Top 6 Types of Gym Equipment: You Need To Know


Are you tired of your overweight or belly fat? Whenever you look at your body, you feel anxious about the bulky appearance and health issues such as obesity and heart symptoms.

If you are in this case, LessConf totally understands your feeling because I used to face these problems until I changed my daily habits. It’s time to start following a healthy routine by taking up some workout sessions, especially cardio exercises.

However, there is a lot of gym equipment out there. Then, which product is a perfect match for your exercise style?

Don’t sweat just yet, my friends. I’m always here to give a helping hand.

Let’s go through a list of top 6 picks for your cardio routine before making a decision.

1. Treadmills

Running on treadmills 

It would be a mistake not to mention treadmills in this list of cardio products. They have become famous for everyone due to the easy usage and flexible speed design, which allows you to walk or run indoors.

If you are a fan of walking or jogging, you can’t miss a chance to try this device.

On the current market, some models are providing you with a strong motor and long belt to glide your legs as much as you want and control your intensity easily.

In the meantime, other products come with a compact design with a folding frame, which enables you to save space and move around without any hassles at any time.

What if you don’t have enough time to go to a professional gym daily, but still want to keep a sustainable exercise habit?

No need to worry. Treadmills can allow you to get fit at home while chilling out with your music or podcasts.

No matter whether you prefer LISS or HIIT exercises, all you need to do is to press start and push buttons to adjust your speed or incline level. And then, move flexibly on your tread belt as you prefer and lose some pounds!

2. Rowing machines

Performing cardio workouts with a rowing machine

Are you finding a workout product working well for both upper and lower bodies? If yes, rowing machines would be my answer for you.

Rowing machines can be an excellent choice for you since they can do wonder for your back, arms, and legs simultaneously. Simply, they provide you with an almost total-body workout in only one machine.

Many people are usually confused about choosing between a treadmill or a rowing machine. However, I would say that it depends on your taste.

Are you bored with running or walking? Did you nod your head? Spice up your exercise routines with a rowing machine.

A note for you, be careful to consider a rowing machine with a high-quality pulley model instead of a piston model. Believe me or not. You will fall in love with a pulley model thanks to the realistic experience.

What’s more, compared to treadmills, rowing machines can offer you low-impact all the time, which can protect you from injuries while performing your workout.

3. Elliptical trainers

Burning calories on an elliptical machine

Like rowing machines, elliptical trainers or cross machines require less maintenance and enable you to follow low-impact and whole-body exercises.

It provides you with a circular up-and-down motion of both a ski machine and a stair-stepper, which has nearly no impact on your joints.

So, you have a wide range of exercises such as stair climbing, walking, running and sprinting to enjoy.

The movement imitates your natural path of ankles, knees, and hips while walking, running, or jogging without reverse options. Notably, a lot of models come with foot pedals to comfort and protect your stride.

Wait! Does it sound a bit boring to you?

Don’t worry. You can adjust resistance and grade automatically and manually as your preferred modes. Then, feel your fat and calories burned during your workout.

Then, how about the prices?

If you are seeking a friendly-budget option, LessConf would recommend rowing machines and elliptical trainers which only require an average amount of money for the high quality, instead of treadmills.

4. Stair-steppers

Keeping fit on a stair-stepper

As what the name evokes, stair-steppers can offer you a low-impact workout which is like climbing flights of stairs. For starters, it can require them a bit of effort with the hard feeling on the knees.

Hold on! Don’t be scared. You will get used to it soon. What you should do is to get the machines that allow your independent foot action and protect you with handrails and large stair platforms.

If you liked to see the results of your workout routine early with a stair-stepper, I would suggest intervals for you. You will love it a lot. What can burn belly fat better than walking up an endless flight of stairs?

But, remember to balance your body and not lean your upper body too much on the handles. By this way, your workout session is showing its efficiency.

No matter how old you are or how bad your balance is, these functional exercises are an excellent approach to maintain and improve your physical capabilities.

5. Stationary bikes

Doing low-impact exercises on a stationary bike

Are you a starter who needs an easy-to-use machine without any complicated training? If this is what you are thinking, a stationary bike is your perfect match.

These machines, which resemble a bike without wheels, require no detailed guides or significant investment, though it can be somehow uncomfortable for users with long legs. Well, you know what I meant. Luckily, my short legs work in this case.

In the meantime, these bikes aren’t worthy of preventing bone issues since they don’t offer you weight-bearing exercises. Still, they are great options for a fruitful cardiovascular workout.

Consider a model with an adjustable seat and toe clips; then let’s sweat it out.

A minus point is a boredom. It seems not to offer you with various types of workout.

However, it can work when you need a short training inside to avoid injuries or bad weather. Some trainers usually make use of them for warming up before performing any races.

6. Ski machines

Training heath with a ski machine

These ski machines are favorite options for snowboard or ski teams to test their capabilities. They imitate the movement of skiing activities with little to no impact on the joints of your legs, hips, and backs.

Perhaps, you might be thinking about their effect. For sure, it is an excellent choice for a cardio full-body workout, especially aerobic exercises.

When your legs are gliding on the ski machine tracks, and your arms are moving along, these actions can be worth your investment as real-life exercises such as running, hiking, and walking.

If you are afraid that treadmills can cause considerable impact on your legs, ski machines are excellent alternatives to burning calories, control weight, and strengthen heart health.

Not to mention, it offers you a weight-bearing workout routine, so you can keep your bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Compared to elliptical trainers, ski machines seem to perform the same effect on calories burning with a little shock.

However, the ski machines have different motions on their strides and focus on either independent or dependent leg movement. At the same time, elliptical trainers pay attention to the dependent actions of your lower body.

To sum up

Finally, we come to the end of the list. If you ask me which one is the cardio machine winner, I can’t give you an exact answer. It mainly depends on your purposes, budget, and preferences.

But then, when you come to my house, you will see a treadmill. LessConf has chosen it because I love jogging even on some rainy or cold days that I can’t go out.

Now, it’s your turn. What machine do you like?

Don’t be reluctant to drop a comment below to share your ideas with me. And stay tuned since LessConf will come back soon with upcoming posts.


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