A Deeper Understanding on Emojis: Common Animal Emojis

Animal Emoji

Have you ever seen a person post an animal emoji in their social media and nothing else? No words or hashtags or even captions. Just that one animal emoji. It probably left you scratching your head in confusion, thinking what could that possibly mean. Well, it’s your lucky day. Here’s a brief guide in understanding the meaning of some common animal emojis.

G.O.A.T/ Emoji 🐐

This character is probably the most popular or widely known in this list. The goat emoji is used as a substitute for the acronym G.O.A.T. which means the “Greatest Of All Time.” It’s commonly used in sports when analysts talk about which player is the best in that particular sport. But, even if you’re not a sports commentator or analyst, you can still use this emoji.

You can still use the goat emoji in other situations apart from sports since it signifies the greatest of all time in whatever field that may be. An example of that is when you refer to who you think is the music industry’s GOAT. It will all depend on your perspective and who you see as the Greatest.

Trusssted the Wrong Person/ Emoji 🐍

If you’re familiar with the Bible or most reality T.V. shows, then you’ve likely heard of this next one. The snake emoji, or the snake animal to be exact, is used as a symbol for deceitfulness or betrayal. In Genesis, the devil transformed himself into a snake to deceive Adam and Eve so they would eat the forbidden fruit. Hence, the origin of the symbolism for the snake.

This emoji most likely appears in blogs or tweets between celebrities who have some kind of beef or drama between them. So, if you ever have someone betray your trust, you can just let them know by posting a snake emoji in your social media.

Wool over your Eyes/ Emoji 🐑

Now, this one has two possible meanings. For you to understand which one is being used, you need to look or observe the person who is using them. By taking note of the user’s attitude, you’ll be able to know the context of which the sheep emoji is being used.

For the first one, the sheep can be seen as a religious symbol. In Christianity, Jesus will usually call his followers sheep since he, Jesus, is the shepherd who guides them to the kingdom of heaven. If the emoji is used in this religious context or the one using it is, for example, a pastor, then it would mean the person they’re referring to is simply a follower of God.

For the second one, the sheep emoji can be seen as a political or authoritarian symbol. In this context, the sheep is a person who blindly follows an authority or ideology. It’s an emoji that’s commonly used by strong supporters of opposing political parties to each other. So if you see the sheep emoji in a political post, then the second meaning is being used.


There are many more hidden meanings in animal emojis. The emojis listed here are the ones that are commonly used in social media. Having a deeper understanding of these little and simple characters will help in your non-verbal and interpersonal communication. The next time you see these guys in a post, you won’t be so clueless anymore.


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