Starbucks low calories drinks to order for a healthy and guilt-free enjoyment

Starbucks low calorie drinks

The popular coffee chain Starbucks offers a relaxing ambiance. It also serves refreshing hot and cold drinks to satisfy the customers. However, the sugar and milk products arouse concerns in health-conscious consumers. Thankfully, Starbucks low calories drinks are there to assure health and nutrition. The following beverages are relished due to their low sugar content and calorie.

Iced Cappuccino: Starbucks low calories drink to boost your energy

The distinctive foam content defines cappuccinos. They do not have as much milk as the latte varieties. So, the drink is a refreshing choice for the perfect low-calorie energy boost. It has only 10g of sugar, while the calories vary between 80 and 120.

The iced coffee is perfect for all seasons. The delicious cold foam with skimmed milk topped with sweet espresso is sweet and ensures up to 8g of protein.

Caffé Americano: remarkably strong flavor

The Americano is a delicious espresso fix with a wonderful taste. The drink gets prepared by diluting espresso with hot water. It offers ten calories and has a light layer of cream. Such Starbucks low calories drinks are similar to a regular coffee. You have to add some sugar and milk.

But the flavor-filled drink is better with the espresso shots. It has an inexplicable depth and nuance. And unlike traditional brews, it also has a unique strength.

Black Filter Coffee: Starbucks low calories drink for weight loss

Starbucks offers a royal range of choices for the esteemed customers. Its menu, however, does not popularize the filter coffee. Yes, dark bean blends get specially treated here using the Pike Place roast. The fresh brews have a distinctive look with a strong flavor and delectable taste.

You can order the coffee hot and gain only 0 to 5 calories. There is no need to worry about fat, sugar, and carbs. Of course, you can choose to add a packet of sugar and the desired milk. The steaming beverage is not only enjoyable but also useful for losing weight.

Nitro Cold Brew: futuristic Starbucks low calories drinks

This sophisticated drink is a favorite with those who prefer fancy brews. The exciting innovation combines freshly ground beans with cold water. It gets steeped for around 20 hours to bring about the sweet and aromatic nitrogen flavor. Even a tall-sized drink will not add too many calories.

However, the vanilla cream topping can be rich in calories. Without any toping, it has 3 to 4g of saturated fat. Beyond these, it is a rich, tasty, and foamy drink similar to craft beer.

Iced Hibiscus Lemonade: energizing afternoon special

A light lemonade will perfectly complement a tall cup of Teavana hibiscus. The hand-shaken iced beverage has a low sugar quantity. The cold and deliciously taste drink guarantees about 35 calories. It has a balanced mix of caffeine from green coffee.

One cup of this afternoon delight has a distinctive and colorful look. Besides, it offers a mild and tangy tickle to the taste buds. It has an excellent and fruity kick too.

Citrus Green Tea: fruity Starbucks low calories drink

This shaken and ice-cold beverage gives a sweet and healthy kick. It is a mixture of mint, lemon verbena, and lemongrass. One tall-sized order will ensure fruity, botanical flavors with a refreshing taste. The drink assures about 30 calories, and it is a perfect choice to quench the thirst.
The revitalizing beverage is a rich source of healthy anti-oxidants. You can also ask for a serving of unsweetened version to cut more calories.

Matcha Tea Latte: gives a sensory boost

The Matcha Latte is a green tea that is served hot or cold. One cup of the iced version will have only 72 calories. Besides, the drink is famous with the popular slogan, “Zen in a premium Starbucks cup.” A tall-sized order with skimmed milk will ensure your health and gives you an unforgettable sensory pleasure.

The green tea powder and sugar get whisked with water and cold milk for making a smooth and tasty Matcha. It is a quick, refreshing drink. You can also try it with vanilla syrup, but you will be adding more calories to it.

Mocha Light: sweet Starbucks low calories drink

Mocha Light is a decadent, iced coffee that gives 100 calories per bottle. The common topping is a sweet and refreshing whipped cream. It is an ideal combination of coffee and skimmed milk. Gourmet customers would love its harmonious taste.

The Mocha Light is a chilled and reinvigorating drink with exquisite color. A tall cup filled with aromatic coffee will surely fill your tummy. It will also entice you to make another quick order.

Roasted Hazelnut Macchiato with rich nutrients

The delicious Macchiatos are perfect for the winter season. They combine steamy, refreshing milk with espresso. The hazelnut syrup gives a superior flavor and a subtle and sweet taste. The drink is usually served in short-sizes to restrict the calorie count and please the weight watchers.

Choose almond or skimmed milk varieties for 65 to 80 calories. On the other hand, servings with soya and coconut milk have high calories in the 90 to 95 range. This drink is perfect for losing weight and strengthening the heart. The roasted nuts are rich in nutrients, and they also facilitate digestion. You can improve memory and concentration power. It is a perfect drink to relax after a gym session.

Iced Caffe Latte: can reduce stress

The espresso with cold, skimmed milk is a definite stress buster. It is one of those Starbucks low calories drinks for instant gratification. The hot espresso with strongly brewed coffee combined with milk gets harmoniously blended and served ice-cold.

The cold brew beverage is very light on sensitive stomachs too. Besides, it can match a hot coffee up in terms of caffeine content. The iced latte can also lift your sagging mood and give a much-needed boost to the metabolism.

So, which low-calorie drink are you planning to try today? Remember that too much of these low-calorie drinks can also be counter-productive.


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