lightweight of this gadget makes comfy and simple to use from the users. Additionally, nothing, you’re not, you can know, and operate with it, easily.

Apart from these, the functioning of this machine is appropriate enough as it provides an exact cut. It’s possible to cut thinner substance easily with this tool and lessening the quantity of slag. However, the truth is that compared to other machines, it isn’t too helpful. You are able to cut to 3/8″ inch and this is the slowest to all it is cut. Therefore, this isn’t a perfect plasma, but it offers you a guarantee for five years that’s not bad.

The machine is acceptable for the case of cash, but compared to different plasma cutters which have built-in air pressure attribute, it’s low-speed outcomes. Although, the application is lightweight, and also has 12″ leads the guarantee on the unit is about five decades.


  • 27 pounds.
  • Warrant of five decades.
  • It’s 12″ leads


  • Not a Perfect machine
  • The output signal is simply 12 Amp.

Super Deal DC Inverter Plasma Cutter

This highly economical and simple to use plasma cutter is ideal for people whose occupation involves piercing via metals using a range of depth, form and size characteristics.

The automobile double socket cutter comes packed with features and may be utilized in two distinct manners.

Its cutting operation is contingent on the sort of metal you’re handling since thinner metals may be trimmed with improved precision.

Running 220 volts, the Super Deal plasma cutter with a digital readout could be retrieved in a seamless way.

Even though it doesn’t include a plug or air hose, the same can be had individually within the voltage assortment of 110 to 220.

The apparatus can cut through a range of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. needing depth between 1 to 12 mm and includes accessories like grounding clamp, pressure-reducing valve, and two plasma hints, cutting torch LG-40 and welding face mask.

The cutting torch is connected into some heavy-duty cord measuring 7-8 ft and features a switch which may delay the procedure from 2.5 to 5 minutes.

Featuring PRO technologies, this plasma system made from heavy-duty iron is significantly more efficient in contrast to traditional cutting machines offered its power consumption.


  • Greater reliability courtesy that the good structure.
  • Easy to read LCD screen.
  • Over-voltage and over-heat protection.
  • Pilot arc-striking system assists in simple machine initiation for Obtaining a fresh cut time and


  • The user guide doesn’t help out novices much.

Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter

Lotos non-torch pilot arc atmosphere plasma cutter is a streamlined plasma cutter with a handle for durability and uses non-hazardous compressed air to reduce stainless steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum. This plasma cutter includes the pilot arc flashlight which economically cuts through painted, rough, and reflective surfaces also generates minimum slag.

Additionally, it works together with all the MOSFET transistor that generates a uniform output to be certain cutting of thin alloy and may attain a high power output signal for cutting thick alloy. It comes standard with a PAPST Advanced German Cooling SysProsand that the Max Severance Thickness: 1 1/2″ Inch while the Ideal Cut Thickness: 1″ Inch.

The other elements which the Lotos Non-Torch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter involves a plasma torch, ground clamp and cable, air purifier, air hose, and air hose connections.


  • Easy to manage and mobile.
  • Cuts several metallic kinds.
  • Efficient and conserves electricity.
  • Attributes a pilot arc.
  • It can achieve high power output signal for cutting heavier metal.


  • Inexpensive hose clamp.
  • It’s fairly costly.

Forney 302 115V 20A 325P


The Forney 302 plasma cutter is perfect for cutting sheet metal, automotive functions and pipes. One of the accessories included 15 ft power cable, floor cable, and flashlight lead. It’s a good 50% duty cycle ​along with some top cutting capacity.


  • It’s a flashlight for light the working area
  • It conducts 120v of family electricity
  • The rated output from 10 A to 201A
  • It’s a weight of 30lbs
  • 3 LED lights standing index
  • Generator friendly


  • All leads are long enough to work in Just about Anyplace
  • Cuts with pace
  • No preheating
  • Mobile
  • High performance despite its size


  • Pretty hefty

Goplus Plasma Cutter

The Goplus Plasma Cutter is just another great plasma cutter ideal for an entire selection of applications like auto, manufacture, maintenance, and repair, lighting industrial jobs and a lot more.

Why is this possible is the 220V motor that is reliable to allow you to handle all of the jobs? It cuts incredibly on plates which are 1/4″, 1/8″ into a maximum of 1/2 in.

The present is constant for an amazing cutting encounter. Additionally, the cutting rate is too high to save time in rough moments. And of course, the cutting surface is smooth so as to make your work efficient.

The plasma system is heavily built with iron to fortify its durability for the long life that makes the device an excellent alternative in alloy materials processing.

The device is compact and super easy to operate. It’s even equipped with a comfortable handle to create move a breeze.

Things We Liked

  • Cuts smooth and clean
  • Super lightweight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Directions may suck but customer support is on standby to Assist You

Weldpro 60 Amp Inverter HF Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

The Weldpro 60 Amp plasma cutter is your innovative Inverter technology which has made for its users to manage DIY, car – body repairs, manufacture, and frame economically. In addition, the machine looked together with the HF quality that starts with the pilot arc.

This manner, you are able to quickly create quick, and clean cuts throughout the rusty, and also filthy surface. Besides, you may cut all sorts of metal materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and Aluminum, etc. together with the assistance of this device.

What’s more, if we discuss the capacity of this tool, then it’s considered a highly effective machine as it provides output from 20-60 amps which are superb. Even though the truth is that it requires more input ability to make it cuts while some other apparatus take less energy generally.

