Where To Buy The Best Exercise Equipment For HIIT and LISS Cardio?

where to buy best exercise equipment

In recent years, cardio has been a part of almost all training programs in the gym. It is a system of exercises combining together, helping you improve cardiovascular health and reduce weight.

There are two common types of Cardio, including LISS and HIIT. Each will fit different types of body and fitness goals. As a result, it also requires you to prepare various equipment for training each kind of exercise.

So which piece of equipment will be suitable for you? How can you know where to buy the best home exercise equipment?

Let’s explore these things through the information below.

Best exercise equipment for cardio

In the market today, there are a considerable number of types of exercise equipment. Personally, the following machines are the most typical and helpful ones.

It is sure that if you persist in practicing with the tools below, you will achieve a remarkable improvement in your health and appearance as well.

Jump rope

Jump rope

If you want to own strong muscles and increase the health of the cardiac muscle, a jump rope will support you a lot. The jump rope not only gives you the agility but also enhances the strength of your body.

You can choose to practice jump rope like a warm-up lesson in your training process. Besides, it is advisable to design a HIIT cardio program for the jump rope specifically.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat cannot be absent in the list of top-rated exercise equipment for cardio at home or at the gym because it will be an indispensable part of stretching exercises.

In case you exercise without a yoga mat, it is necessary for you to have a cushion that separates your knees and the floor. A high-quality cushion will protect your body from injuries as well as reduce the high impact on the knees and back during the process of stretching.

Not only that, this exercise tool helps balance and maintain your body temperature when it prevents you from contracting with the cold floor surface.

Rowing machine

Rowing machine

The rowing machine is also a relatively popular cardio tool. The name of the equipment also shows how you will practice with it. On the rowing machine, you will do the same movements as sailing a boat.

This machine also has the ability to burn fat actively. Even so, proper practicing techniques will bring about a significant effect on your performance.

Bicycles with spinning wheels

A bike with spinning wheels is one of the most popular cardio exercise machines in the gym. It supports you to burn so many calories; therefore, this bicycle is the number one option for practicing cardio exercises.

However, if you sit in the bicycle with an uncomfortable seat, it is possible that you will have some bruises on your thighs after training on the machine.

Where can you buy the best exercise equipment for cardio

You can buy exercise equipment in various places with different forms: offline or online. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the following points before coming to the final decision.

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Exercise equipment online shopping

Save your time

This is the biggest advantage of shopping online. When buying online fitness equipment, you won’t waste time looking for products and going to the store.

Instead, just click on the website to buy the machine online, select the product you want to purchase and press “Order” or “Buy” button. The delivery staff will take the product to your address.

Be convenient for price comparison

Price is the factor everyone cares about when buying any products. All price levels are available at online selling websites. You get to know the price before deciding to buy the exercise machine fitting your budget. Best of all, you can compare to choose the best product at the most competitive price.

Wide shopping network

The global Internet has been increasingly expanding everywhere, so you can buy the product even in other provinces or countries without coming to the selling address. With various advantages, you just need a computer connected to the Internet; then you can purchase exercise equipment around the world.

Exercise equipment offline shopping


  • Offline shopping allows you to check the quality of the exercise machines before paying money for the product, which is the point you cannot find when shopping online.
  • When seeing and checking types of equipment in real life, you will feel about their colors, styles, and designs in detail and accuracy.
  • For cardio training, the suitability of the machine for your body plays an essential role. Offline shopping provides you with an ideal opportunity to experience the equipment before deciding to buy it.


  • You have to spend time going to the location of the sale. In some cases, some external factors like weather or transportation will become barriers to you.
  • When shopping offline, you only can get the equipment in the operating time of the store.
  • There will be few goods of the same category for comparison.

LessConf can realize that each kind of shopping brings its own advantages and disadvantages. Then, the choice is yours.

That being said, after carefully considering these two shopping forms, we recommend that you apply the second one: offline shopping for exercise equipment because checking the practical experience on the machine before taking the equipment is essential.

Time to grab it!

Selecting the right exercise equipment is crucial because it will contribute to bringing you the most excellent experience as well as the highest efficiency during the process of practicing.

Best of all, it is advisable to go to the store for seeing and check; then you will realize which one is the most suitable for you.

LessConf hopes that after reading this article, you will get useful information about where to buy the best fitness equipment.


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