The 10 Best Home Gym Flooring & 30 Design Ideas

best home gym flooring

Your dream house training area is practically complete. You’ve got advanced equipment, wall mirrors, plus a kickass stereo method. But there is one important thing you are denying that lays the groundwork for any prosperous perspiration sesh: the flooring.

You may already have an unfinished basement area with concrete flooring, but be warned: That is not going to cut it. The inadequate traction and absence of impact shock absorption may result in accidents from falls and slips and trigger chronic joint pain. Concrete is at least as unforgiving for your gear, particularly in the event that you drop a burden.

Unless exercising in a fitness center of horrors is something, use the cement for a subfloor rather and put money into a more fitness-friendly choice to wear top.

The ideal home gym flooring may increase stability, decrease body effect, and enhance plyometric power. It is going to also keep your subfloor shielded from scuffs, scratches, and cracks.

When picking a surface, consider the distance, the sort of gear you will need, and what exercises you’re going to be performing. From rubber to foam to turf and much more, here are seven-floor alternatives for your own workouts.

best mats for home gym

7 Home Gym Mat Flooring Surfaces For Workout

Best Versatility: Rubber

Price Range: $2/sqft – $150/sqft

There’s a rationale rubber flooring is used in the majority of commercial and home gyms. The material is strong, sturdy, and resilient, and which makes it perfect for practically any sort of exercise or gear. Offered in mats or tiles for smaller rolls and spaces to cover bigger rooms, all with different depth choices and price points to fit your requirements.

Rubber floors can conveniently move right over carpeting and most other surfaces, so setup is quick and painlessunlike attempting to pull your trousers on leg day.


  • Simple to set up and keep
  • Durable, shock-absorbent, and water-resistant
  • Soundproof


  • Expensive
  • Poor insulator
  • Heavy

Best Portability: Foam

Price Range: $1/sqft – $4/sqft.

Foam is the most comfortable alternative for floor-based workouts such as yoga and pilates (or to your final resting position after passing by burpees). Fantastic shock resistance makes memory excellent for HIIT workouts, but it lacks the aid of heavyweights or equipment and may render dents as time passes.

However, for cheap and laminate floors which may double as a play area between doing supersets and being super father, it will not get much better than foam tiles.


  • Versatile
  • Range of Colours and styles
  • Cushioned for comfort


  • Short lifespan
  • Less durable when compared with other alternatives
  • Not Acceptable for heavy gear

Many Practical: Vinyl

Price Range: $0.50/sqft. – $5.00/sqft.

Vinyl is a sensible alternative for flooring as it can resist the misuse of a house gym nevertheless still be comfy and stylish for a living room. It is mold, mold, and moisture resistant, which makes it ideal for basements. Vinyl can even manage harsh cleaning compounds to wipe up all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

On the flip side, the substance could puncture and tear easily, so save the samurai sword workouts for your dojo. Vinyl floors may also pose a health hazard from VOC emission, and it can be a factor to consider prior to purchasing.


  • Long-lasting and easy to Keep
  • Mold, mold, compound, and moisture resistant
  • Extensive Choice of styles and patterns


  • Easily punctured by sharp objects
  • Low shock absorbency
  • Could give off VOCs

Most Popular: Carpet

Price Range: $1.50/sqft – $10/sqft

Believe it or not, carpeting is possibly the most popular flooring choice for many home gyms. It is soft to the joints, simple to keep, and comes installed in the majority of homes. However, not just any carpeting is going to do.

You may also acquire Interlocking tiles to proceed with the DIY-friendly route. Carpet offers great grip and stability for cardio workouts, and it’ll hold up from the own weight training. Normal cleaning is suggested to stop germs and odors.


  • Home-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Soft and comfy


  • Low-shock absorber
  • Can snare perspiration and moisture causing scents
  • Stretches over the years

Best for Athletic Training: Artificial Turf

Price Range: $2.50/sqft. – $7/sqft.

Artificial turf is ideal for athletes who wish to increase athletic performance without the chance of harm. The exceptional surface permits you to add sled pushes and pulls to your strength training whilst providing optimum grip and immunity for sprints and conditioning.

Turf does not dent or crack and is simple to keep up with routine brushes and clogs, and there is no lawnmower required. Additionally, when winter hits, you can bring your outside training inside.


  • Produces a visual announcement
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Perfect for sled pulls, plyometrics, Crossfit and much more


  • May Be abrasive when doing floor exercises
  • More expensive than other choices
  • Risk of MRSA or Staph disease if not cleaned correctly

Best Layout: Wood

Price Range: $9/sqft. -$12/sqft.

Wood flooring may offer your house gym a professional appearance and is acceptable for just about any kind of exercise. Because of advanced foam-backing, wood has become more shock absorbent and fitness-friendly. However, it may scrape and splinter if weights are lost too hard.

Wood may become slippery against excessive perspiration. For those to aerobic exercise, kickboxing, or dance like nobody is watching, hardwood flooring can be a dramatic addition to any workout area.


