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best shower speaker

According to the study, folks shower for eight minutes normally, three times every week. This equates to over 20 hours of the time being invested showers each year, with a lot of people spend a whole lot greater than that.

If we invest as much time in our toilets, why don’t you make this time more enjoyable, relaxing or productive and possibly discover some of the greatest shower speakers to suit our requirements?

A carefully chosen shower speaker may function as a great companion which lets you listen to music, podcasts, or radio which shower period of yours a bit more intriguing.

The summary table below is for anybody who doesn’t have the time to experience the comprehensive collection of hand-picked shower speakers however want to make the choice quickly.

The table contains just the most elementary information, that’s the least you ought to be aware of before picking the ideal shower Bluetooth speaker to suit your requirements.


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UE Wonderboom 2

UE’s offered quite a few fantastic shower speaker choices in the past couple of decades, however, the Wonderboom two is its present best choice. This Bluetooth speaker packs a couple of features that make it among the best options for your toilet diva sessions.

For starters, the 100-foot range means you won’t need to attract the speaker along with your mobile phone in the shower on you, irrespective of how large your toilet is.

The speaker comes with an IP67 waterproof rating, which means that you won’t need to be worried about it becoming damaged when it falls into the water or has sprayed, and it may be safely submerged up to 3 feet of water for half an hour.

Paired with the capacity to float, this makes the Wonderboom two not just among the greatest shower speakers but among the greatest bathroom speakers also.

Additionally, there are prominent”+” and”-” signs on the front that, as you may anticipate, control the quantity.

On the trunk, is a tiny elastic loop, which is perfect for dangling off hooks onto a shower stand (even though it’s too small to fit around most showerheads).

The speaker homes two 40mm drivers, along with two passive radiators, which will make the watertight about it in case you’re in the tub. It is an “exterior increase” style that also increases the speaker’s output, which means you won’t need to be worried about it becoming drowned out from the shower.

Considering that the Wonderboom two is created from Ultimate Ears, you could even get some more performance from this free program. Utilizing the program, you can set another Wonderboom speaker for stereo audio.

That is not just a beneficial feature for your shower (unless you’ve got a giant toilet ), but it is fantastic for parties. Bluetooth connectivity remains restricted to the SBC codec, instead of at or AAC, but for showering it is good enough.


Fugoo Sport, basically, is exactly the like Fugoo Style we’ve reviewed and given it an Editor’s Choice award.

The one difference between the Sport and Style is that the coat they’re wearing, thus the gap in their titles.

Fugoo Sport includes a rubberized jacket, that has been developed specially to provide an additional degree of protection against dust, water, and physical effect.

The IP67 water resistance rating permits the speaker to become submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, and it can be among the greatest results in our inspection.

To make it more appealing for traveling use and keep true to its title, Fugoo Sport boasts a 40-hour rechargeable battery ability. This makes it the longest-lasting Bluetooth speaker within our inspection by a country mile because no additional speaker becomes close.

The speaker provides 360-degree audio with the support of six built-in speakers. There are just two neodymium woofers, two tweeters, and two passive radiators that make a balanced and vibrant noise unrivaled in our inspection. If nevertheless, the stereo audio is something that you fancy, it is possible to pair at least two speakers using one sound source.

Unlike many speakers in our listing, here for a voice-enabled speakerphone built-it. It permits you to utilize Google Currently or Siri as your own digital assistant and also take conference calls.

Bottom Line

Fugoo Sport is the best pick for the greatest mobile Bluetooth speaker for the two shower and standard usage. It’s ultra-durable, waterproof and you might enjoy your songs for 2 days on a single charge.

Couple that with a top sound delivery and you’ve got an incredibly versatile speaker which is going to be your ideal companion for traveling, camping, shower along some other use you may consider.

Not only can it be among those best-rated shower speakers within our listing, but it’s also the most flexible Bluetooth speaker we have tested. We can not think about one way you can fail with it.


