Top 11 Best Speaker Wire Brands In 2020

best speaker wire

You’ve probably noticed that speakers the high-quality ones don’t include any accessories and also in this situation, the speaker cables.

This usually means that it is upon you to receive the right cables to your entertainment system. The majority of us, however, overlook the necessity to take some time and search for quality speakers cable from the premise that the quality of the cables doesn’t matter as long as you have speakers.

But it’s necessary that you see that the speaker cables impact efficacy of your speakers and also that low-quality speakers contribute to noise distortion resulting in very bad excellent sound.

Bad wires interfere with the signal, which means that the odds of getting the best out of your speakers are near nil.

This can, however, be prevented by getting the very best speaker cable and with that, you’re assured of very good excellent sound.

Bearing that in mind, we’ll lead you about the ideal speaker wires for 2020 and also provide you a few pointers that will assist you to pick the right cables for your own speakers.

Reviews Of 11 Best Speaker Wire

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InstallGear 14 Gauge

InstallGear’s cable is a quality copper-clad aluminum that works tremendously well for many setup applications. The rugged construction makes it particularly suited to auto audio panels since it will hold up to long-term usage.

The soft-touch coat is easy to strip and also the stranded cable fits readily into various finish clips. Double colors allow you to readily identify polarity.

This place gets you 100 ft of cable.

PROS: There is a choice to find this with sausage.

CONS: With no banana plugs, cable installation is a little frustrating, but that is any cable.

AmazonBasics 16-Gauge

This lightweight speaker cable is a mixture of durability, quality, and versatility and the outcome is quality audio.

For simple dispensation, this cable is wrapped in a solid plastic spool and it’s indicated on one side to make it effortless for you to recognize the polarity.

It’s 100 ft long and has an estimate of 16, that’s a fantastic range to allow you to connect your speakers into the sound the best 5.1 av receiver, amplifier, along with other apparatus.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Polarity identification

Together with AmazonBasics 16-Gauge, you may be sure of easy, right connection since it’s a market using a white strip on one side for simple polarity identification. This usually means you could connect your speakers to the amplifier or A/V recipients within no time.

  • Simple to Use

This speaker cable is wrapped in an insulated plastic spool which produces the process of dispensing it very straightforward.

This plastic coat also can help deliver undistorted signs from the speakers into the recipients. It’s long enough to get long-distance signal transmission along with its versatility is exceptional. Additionally, it’s rather strong and you may even bend it without inducing any internal damage.

  • No signal distortion

The plastic coat helps to ensure that the signal isn’t distorted by interference from other sources. The connectors are coated with copper, which ensures great conductivity and quite minimal resistance that in the long term, ensures the quality of the noise isn’t compromised.

  • Long-lasting and Higher functionality

AmazonBasics 16-Gauge is simple to install, simple to wash, and replace and it doesn’t break, chip, or pit easily making it survive for decades. With this cable, providing clean audio shouldn’t disturb you anymore not denying it adds a professional touch to your entertainment system.

What we liked

  • It gives good conductivity.
  • It’s extremely simple to recognize the polarity.
  • Simple installation.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Easy to cut and detach out of the spool.
  • Exceptionally elastic.

What we did not like

  • Quite long, therefore, it has a tendency to tangle frequently.
  • Thin insulating material.

Our verdict

Together with AmazonBasics 16-Gauge receiving the most from your audio system shouldn’t more be a problem since it’s packed with several impressive features one of them being good conductivity and less resistance, which makes certain that the audio quality isn’t diminished.

AudioQuest Rocket 11

Reasons to Purchase

  • Flexible build
  • Clean, fluid and precise noise
  • Fantastic compatibility

Reasons to Prevent

  • Nothing of note

The best thing that this AudioQuest cable will get out of the way and just allow you to enjoy the audio. There is a perceptible improvement in how methods function when the Rocket 11 is plugged, compared to rival speaker wires out of Atlas and Chord Company. In addition to that, the wires are flexible and labeled for ease of usage.

It may look expensive once you add up the number of wires and the length you will need, but if you’ve put a great deal of attention to your hi-fi system, it is worth investing in good excellent speaker wires which will optimize its functionality.

GearIt 14 Gauge

GearIt’s 14 AWG is a superior, copper-clad aluminum cable that produces home and automobile sound projects that seem impeccable. The top strand count wire allows for increased flexibility and therefore makes it a lot easier to custom install.

This collection provides you 100 feet of speaker cable. Expect dependable, undistorted audio with complete conductivity.

PROS: Premium workmanship and durability.

CONS: ” We wish the polarity signs on the cables were pronounced.

Pyle PSC1250 50ft 12 Measure

Pyle PSC1250 comes in a couple and it’s fairly mild but it’s the ideal solution for all your household needs.

