Medical Waste: Common Mistakes Medical Personnel’s Make with it

Medical Waste

Getting rid of medical waste is one process that needs serious care though some people usually make some common mistakes while disposing of the waste. The very first step with the medical waste disposal process will be disinfecting the waste.

The sterilization process aids in getting rid of all contaminants before they get contained and sealed for conveyance and disposal. While sorting the waste, the probability of coming across things that cannot be disposed of quickly. Things like this can go via an autoclave which can aid in getting off the toxins and other dangerous essentials. Beneath are some of the common errors’ healthcare workers make with medical waste disposal.

What are some of the common mistakes people make with medical waste disposal?

Mixing the waste

One of the common errors some medical personnel make is mixing the medical disposal with different waste types which includes household items. People have to stop putting medical waste in containers filled with non-medical waste. Hence, medical disposal containers can always be put in a marked container isolated from other containers. This is to avoid mix-ups and everyone should be aware of the differentiation.

Not watching leakages

Some people will notice some liquids leaking and do absolutely nothing about it with the feeling that it is something minimal which is completely wrong. This is because the waste in question is an assortment of so many things including people’s bodily fluids. Daniels Health medical waste disposal ensures such waste is properly contained before taken for disposal.

Make use of professionals

Not anyone can drive a car that contains the intended medical waste disposals as anyone who drives this type of car has to be a well- trained professional. Daniels Health medical disposal has trained professionals who have undergone wide-ranging schooling and education with a major in medical waste.

Watch out for sharps

Most people feel that sharps can just be disposed of normally like any other medical disposal but they are not and need to be disposed of more carefully and differently. Getting rid of sharp carelessly can lead to someone’s injury hence they have to be disposed of in a different special marked container for sharps.

The specially marked container usually has a narrow opening which is sealable. Also, with sharps, any breakages should be unintentional because it can cause an issue for another person later on.

Opening the container

Another common error has to do with opening a container. The container opening can result in cross-contamination and exposure. A sealed container should not be opened for any reason, even for scrutiny and separation.

Another thing is that, medical disposal is not usually classified into biodegradable and non-biodegradable and if anything has to be done, it should not be with a sealed container (even for inspection).

Do not use bare hands when working with medical waste

Some people tend to make the error of sorting out medical disposal with their bare hands. This is not right and it is important to wear protective equipment when sorting the waste. This includes the nitrile gloves, masks, and full-length gowns just to name a few.


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