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Laughter is said to be the best medicine, and whether you’re down in the dumps, bored out of your mind, or just need a break from your job, a good chuckle may refresh your attitude and keep you feeling happy. Funny websites shall cater to your everyday needs of humour.

What is funny on the internet?

Comedy is a broad and varied genre, and no two people’s tastes are identical.

However, with the introduction of the internet, this is no longer an issue. There is truly something for everyone, ranging from lowbrow to highbrow, corny to piercing satire.

We’re all guilty of wasting too much time in front of our computers. While it’s crucial to take a coffee and stretch your legs during your break, sometimes just a few minutes away from that difficult spreadsheet or the monotony of emails waiting for a response may be just as beneficial.

Are funny websites a thing on the internet?

The good news is that there is a wealth of excellent stuff available. Information that broadens your knowledge or enlightens you with strange and fascinating information, as well as content that warms your heart and makes you laugh out loud.

Which are some of the funny websites on the internet?

There are tens of thousands of websites dedicated to making you laugh. Many of them are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the internet. Yet, listed below are the topmost funny websites that you must visit to get your dose of laughter on a daily basis:

The Laughline:

Check out The Laughline if you prefer a conventional joke to some of the web’s more “contemporary” kinds of comedy. The website has been up and running for almost a decade. It has amassed an astonishing collection of amusing anecdotes, one-liners, and party gags throughout that time.


On the internet, memes aren’t exactly the most unique kind of entertainment. The jokes, pictures, and punchlines seem to be rehashed indefinitely. PicturePunches is a meme website that defies the trend. It looks to have a lot more unique content than the majority of hilarious meme websites. We’re not claiming you’ll never see a replica, but if you’re looking for something new, it’s worth a look.

Epic Fail:

Rich folks smashing their costly supercars, skateboarders doing dumb things, and individuals walking into glass doors are all examples of epic fails. We all know what to expect from fail videos, yet they never fail to amuse. There are several on YouTube, but is likely the greatest devoted website. Every day, the producers of this humour blog presenting the lighter side of life publish a tonne of fresh content. It includes both video and still images.

This website contains a large collection of one-liners that will make you laugh and moan in equal measure. As a result, the comics are divided into categories and subcategories, with sections dedicated to anything from the police to animals.


If you’re looking for GIFs and memes, 9GAG should be your first stop. You’ll discover fresh content every time you come thanks to the upvote/downvote mechanism. As a result, the often updated “Featured” section usually focuses on what’s trending in the media at the time. The site has also created iOS and Android applications; and it now has a vibrant community.

Funny Websites that focus on slapstick humour and satire:

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Awkward Family Photos:

Most family houses have at least one photograph on the wall that gives you the creeps every time you look at it. From meticulously reproduced family photographs to precisely timed selfies, you may finally rest easy knowing that you’re not the only one with a shoebox full of embarrassing photographs.

The Oatmeal:

The Oatmeal’s primary appeal is its founder, Matthew Inman’s drawings, which are branded as “comics, quizzes, and tales.” The subject matter is diverse, ranging from the English language to computer usage. Every piece on the site takes a great deal of devotion; in a 2010 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Inman stated that each image took him roughly eight hours to create.


It has grown to be one of the most popular humour blogs on the internet. The site, which launched in 2000, contains a unique collection of pranks, mini-series, drawings, and animations. It was designed with college students in mind, and though that remains its primary focus, it also caters to a wide range of preferences. Its popularity led to an MTV series named The College Humor Show, which premiered in 2008. 

Special Mentions:

Residents of New York:

It can contribute snatches of conversations they overhear while going about their regular lives in the Big Apple to Overheard in New York. It has grown so popular that it has inspired a number of sibling sites, as well as a book collecting the most popular quotes.

The Onion:

If satire is your thing, you’ve almost probably heard of The Onion. It’s one of the most entertaining parody sites on the internet. The site, which is based in Chicago, creates parody stories, editorials, op-ed articles, and interviews based on current events.

Funny or Die:

The viral videos are Funny or Die’s bread and butter, but it also includes a good amount of original content from comedians. The site was founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy, and it has subsequently gotten a lot of Silicon Valley support. After registering, you may vote on whether a video is hilarious or should “die,” as the name implies.

It seems like a suitable place to start this list. It’s a website that specialises on photos of English-language blunders that occur in foreign countries. To be clear, there’s no shame in making mistakes when English isn’t your first language, but this amusing website usually concentrates on mistakes made by corporations, and there’s no justification for them.


For a variety of reasons, Reddit is amusing. It’s amusing because it turns out that people are unusual and want to ask a lot of unusual questions and upload a lot of unusual information about a lot of unusual subjects. Reddit is essentially a communal message board. Everyone is welcome to contribute their two cents in the form of questions, tales, movies, links, photographs, and so on, with other users being able to reply. The outcomes can be emotional, instructive, and thrilling, but they’re usually simply extremely, incredibly funny.


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