  • Permanent for many uses
  • Ideal for aerobics or kickboxing
  • Appealing design


  • May splinter from heavyweights
  • Poor grip may become slippery when wet
  • Expensive

Most Eco-friendly: Cork

Price Range: $2/sqft. – $10/spft.

Cork is a green-friendly floor made from renewable, entirely biodegradable material, excellent for the eco-friendly exerciser, its own flex design is excellent for high-intensity workouts and weight training and is more resistant to shock, flame, mildew, mildew, and mold. Cork glue-down tiles are suggested above a bamboo floating flooring for supporting heavy loads; nonetheless, dragging equipment on each kind can rip the surface.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Obviously insulating
  • Water-resistant


  • Easily torn or scraped
  • Heavy gear can leave scratches
  • Prone to evaporating from direct sun

best floor mats for home gym

Top 10 Best Floor Mats for Home Gym

Gorilla Mats Extra Large Mat

A fitness center mat is a fantastic way to move your house gym round whenever you’re feeling like a change of scenery is demanded. As you can not turn an entire room into a house gym, a little mat such as the Gorilla Mats extra big surface remains large enough to hold a few gears. Unlike tile gym flooring, this mat can also be simpler to roll up and shop if you can not dedicate a whole distance to your home fitness center.

The Extra Large Mat comes in at eight feet to supply a massive workout surface for the majority of bedrooms and other living areas. Using a 1/4″ thickness, it is possible to double the mat itself for smaller distances too. The base of the mat includes a distinctive circle-pattern grip that prevents it from going around slick surfaces such as hardwoods and tiles. For cleansing, the mat also includes a microfiber towel you may use to wash down the surface.

Sorbus Wood Grain

It can be hard finding an affordable gym floor to cover huge areas in the house and offer the security you want. Many funding choices use thinner substances that fight to dissipate the power out of constant, daily tasks. The best budget gym floor alternatives, but not only offer you a fantastic quantity of floor security, but they also provide you flexibility in how much flooring it is possible to cover using one set.

The Sorbus Wood Grain flooring mats are a hidden jewel among several health floor choices. Not only are they really inexpensive and resistant to mild house exercising and home/office-use, but they also combine more with an area’s decor. As a result of the variety of wood grain patterns that the floor features, you may keep the great looks in a house gym, playroom, or workplace whilst incorporating 3/8ths of an inch of foam cushioning to the ground.

Best for Children: Jump Geo Playspot Foam Floor Place

Children often know how to develop a space into a crisis area if you don’t take certain measures to maintain their playroom or area shielded. Though you might worry about spills or crayons on the walls, it doesn’t hurt to put a protective layer of foam cushioning on the ground to get heavy play or house exercises. This next pair of house gym tiling is very good for infants, little children, or anybody else seeking to defend the floor for a few demanding activities.

The Skip Hop Geo Playspot Foam Floor tile collection is exceptional in design. Rather than the normal square tiles foam sets provide, this collection utilizes a mixture of triangles and border pieces to make unique shapes and designs in different colors. Because of this, you’ll find a fantastic coating of foam protection with the inclusion of immediate customizability to alter the design and colors of the floor.

Sorbus Grass Mat Interlocking Grass Tiles

Get outside for your own exercising! Taking some gear outside is a wonderful way to experience nature from the comfort of your yard. Unfortunately, it is also an excellent way to harm the bud, deck, or patio without the identical sort of protection you want inside. An outdoor mat has to be more durable so that it could take the abuse of these components.

The Sorbus Grass Mat set comprises 4, 6 or 12, one by one-foot tiles created from a faux soft foam turf. The artificial turf leaves the surface under soft when shielding the flooring from constant wear and tear. The waterproof, additional resistant nature of the tiles makes it a fantastic selection for decks, patios, gazebos, and paths where you might choose to work out or small kids routinely play with. And besides utilizing this outside you may even use it inside to make you feel as though you’re getting some fresh air while the weather warms.

Best for Over Carpet: Yes4All Interlocking Tiles

Although it’s not difficult to believe that a carpeted floor ought to be a fantastic alternative for home exercise, the fact is most carpets can’t manage the elongated abuse. Based on the kind of carpeting, you risk either rebuilding and fatiguing the carpet fibers or minus the essential layer of cushion to shield yourself. The ideal health floor over the carpet can help cushion the blows and guard the flooring beneath.

The Yes4All Interlocking tile program is made of individual two-feet-by-two-feet segments of non-skid cushioning to help keep you and your gear stationary whilst exercising. The half-inch depth provides more than enough cushion for comfort and protection too. To guard the rug underneath, install the tiles above a layer of plywood or any other hard surface so that the tiles stay in position and well supported.

best flooring for home gym in basement
Best flooring for home gym in the basement

Why Use Particular Home Gym Floors?

You have picked out your gear and rearranged your own garage to make an adequate workout area.

You might have painted the walls and installed gear in your ceiling joists.

However, there is one big thing you have likely forgotten:

Floors for your home gym.

So as to correctly make a working home health club, you have to spend the floor under consideration.