Measuring 50 feet, this 12-gauge speaker cable is thick enough to withstand excessive stretching which would otherwise lead to internal breakages.

It may also withstand excessive heating and interference, which makes it among the greatest speakers cable on the marketplace these days.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Appropriate thickness and span

Having a depth of 12 gauge, the aluminum-coated Pyle PSC1250 provides the essential immunity that permits the smooth flow of electrical current without running the danger of overheating.

This depth can also be compatible with lots of speakers and it provides easy connection to several amplifiers and receivers. The 50 feet span is long enough as anything longer will likely be inconvenient.

  • Highly versatile

Pyle PSC1250 is flexible enough to permit you to cut it because you want to match different installation requirements. It is possible to the plastic coat and uses it bare or you could elect to utilize some cable crimps for the links.

  • Uninterrupted sign

The plastic coat covering ensures the cable transmits a quality sign that’s totally free of any distortion. It guarantees a seamless move to and from all apparatus. This covering also functions as a kind of insulation.

Uncomplicated polarity identification- For polarity identification functions, the cable has a red marking on one side that will assist you to differentiate between the left and right polar. This can allow you to place your music stereo or your car sound without a lot of hassle.

What we liked

  • Quite durable since it’s coated with an extremely strong plastic coat.
  • Uncomplicated polarity identification during the red markings.
  • It’s tolerant of interference and heat.
  • It’s thick enough to prevent excessive stretching.
  • It’s lightweight.

What we did not like

  • The depth limits it use tight spots.
  • The red marking is poor.
  • These cables are rather short.

Our verdict

This is a zip cord that arrives in a pair, which will make sure that all of your speaker pairing requirements are coated and the outcome is clean and crystal clear audio that’s free of distortion.

Chord Company C-Screen

Reasons to Purchase

  • Full-bodied, expressive and warm
  • Helps your system’s drive and punch

Reasons to Prevent

  • Some competitions offer more detail/space

Proof which you needn’t spend a chance to receive excellent functionality, the Chord Company C-Screen is a superb selection for budget programs owing to its warm, cohesive shipping.

Extreme 14 Gauge

This collection provides you with a 14 gauge stranded copper speaker cable with a PVC jacket which will assist your sound system fire with crisp and clean audio. This is a heavy-duty cable that’s prepared to equip any dwelling or automobile with monstrous phonic possible, with reduced static and impedance.

This flexible wire is very good for home stereo systems, car sound or perhaps wiring a massive room, state for a seminar, wedding, spiritual service, or live operation.

Notice: This is a copper core speaker cable rather than a CCA (copper-clad aluminum) wire.

PROS: Heavy-duty quality that feels additional professional. This speaker cable is made in the united states.

CONS: ” We wish it had been 100% aluminum, but frankly, there’s absolutely no large discernible sound difference. This set provides you a 50-foot spool — the tiniest span on the list.

Mediabridge 12AWG

Mediabridge 12AWG includes two colors coded conductors that enable you to differentiate the left and right polar so that this cable is ideal for custom installations.

It’s long enough to allow you to connect your devices over a broad space array. It also is accredited by both ETL and CL2 for in-wall use.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Insulated jackets

What makes Mediabridge 12AWG stand out is it is purely made from oxygen-free copper which not only makes it lasting but also makes it secure to use. The insulated coat makes certain nothing less than standard and undistorted sound is delivered. The ETL certificate and CL2 list guarantee it uses in almost any residential construction.

  • Customized installations

You are able to match Mediabridge 12AWG with an assortment of connectors which range from spade hints, bent pins as well as banana plugs that are all compatible with most sound devices such as the speakers and other audio elements. This provides room for a custom set up.

  • Color coding

The conductors are color-coded a black and redone so as to help differentiate the left and right polar for simple installation. Additionally, the coat has some markers published at fixed intervals normally 3 ft, for the precision purpose along with also stress-free setup. The cable itself is white in color that makes it simple to hide it at the wall.

  • Convenient estimate and duration

Mediabridge 12AWG is 100 ft long, permitting you to connect devices which are much away. Having a gauge evaluation of 14 AWG, this cable can provide signals with no immunity or another problem during an extended distance.


  • Strong shielding.
  • The white shade makes the wires nearly undetectable.
  • It gives maximum flexibility.
  • Thick and Great quality
  • Simple to set up


  • The exterior casing is somehow loose.
  • Occasionally it’s fairly hard to divide and crimp.
  • It’s pricey.

Our verdict

With Mediabridge 12AWG you’ll have a vast assortment of connectors to pick from as you can match it together with anything from banana sticks to bent hooks that are compatible with lots of speakers and other apparatus not forgetting the unbelievable sound that’s produced.

