Video Games for Adults Benefits You Should Know

Video Games for Adults
Video Games for Adults

There is a never-ending debate on whether gaming is good or bad. Well, the answer is both, and how gaming affects you depends on how much and what kind of video game you play. If you play the right video games for adults, it can help you become smarter, quicker, happier, and more socializable. But if you overdo it, then, of course, you’ll end up with high-power lenses on your eyes. 

But if done right, playing video games can have a lot of benefits on your physical and mental health. Let’s discuss these benefits of video games in detail. 

Benefits of Video Games for Adults: Slows down the aging

Male, female, kid, adult, or senior – all have one thing in common, and that’s aging. Getting old may have some perks, but no one likes those week bones and delayed responses. There’s a reason seniors drive at 20 MPH even though the speed limit is 45. As we age, our brain also ages and loses its cognitive abilities. But the good news is that we can train and exercise our brain the same way we can keep our body in shape. 

And playing video games can do just that. A study was conducted on 681 people aged 50 and older. It was found that people who spent 10 hours or more playing video games for 5-8 weeks showed a slow decline in cognitive function.

It is clear that playing video games has intellectual benefits of video games, and if you dedicate a few hours of your day to gaming, you can slow down the aging of your brain as well. 

Video Games for Adults benefits: Better decision making

Some games, especially fast-paced action games, need quick reflexes and decision-making. Playing these games can teach you to become better at taking sensory data and processing it to make accurate decisions. Additionally, shooter games can enhance your brain’s perpetual functions. 

Video Games for Adults advantages: Improved eyesight

Yes, this may sound counterintuitive, and rightfully so. Prolonged exposure to TV and computer screens can stress your eyes and cause problems like eyestrain and dry eye syndrome. 

However, a study conducted in 2009 indicated that people who played first-shooter games like Call of Duty showed signs of having a better vision than others. So, picking up the console once in a while can improve your vision and help you discern between changes in shades of gray in a colored backdrop. 

It can make you more social

Gamers are often stereotyped to be antisocial and awkward social rejects. Although there are a bunch of basement-dwelling gamers out there, not all gamers have problems making friends and socializing in public. A study conducted in different institutions in Canada and the UK suggested that gamers are highly social people and have no problems socializing at all. 

And a common trait in non-social people is that they don’t have much to talk about. But when you play games, you have a collection of stories to share, which makes you more socializable. You can connect with other gamers and develop friendships. You can also join gaming communities and make new connections and friends. 

Enhance your ability to learn with Video Games for Adults

Another stereotype of video gamers is that they are bad at school. Well, it’s not true as researchers from the UK found that certain video games can enhance your brain functionality. These researchers concluded that participants who played fast real-time strategy Video Games for Adults like Starcraft could collect and manage more information, leading to enhancements in cognitive flexibility. 

All in all, a real-time strategy comes that makes you think on your feet can improve your cognitive flexibility. However, slower games, like The Sims, may not offer the same benefit. 

Improved hand-eye coordination

Many professions require better hand-eye coordination than the average person. One of the best examples is sports, like baseball and tennis. Another profession that relies a lot on hand-eye coordination is the surgeon. Surgery requires precise hand-eye coordination to ensure surgeons don’t nick a vital organ or artery. 

First-person shooter games are ideal for improving coordination between your hand and eyes. These Video Games for Adults require you to shoot the target as soon as you see it, which improves your reflexes and brings your hands and eyes in line with each other. Playing such games can also help you improve your driving and aiming. 

Improved attention and focus

What bothers parents today is that their children think and talk about PUBG and COD in the class instead of studying and listening to the teacher. Well, a research paper opposes this estimation. A researcher performed a few experiments in which he divided people into two groups: experienced gamers and people with little to no gaming experience. It was found that gamers outperformed non-gamers in perception, attention, and cognition. 

All in all, experienced gamers displayed improved abilities, including attention and focus. So, if your kid is not able to concentrate on his studies, making him play some games that require focus might help. 

Treat depression

Researchers in New Zealand found that video games can be used to treat mental disorders, like depression and anxiety. The research was conducted with SPARX, a game designed specifically to provide counseling therapy to teenagers. 

Around 170 teenagers with a history of depression participated in the study. Half of the participants received traditional counseling, and the other group got to play SPARX. The game required creating avatars to eliminate virtual enemies representing negative, gloomy thoughts. 

Each state of the game also involved general facts about depression and how to deal with negative emotions. The research concluded that SPARX is a potential alternative to care for teens demonstrating early signs of depression. 

They can help you stay fit

Out of many benefits of video games, this one is probably the hardest to digest. But it’s true that video games can help you stay fit. Nintendo’s Wii system introduced motion control gaming to players across the world. Active games like Wii Fit and Wii Sports are found in treatments in hospitals and retirement homes. 

A research was conducted to find out how much better active games are compared to other activities like browsing the internet or watching TV. The test involved measuring the heart rate, energy expenditure, and self-reported exertion. The researchers discovered that playing motion-control games was just as beneficial as walking on a treadmill at a medium speed (3-4 MPH). 

Helpful for couples

There are hundreds of ways for couples to have fun together and relax, and playing video games is one of them. Most guys are known to play games either alone or with their mail friends – not so much with their wife or girlfriend. 

One of the essential aspects of a successful marriage is a strong correlation between couples and the importance of partaking in exciting activities together. Playing video games is a great way to spend time together and being there for your partner. 

Playing the right combo of multiplayer video games can help you develop a bond with your partner and strengthen your relationship. 


If you don’t play video games at all, you might want to start. If you already play games once in a while, you’re good to go – just make sure you’re playing the right games. According to bangla hunt, if you’re a hardcore gamer, it’s better to cut down the time you spend gaming, because the excess of everything is bad.


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