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The summer transfer window has almost closed. There have been a lot of interesting transfers over the past few months. Make a live bet and predict how the latest contracts will affect the results of a particular team. As for the most high-profile transfers of the summer, the transfer of Jadon Sancho to Manchester United is one of the first to be mentioned.

The story of his transfer lasted for more than a year. Finally, in this July it was officially announced that the young Englishman signed a full-fledged contract with the club. Today, on the reliable bookmaker’s website, you will be able to bet in live mode and predict how Sancho’s transfer will affect the Red Devils’ results.

Indeed, the management and the fans expect that Jadon will be able to join the starting line-up quickly enough and demonstrate all his skills. The previous season, there were a few issues on the right flank of the team’s attack. It is likely that transferred Sancho will help solve these difficulties. If you want not only to follow interesting games, then open and feel free to make predictions on what you are well versed in.

It should be mentioned that this company has a low margin rate. This means that customers won’t surely have to overpay for the services provided. Therefore, be sure to make predictions on what you like, and you will definitely be able to stay in the black. It is also easy to make long-term predictions in 1xBet. Now, the chances of Manchester United to win the Premier League are estimated as extremely high.

Profitable live football bets in 1xBet company

Given the fact that this summer the Red Devils also managed to sign a contract with Varane, the chances that it is Solskjaer’s team who will triumph is quite high. Meanwhile, open the section and make predictions on what you are well versed in.

Manchester United’s strong points in the context of fighting for the title include the following:

  • a great selection of players in each of the lines;
  • the main stars’ experience;
  • the leaders’ personal skills.

However, the competitors are very strong as well. First, this it’s true for Manchester City. It is Guardiola’s team that 1xBet sees as the main contender for gold medals.

However, the season is long, and a lot can change. Thus, register at this company, add funds to your account, and you will be able to follow interesting games, as well as to profit from them.


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