QED Reference XT40i

Reasons to Purchase

  • Offers system good clarity
  • Truth and accurate timing
  • Good cost

Reasons to Prevent

  • Finest help tie music collectively better

QED has ever been about faith, insight, and detail, together with all the Reference XT40i no exception. It will make it possible for any funding to midrange system to display off all of the data at its disposal, providing it with precision and precision.

Rivals like the Award winner on the peak of the page to aid better with dynamic and organization saying, but you won’t find a clearer demonstration than this to the purchase price.

Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge

Coming in its oxygen-free aluminum construction, Monoprice accessibility Series 14 Gauge is a high-quality speaker cable for the entertainment system.

It weighs only 4.6 pounds significance you may readily go about with it and 100 feet is suitable for long-distance relations.

CL2 rating means it adheres to insurance and fire security requirement, meaning you could use it within the walls.

Features and Advantages

  • Pure copper conductors

Having a purity level of 99.95percent oxygen-free aluminum, Monoprice Access Sequence is among that speaker cable with all the best conductors which guarantee maximum conductivity, durability, and secure operation.

  • The gauge and span

Monoprice Access Series runs in 100 constant feet along with a gauge evaluation of 14 AWG, that are neatly wrapped onto a spool in which it is readily dispensed. With this length, you aren’t confined to spacing for long as the distance is sufficient.

Furthermore, this cable is quite lightweight compared to its counterparts making it effortless for you to transfer it easily.

  • The sturdy plastic outer coat

The cable is coated with a white outer coat that’s sturdy enough to protect against any inner harms resulting from any outside influence. This coat is also CL2 recorded to be used in as much as fire safety and insurance requirements are worriedly meaning it may be used within the walls of any home construction.

  • Color-coded conductor

The person conductors are jacketed individual enclosures but inside the outer coat, each having a different color that’s employed as a method of identifying the polar. Furthermore, this also helps in identifying distinct stations so you don’t get confused when linking wires that are different.

What we liked

  • The cost is fair.
  • The white color blends nicely with the wall.
  • Each conductor has a single color for simple identification.
  • It’s well protected.
  • Correctly sized and simple to install.

What we did not like

  • The casing looks very.
  • Maybe not appropriate for marine usage as the strands aren’t tined.
  • It seems bulky.

Our verdict

Monoprice Access Series 14 Gauge permits you to create sound connections and how it’s 100 feet long suggests you will have sufficient room to maneuver around on your quest to provide quality and distortion-free audio from the sound system.

Atlas Equator 2.0 (2018)

Reasons to Purchase

  • Clean, comprehensive Shipping
  • Fantastic weight and balance
  • Flexible build

Reasons to Prevent

  • Pricier competitions offer more driveway

The rise in punch and clarity if using the Atlas Equator 2.0 over funding choices ought to be lauded, particularly at this comparatively reasonable price.

If you believe that your budget/midrange hi-fi system could use a sonic spring clean but unsure what needs updating (and do not wish to shell out a lot ), plug this Atlas speaker cable. You may find it is exactly what your system requirements.

Significant Features to look for in The Best Speaker Wire

Quality Material

The substances employed for the cables won’t only affect the length of time the cable continues but also the audio quality.

Most cables are made from aluminum because it provides good connectivity, it’s resistant to rust, very low immunity and additionally, it’s exceedingly durable.

Oxygen-free aluminum is highly favored as it’s more powerful than pure aluminum or metal.

Along with the gold-coated connectors improve the sound quality compared to only plain connectors.


This is just the depth of the cable that’s called AWG (American Wire Gauge).

You may observe inscriptions, for example, 12AWG, 14AWG amongst the others and also the bigger the number the thicker the speaker cable is.

You need to always go to get a thick cable as it’s less resistant and it doesn’t bend or break easily.

It should, nevertheless, be compatible with your speakers and other appliances. You ought to, nevertheless, get prepared to invest more in this kind of wire.


Long wires don’t necessaries means great functionality because it doesn’t only raise the price but also affect other facets like the responsiveness.​

Always consider the space between your speakers and the recipients or amplify until you cut the wires.

Additionally, try to place your speakers close to the receiver in order to make certain that you don’t use overly long wires in order to minimize tangling that could interfere with noise transmission.


A fantastic cable ought to be flexible enough to be curved, twisted, and rolled and have the capability to become squeezed between barriers without breaking or even the straps getting loose.

Usually, thin wires are somewhat more elastic than thick ones but quality shouldn’t be compromised.

Interference and Resistance

A fantastic cable is protected from interference using a protective covering. This helps to guarantee a smooth audio flow that’s free of distortion.

The cable should also have minimum resistance as a lot of resistance will influence current flow which in turn will influence sound quality.