On the other hand, the business is providing you two decades of guarantee that’s dependable, for its consumers. Cutting torch, 10 feet floor clamp, facial mask, power adapter, and hammer brush will probably comprise from the machine.

All in all, the instrument with dual voltage, and Inverter HF Pilot arc technology called the trustworthy machine. Plus there’s a guarantee of two years on the apparatus and indicated as a perfect option for manufacturing labor, maintenance, auto body repairs, and plantation work. Besides that, the tool will help you in creating quick and clean cuts.


  • Warranty of 2 Decades
  • 10 to 12′ direct
  • 20 to 60 amps
  • The Choice of 2T and 4T Usage


  • Inexpensive standoff design
  • Air filter regulator not included in the kit.

Tosenba Plasma Cutter LGK-100 100Amp 380V


Due to its high power, this 100 amp plasma cutter gets the most outstanding functionality. It allows to operate on high thickness alloys with easy operation and receive a smooth and uniform cutting edge surface. Maximum cutting

It can be readily done at a really large speed.

Suitable for cutting the carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel it supplies security during the performance because the digital circuit was set up to reduce overcurrent.

The cutter has a minimum duty cycle of 100%, meaning that the machine may function continuously without interruptions.

The Non-touch Pilot ARC flashlight efficiently cuts painted surfaces, even though rough and rusty. Non-touch technology permits you to work without touching the metallic surface.


  • It’s a 100A plasma cutter
  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • Screen display LED
  • Overvoltage and low-voltage are handled
  • Made for Improved performance
  • Simple to Use


  • Duty cycle: 100%
  • Quick
  • Supply high-quality cutting
  • It’s secure


  • It’s hefty but has wheels

Aspects to Consider When Selecting The Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000

There are fewer plasma cutters under $1000 in comparison to people who are more expensive; nonetheless, the scope still fluctuates considerably in features.

This buyer’s guide outlines exactly what things to think about plasma cutters based on their power supply, plate cutting capability, flashlight, and cut conclude.

Power source

Smaller hand-held plasma cutters have the capability to operate out of a 110/120v or 220/240v energy supply, or perhaps both. Conventional household electricity points are 110/120v, but each home has the capability for 220/240v energy points, and lots of areas already have them put up.

110/120 volt

Plasma cutters which operate off 110/120v cost less to operate and create as fine a cut as a 220/240v machine, but they could simply cut to approximately 1/4″ thick plate and at times need a bigger circuit breaker to operate increased amperage.

220/240 volt

Running 220/240v is vital for thicker cuts. The amperage array increases, giving more diversity for cutting edge options, but it is more expensive to conduct such plasma cutters. The sticks and power points are somewhat different compared to 110/120v. At times the machines arrive with adapter plugs. It is also not too tough to acquire power points changed to match, and the results are rewarding.

Plate cutting capability

A plasma cutter’s ability to reduce a specific plate would be the principal factor in deciding which one to purchase. The selection of costs, kinds of torches, and the endings they depart are important to consider, but finally, if pops can not cut the estimated plate you require, they are not worth purchasing.

They vary from low-amp machines whose specialty is in severing thin substance to high-amp machines which are made to reduce thick plate. It may be useful to concentrate on one or another if that is all you cut, however, there are machines such as the Hypertherm Powermax 30 which cut the plate in both ends tremendously well and are helpful once you want many cutting choices.


Torches can differ from the comfort of the deal and the period of the guide. More expensive plasma cutters normally arrive with much more comfy torches, but it is possible to discover lower-priced options such as the Mophorn 40 Amp plasma cutter which has comfy grips also. This tends to be the characteristic that is least concerned about in torches unless you are cutting for extended periods every day.

The period of the flashlight lead makes a significant difference if you are doing numerous cuts within an elongated selection since it saves time by not having to move the plasma so frequently. Additionally, it means that you may reach awkward places more easily by not needing the system to be near you all of the time.


Are our plasma cutting fumes unsafe?

It is dependent on alloys. By way of instance, do not reduce the guide with plasma, due to the harmful vapor.

Would you cut aluminum using a plasma cutter?

Plasma cutting may be performed on any kind of metal which ranges from mild steel, copper and even aluminum. It’s not determined by Oxidation and so it can cut aluminum nicely.

What’s plasma?

  • They’re shaped by the grain plasma. They comprise of 10 mm to 10 nm of plasma particles.
  • The thickness of the metal to be trimmed.
  • You ought to consider what depth of metal you will usually be cutting it.
  • The thicker the alloy that the higher the amperage.

Needed cooling time to be sure the plasma torch does not overheat

When plasma flashlight overheats you are going to need to wait patiently for it to cool. It’ll cost you time.

Closing Thought

Whether you’re employed as a mechanic in a store or only taking regular repairs around your residence, your own life is certain to be made simpler combined using a plasma cutter.

In comparison to grinding, these devices operate much more easily paving the way for cleaner and more exact edges with minimal use of alloy.

The plasma cutters are nevertheless more technically involved and costly than a steel grinder.

These highly specialized gadgets packed with a range of complex features and specs may be rather daunting for non-engineers to function.

Additionally, there exist specific plasma cutters that are allowed against certain kinds of metals and endeavors.

Therefore, it’s vital to find out the one that will maintain sync with your individualistic prerequisites for profiting the most.


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