What Is The Best Times To Buy Exercise Equipment For Your Garage Gym?

The Best Times to Buy Exercise Equipment
The Best Times to Buy Exercise Equipment

Taking up exercise is always the best habit for a healthy lifestyle. However, it can cost you a great deal of money to build up a multi-functional garage home gym.

So, hunting sales or deals will save you some bucks.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and January are the best time to buy equipment. Many fitness equipment brands slash their price to boost their sales.

For now, keep reading to learn more about why Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and January are the best time to buy exercise equipment.

The Garage Gym
The Garage Gym

Best time to buy fitness equipment?

The best time to purchase exercise equipment is throughout the holiday sales that harvest up consistently. If you can find any exercise equipment which offers a promo code, you’re so lucky.

Here are some events in which you can find great deals to look for fitness gear savings.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a remarkable occasion to reap good deals for exercise equipment. You can go online and order the equipment you need without taking hours to the physical stores.

Brands like NordicTrack occasionally offer all year coupons and promotion codes for home exercise gear.

Cyber Monday

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another chance for you to earn good deals from countless retailers. NordicTrack, Life Fitness, Powertec will offer promotion codes that will help you preserve a considerable amount of money.


While NordicTrack’s coupons and promotion codes are in full impact in January, your treadmill of a decision could be marked down. What’s sure is many individuals will set New Year’s goals, the most mainstream promises being to set aside cash and get more fit.

You can invest your money to buy a treadmill to reach the goals. After that, you can expand on your home exercise equipment by including kettlebells or a chin-up bar.

Checklist to buy exercise equipment

To have a cost-effective decision for the new exercise equipment, you should consider some factors before purchasing any workout machines.

Spend time for presale research

Although a holiday sale may sound attractive, don’t forget to invest your time in researching the deals to avoid an impulsive buy. Ensure you’re knowledgeable in the machine’s models, pinpointing the one that meets your requirements.

At that point, you can settle on a decided choice when the cost regarding your favored model drops.

Consider your budget

When arranging your exercise center, you should calculate precisely the amount you need to spend. Exercise equipment shouldn’t be costly. However, it ought to be of good quality.

If you only have $50 to invest in workout gear, please consider adapting HIIT training with the simple equipment like resistance bands, dumbbells, and a ball.

If your budget is more generous, consider setting up a garage gym or buy an enormous piece of cardio gear such as an elliptical trainer or a treadmill.

Measure your free space

People usually ignore to measure the space to put the exercise machine. Having a treadmill is cool; however, imagine a scenario where there’s no place to put it. Furthermore, what are you going to do with that free weight set you just purchased?

Before you purchase anything larger than resistance bands or a couple of dumbbells, make sense of where you’ll put everything.

You should ask yourself some questions before deciding to buy any equipment.

Having an unfilled carport is incredible, however, will you use it when it’s 100 degrees outside? Will your companion indeed approve of moving over the treadmill to get to the washroom?

Or it is safe to say that you are alright with taking out a roof tile if that curved mentor was taller than you expected?

Measure how much space you need to stay away from future issues.

Best brands to buy exercise equipment

Life Fitness

Top-notch selection

This brand is one of the top providers for fitness equipment in the US. This manufacturer distributes various types of fitness equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes.

As keeping the quality of products at high standard during their establishment, Life Fitness receives its strong preference from both amateurs and professionals.

Best choice for the beginners

Life Fitness provides a wide range of options for beginners to take up exercises daily. Also, there are various versions of equipment for your selection. Pick up one machine and start doing HIIT or LISS training today!

In case you’re merely beginning to become familiar with your cardiovascular maximum, a treadmill or a stationary bike can calculate the heart rate and inform you if you have to back off or accelerate.

If you don’t know how to build an exercise with a warm-up, power intervals, or cool-down, Life Fitness’ machines can design training for you.

Also, when you improve quality and perseverance, the machine’s numerous levels enable you to grow difficulty logically.

Ubiquitous choice

Additionally, Life Fitness provides home equipment for abs training, cardio, and weight training. Life Fitness is the best choice for those who prefer all of the gym equipment with good appearance.


Innovation for individuals

Precor is famous for its ultra-customized exercise equipment. Some machines can be compatible with the Precor application – advancing a way of life of wellness, instead of an exercise schedule.

Precor designed its exercise equipment for home use so that the client can adjust their weight, objectives, and other information for their exercise at ease.

These machines also include low impact choices, muscle group adjustments, etc.

Best for family pick

Should you expect everybody in the family to utilize your workout equipment, pick up the brand Precor. Every individual can set their objectives, schedules, and exercises, track their information, and modify the machine to their needs.

Precor reduces the requirement for extensive exercise equipment for home by creating flexible alternatives for everybody.


Strength Target

While both Precor and Life Fitness provide quality preparing alternatives, their center is by and large toward gym fitness and casual residential.

In contrast, Powertec emphasizes strength training instead of cardio. The organization has been doing business for more than 20 years. Powertec impact traverses the globe, starting from Powertec headquarter in California.

Powertec designers explicitly create weights machines, which will boost performance.

Powertec attempts to provide machines for strength training, which are both profoundly viable and well-made.

Efficient equipment

If your space for the garage gym is limited, you should choose the equipment of Powertec. Powertec machines offer different muscle group exercises, from the core to deltoids. Others are designed for home to fit in small spaces.

Testing the Equipment

It is not advisable to purchase any exercise equipment without having it tested or tried its functionality by yourself. Small things such as noisiness and unsteadiness can cause a bigger problem and you may end up spending more money to bring the product home. Using fitness equipment, you can take stock of the things you want and those that you do not need to make the right decisions on how you will be spending your money. Regardless of the time of the year, only purchase when you have had the chance to test the equipment by yourself

Year-Round Buying

Whether or not you are guaranteed to receive a discount at any time of the year, if you want to get started for better fitness, it is not essential to wait until a particular month to buy the exercise equipment. Waiting for the right month may delay your fitness goals. If the budget is an issue and you want a better deal, then find used equipment or ask from the store to purchase floor models at an affordable price.

Another fantastic strategy of buying exercise equipment is finding a specialty fitness retailer where you can spend time using the equipment. Try shopping in the hours when the associates are present so that they can spend more time explaining the details about the equipment. Since most of the equipment is expensive, it is right for you to find equipment that you understand and worth your price. If you know that you can comfortably use the equipment at home, you then have high chances of purchasing them.

Wrapping up

Since Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and January are the best time to buy exercise equipment; you should invest time in researching the favorite machine and quickly order them when they are on the sale.

Also, don’t forget to calculate your budget and save free space for the fitness gear.

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