Top 4 Low Impact Exercise Equipment For Cardio

low impact exercise equipment

These days practicing cardio is one of the most popular methods that many people choose to follow for various purposes such as reducing excess fat, supporting blood circulation, and controlling heart rate.

Apart from bringing out a lot of benefits, some people worry that their health, especially their bones and joints, will suffer from negative impacts created by these pieces of equipment.

So what kind of equipment will help you prevent this unexpected situation to the maximum?

After answering that question, we will show you the best low impact exercise equipment that promises not to bring any risks to your body parts while practicing.

What do you know about a low impact exercise machine?

Have you ever heard about the low impact and high impact while practicing cardio exercises? The low impact exercise includes activities where one foot touches the ground. This concept is different from the high impact that allows both feet to be off the ground.

We can understand that the equipment of this kind usually supports to cover LISS exercises that require practicing with low intensity.

In case you have some diseases related to joints, bones, and muscles or suffer from obesity, it is advisable not to practice high-impact exercises like running or jumping.

Instead, training on low impact machines will be the best choice for you. These pieces of equipment will aid you in doing workouts most safely.

Top Low Impact Exercise Equipment



For a long time, walking is a popular exercise that helps to strengthen our muscles and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

However, there is a considerable difference between walking outdoors and walking with a treadmill. In particular, practicing on the treadmill is considered a low impact exercise because it puts less pressure on your lower body parts.

This form of walking probably won’t bring the results as quickly as many people expect. But over time, it still contributes to improving your health or your body. In general, the treadmill takes you a lot of time to attain the goal; but it will cause few injuries while practicing.

Elliptical Machines

Another choice for those who need to do low impact cardio workouts is Elliptical Machine.

Similar to treadmills, elliptical machines are specifically designed to limit the pressure on the joints to the maximum. Therefore, if you are not sturdy enough to perform vigorous exercises, the Elliptical Machine was born for you.

This machine impacts all the parts throughout your body and relaxes your joints or muscles due to the design of flywheel, ellipticals on the front and at the center together with many other properties.

Also, the equipment offers a wide range of options of practice for you to choose. Depending on your health, you will select the most appropriate regime. If you ever catch joint-related diseases, it is advisable to refer to the doctor before using the machine.

Rowing Machines

Various body parts, including biceps, quads, glutes, and calves, will be under the impact when you use the rowing machine. In other words, it is a full-body exercise that helps to burn calories and excess fat and increase your metabolism effectively.

Like almost all full-body workout machines in the market today, the most outstanding advantage of the rowing machine is that it reduces your risk of having injuries when you are in the process of performing the exercise.

After a short period of practicing, you can realize that the machine will create very little pressure on your knees and ankles. That’s the reason why it is listed among the top-rated low impact exercise equipment for cardio.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

In the list of low impact exercise machines, we can’t help but mention recumbent exercise bikes. It can be regarded as an ultimate tool because of the ability to reduce the pressure on different body parts such as back, ankles, and knees.

One of the most impressive features of this kind of exercise bike is that it lets your hands-free so you can do a variety of activities like playing a game on your smartphone or reading your favorite book.

Besides, for the great convenience of the users, this exercise tool provides a seat with multi adjustments, preset programs, heart rate monitors, fans, and speakers.

What to note when using low impact fitness equipment

During the process of practicing cardio, apart from the selection of the right equipment, it is quite important for you to have an appropriate exercise regime. Get a suitable low impact machine, but you practice immoderately. Consequently, you still cannot obtain an expected result.

For example, although the treadmill is regarded as low impact exercise equipment; it probably brings adverse effects on your legs and causes injury to your calves if you practice with it more often than necessary.

Running on the treadmill also contributes to training the intercostal or core muscles. That being said, when you abuse this exercise, the intercostal muscles will become sore.

You should train on the treadmill in moderation. It is highly recommended to practice twice or three times a week. Otherwise, your leg muscles will deal with some problems.

All in all,

Practicing with machines at home or in the gym has become more and more popular. You can choose any kind of equipment suiting your demand, purpose, and health.

The low impact exercise equipment is suitable for people of all ages. That being said, it is specially designed for those who cannot bear high impact exercises.

In general, it is necessary for you to consider all the factors mentioned in the articles. Thanks for spending time reading our article. For any contributions, please leave your comments below!


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