Many individuals do not devote a great deal of time keeping their garage flooring, and that is fine if their flooring is not getting much use. That changes if you add exercise gear to the mixture.

Utilizing exercise equipment in your garage could possibly mess your flooring. Weight benches, power racks, stands, cages, as well as things such as treadmills or elliptical machines, are heavy pieces of gear that are utilized with vigorous intensity.

After a time, the legs in your heavy gear may start to chip off pieces of your flooring, causing fractures that may spread all of the ways around your garage.

Take weight lifting for instance.

For deadlifts and power cleans, a lot of individuals simply shed weight when they are done. Dropping a loaded barbell on a hard, brittle flooring will inevitably make it crack.

The final result of an in-house fitness center is a garage flooring that is completely ruined, and you will want to replace it. Replacing your floors is pricey, and there is no requirement to do this if your flooring is suitably shielded from the start.

Even in the event that you don’t care about your garage flooring, your gear and your own body do.

That’s correct, it works both ways.

In addition to protecting your floor in the gym activities, you will also need the ground to help safeguard your joints and gear.

Non-slip surfaces can also be important from a security standpoint.

The best gym flooring is going to have some grip and shock-absorbing capacity.

Can I Contact a Flooring Company?

Enormous gyms obviously turn into specialist floor firms to their flooring needs.

You will observe their floors is one strong piece, attached wall. It has the exact same maximum durability rubberized, and it is intended to last almost forever.

Naturally, this really is the best alternative for the gym floor, however, it’s also horrifyingly expensive. Commercial gyms can manage to do this since they are a for-profit small business.

The tiniest garage can cost tens of thousands upon thousands of dollars for this type of flooring.

In the event that you ever opt to move home or transfer your fitness center to another area of your house, you are going to lose your whole investment.

With temporary floor options, you will have the ability to move them around as you see fit. You may take them with you wherever you move, and you do not need to pay a lot of cash for setup.

What Are My Choices to DIY Home Gym Flooring?

There are lots of alternatives for the DIY home gym floor, and they are all really simple to establish. You might realize that using a blend of flooring options will work best in the fitness center.

It mostly depends upon how much space you’ve got and the type of equipment you are working with.

In the event that you currently have the desired design in your mind, measure the square footage which every piece of gear will occupy.

Different gear necessitates different intensities of flooring cushioning, and it might be more economical to buy a mixture of gentle padding and heavy-duty padding, instead of utilizing the heavy-duty padding for all.

You will find big, textured mats with superior foot traction.

Not only do these mats make it simpler for the consumer to keep balance when doing heavy lifts with power or squats cleans, but they are also powerful enough to absorb the impact from falling the barbell in the close of the move.

All these are fantastic for single-station workout actions.

You will only need 1 mat, and you are going to have the ability to put it alongside racks of gear you wish to swap out of throughout your workout.

For Quicker intensity exercise or smaller parts of gear, start looking into interlocking flooring tile choices. All these are simple to build and easy to transfer.

You will have the ability to personalize the size that you want to match under your gear, and such options are usually less costly than quite heavy-duty mats which would really be unnecessary for items like stationary bicycles or treadmills.

A few DIY health floors come in long rolls.

These traces are fantastic for multipurpose alternatives. You will have the ability to cut the rolls in half to accommodate a couple of parts of gear, like weight chairs or bench presses.

Instead of buying two individual mats, you are able to split one long roster into two distinct components.

If your system is too large to fit a custom-cut rectangle, then there are moderate seriousness large mats. These are not powerful enough to absorb the blows of weights being lost, but they work superbly for machines that have a great deal of custom attachments that occupy a great deal of room.

Consider rowing machines with enhancements, or chairs with racks and preacher curl attachments. These come in varying sizes, which means you’re going to have the ability to find one big enough to accommodate your biggest item of gear.

In the event that you still wish to pay your entire flooring, consider using something such as elephant bark rolls.

All these come in many different dimensions, therefore calculating the square footage of your own garage will permit you to ascertain the number of rolls you require, and of what size.

You are able to roll them out side by side and pay nearly the entirety of this room with those mats. Since they are UV coated, they will last forever even in the event that you leave your garage door open to let some sunlight in.

Top 20 Fitness Room For Best Home Gym Flooring Designs

Flooring Designs 2 Flooring Designs 12 Flooring Designs 13 Flooring Designs 11 Flooring Designs 10 Flooring Designs 9 Flooring Designs 8 Flooring Designs 7 Flooring Designs 6 Flooring Designs 5 Flooring Designs 4 Flooring Designs 3 Flooring Designs Flooring Designs 18 Flooring Designs 17 Flooring Designs 16 Flooring Designs 15 Flooring Designs 14 Flooring Designs 19


Recall that quality health flooring would be well worth the investment. Receive the best gym floor for garage door usage and you won’t regret it.

It is well worth a tiny investment to generate the general workout experience safer and more comfortable for you, your floor and your gear.

Feel free to comment below and discuss your gym floor encounters, and do not forget to subscribe to more fundamental garage health know-how.


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