Resistance is said in ohms and a higher number means more opposition and vice versa.


The quality of the audio may be impacted right from the link region.

This happens once the substance employed for the connectors is of inferior quality or it isn’t too conducive.

For much better conductivity, go for aluminum for the plugs or connectors since it’s excellent conductivity.

The terminals must also be securely attached attaching them together with clips or they may be soldered.


How is this possible?

It would easy to dismiss the outcomes above, particularly how broadly I hedged these were subtle outcomes. But there is an electric explanation of what is occurring. Bear with me will get a little technical.

Speaker wires are only wire that connects different components of an electric circuit, so as I mentioned previously. This cable has three distinct electric properties: resistance, inductance, and capacitance. These may vary based upon the gauge of the cable, the amount of the cable, the fabric of the cable, etc. Generally, the thicker the cable, the lower the resistance.

You do not have to know the resistance, inductance, and capacitance to comprehend why we care. Since the speaker, amplifier speaker cables are part of the exact same circuit, altering the properties of these things can influence a small shift in others. By way of instance, 1 cable can alter the frequency that a crossover works at slightly, causing a change in the speaker’s sonic properties.

I’d Brent Butterworth runs some purpose tests on the wires, to provide you some numbers on how it’s possible they are different:

  • AmazonBasics (16 AWG): 0.019 ohms, 15 pF
  • Monoprice 2748 (14 AWG): 0.011 ohms, 19 pF
  • RCA AH1450SR (14 AWG): 0.013 ohms, 22 pF
  • Pyle PSC1250 (12 AWG): 0.015 ohms, 21 pF
  • Monoprice 2747 (12 AWG): 0.010 ohms, 16 pF

Ohms would be the measure of immunity while”pF” is picofarad, the step of capacitance. These dimensions are afoot. Inductance was under the brink of this Clio measurement equipment.1

Are these wires electrically distinct? Yes. Are these differences really minor? Absolutely. Is that a huge thing? Not really.

Would these changes be measured sonically?

Technically, yes. After performing the above listening evaluation, Brent and I decided to dig around a while, and talked to quite a few speakers and sound experts to select their brains. Among the people he spoke to has been Allan Devantier, director of acoustic investigation at Harman International (manufacturers of JBL, Infinity, and Revel).

Allan directed Brent towards a few prior studies which demonstrated possible frequency response differences using wires.

Brent quantified some very disparate cables (in cost and assess ) and wrote an intriguing article called Does Speaker Cables Making a Difference? Science Weighs In. His additional studying backed up our findings: “Turns out Devantier was correct – that I could quantify this.

As you can see in the graph, the outcomes with both 12-ga wires were just subtly different. The largest change was an increase in the greatest +0.4 dB between 4.3 and 6.8 kHz. Is this perceptible? Maybe. Can you care? Probably not. To put it in perspective, that is about 20 to 30 percent of this shift that I normally quantify when I examine a speaker and with no grille.”

However, when he switched into a thinner gauge cable, the gap has been pronounced, “But shifting into the 24-ga cable had a massive effect. For starters, it decreased the amount, requiring me to reevaluate the measured reaction curve by fostering it +2.04 dB so that I can compare it with the curve by the [pricey ] Linn cable.

The 24-ga cable’s immunity had obvious consequences on the frequency response. By way of instance, it cut bass between 50 and 230 Hz by a maximum -1.5 dB (at 95 Hz), cut midrange between 2.2 and 4.7 kHz with a maximum -1.7 dB (in 3.1 kHz), also decreased distance between 6 and 20 kHz with at the most -1.4 dB (in 13.3 kHz). Is this perceptible? Yeah. Can you care? Yeah. Do you want the sound better using the lanky cable or among those fat ones? I really don’t understand.”

That is with considerably higher (i.e. thinner) judge cable than we had been using in our evaluation. But it indicates that as an intense, it is an objectively quantifiable difference. With wires nearer in size (i.e. 12 and 14 gauge), the gap will be not as pronounced.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that cost itself has no direct connection here. More expensive cables do not seem”better” they could only, possibly, seem”different.” More about this at the Pay more? No. Section.

In Conclusion

The caliber of the best speaker cable which you’ve possibly those standing between you and decent excellent audio.

It might be the straps, the depth of the cables, or even the wires with some immunity that impacts the quality of the sound.

Fortunately, deciding on the right wires is not difficult and you just have to get familiar with few theories like cable gauge, duration, and also the setup process.

A fantastic cable gets an ideal length and depth doesn’t break easily and isn’t affected by interference or resistance.

The products highlighted above can guarantee you of this and additionally, they work nicely with home theaters, TVs, amplifiers along with other apparatus.

With those wires, you do not have to keep replacing your cables since they are long-lasting along with providing great sound.


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