Top 3 Reasons To Switch Your Restaurant To Be Using Wireless Credit Card Readers

Wireless Credit Card Readers

Most restaurant managers and front-of-house staff have experienced services that could have benefited from the ability to process payments anywhere in a location. From busting lines and expediting order fulfillment to accepting all of the ways your customers want to pay, here are three reasons to implement a wireless Clover POS system or another mobile credit card reader at a restaurant. Below are Top 3 Reasons To Switch Your Restaurant To Be Using Wireless Credit Card Readers.

  1. Wireless Credit Card Readers Streamline Checkout

No matter how customers place orders, a wireless card reader makes it easier for staff to take payments. One of the best reasons to consider a portable system such as a Clover Flex for sale is that this device makes it possible to accept card and NFC payments at the tableside or while customers stand in line.

If you also need kitchen printing, you may want to pair the countertop Clover Station and portable Clover Flex. The Flex has a built-in printer for customer receipts and also provides options for text or email receipts, but kitchen tickets may not be managed as efficiently. Clover Networks systems can expedite order fulfillment and can help a restaurant manage foot traffic or rates of occupancy.

  1. Wireless Card Readers Can Process Transactions Anywhere

It is possible to enhance customer experiences and restaurant workflows by implementing a wireless card reader. Choose from systems that have a cellular data connection or set up a wireless system to work with Wi-Fi or ethernet. Systems connected to a mobile service provider will carry a monthly fee in addition to any applicable subscription fees for Clover Register or Register Lite software.

A Clover Flex can connect to the internet within the reception area of a wireless router. If you rely on a wired connection, it is necessary to be online to activate a device. Clover Systems card readers can process payments offline for up to seven consecutive days. It is generally a good idea to connect your system everyday to update sales reporting figures that are accessible on an online dashboard.

  1. A Mobile POS System Empowers Employees 

The functionality of the portable Clover System starts with giving employees the power to accept card-present payments by swiping magstripes, dipping EMV chips or connecting to NFC payment methods. The inclusion of a barcode scanner allows for broader functionality for inventory management, and the software also supports scheduling shifts and reporting sales.

In addition to a full slate of built-in features and options for restaurants, Clover systems can also connect to the Clover App Market. Many third-party applications are compatible with this hardware and software, and integrations can further expand the functionality of POS hardware such as the Clover Flex, Mini, Mobile, or Station.

The ability to accept payments in the form of credit or debit cards or NFC payment methods anywhere can facilitate the flow of customers through a restaurant. A wireless credit card reader enables staff to provide a stress-free payment experience for customers picking up food to go or placing orders at tables. Make sure to choose a system with the features you need to run restaurant services smoothly.


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