  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Finest battery life we’ve seen in mobile wireless speakers
  • Outstanding value for the money


  • Mediocre bass response

JBL Charge 4

Some of the greatest ideas come from the shower, and also the ideal shower speakers do, also. The JBL Charge 4, the hottest from the newest Charge collection, includes a 7500mAh battery (roughly 1500mAh over the prior Charge 3), powering around 20 hours without having to be plugged in, although it is going to take more than 5 hours to your speaker to completely recharge.

The IPX7 certification implies the speaker may be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, therefore tub takers do not need to think about any apparatus that is ruined. Its Bluetooth 4.2 empowers a link of approximately 30 ft but does not have speakerphone capabilities, which may be negative or positive based upon your preferences.

The Charge 4 builds the advantages of previous models, with one significant addition: JBL Link +, an updated version of JBL Connect, where around 100 JBL speakers may be connected to perform the identical song simultaneously. It’s offered in ten distinct colors and weighs only two pounds.

JBL Charge 3

This is only one of the best speakers you can get, period, but that is what makes it great for your toilet. Everything great about this speaker becomes amplified from the shower, particularly the noise.

While it might be tempting to acquire the more recent Charge 4, the only noteworthy distinction will be JBL Link + compatibility. The Charge 3 is smaller, lighter, and fairly much the like the Charge 4.

Like nearly all of JBL’s brand new Bluetooth speakers, the Charge 3 is covered in a waterproof fabric that gives it an IPX7 waterproof score. You may completely submerge it in the tub if you would like, though I am not certain why you’d.

Charge 3 also includes a USB output to control your devices (thus the title ). Doing this will deplete the battery somewhat faster, but do not worry. Losing a few hours to rapidly charge your phone will not be a problem –20 hours a fee is more than sufficient.

The Charge 3 stocks the vulnerable passive bass residues on each end of the Xtreme and Flip 4. This adds emphasis on the low-end, which is excellent considering that the Charge 3 currently has impressive audio.

The speaker also integrates a little stand into its own design. It might not stick into the walls of your bathtub, but it is simple to place it onto any flat surface on your toilet for room-filling noise, which makes it one of some of the ideal shower speakers.

Obviously, the JBL Charge 4 is outside too but as it is a newer thing, it is even more expensive. Odds are, the JBL Charge 3 will do everything you want it to more, saving you cash in the process.


The AYL Soundfit is among the smallest waterproof Bluetooth speakers within our review.

Regardless of its size, it packs 5 levels of acoustic energy in a rather compact and body.

The audio delivered, provided the physical measurements is extremely decent. In reality, the speaker is louder and more prominent in low-frequency than we’ve anticipated.

The speaker includes a heavy-duty rubber band that you may either utilize for carrying out or attach a carbine for it and hang it off your back or a bicycle.

The base of the speaker includes a threaded hole letting you utilize all kinds of mounts using it to continuously enlarge your mounting options.

Considering that the speaker is compact and ultra-light, it makes it among the most mobile speakers in our inspection.

AYL Soundfit additionally supports a 3.5millimeter jack link, so if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, then you could always use the fantastic old auxiliary cable to attach (comes from the bundle ).

The battery provides approximately 12 hours of audio playback and requires 3 hours to recharge, and which is a great outcome for this a cheap Bluetooth speaker.

Bottom Line

AYL Soundfit is an excellent little speaker that’s full of surprises. It’s light, tough, and contains an IPX5 score that makes it perfect for outdoor and shower usage. The included strap makes it flexible to mount or hang virtually anywhere. With approximately 4000 favorable reviews on Amazon, it’s turned into among the very best cheap shower speakers around.


  • Decent sound quality
  • Tough body
  • Strap and bracket thread
  • 3.5 Millimeter connector supports


  • Audio distortion if pushed to the limit

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Speaker

Though its size is deceiving, this 3.4-inch round speaker provides clear, loud sound making it a perfect selection for virtually any environment, whether it be your personal shower spa or pool party. Its streamlined design is amazingly durable, boasting 100-percent waterproof certification (like complete submersion around 3 ft ) in addition to CE, FCC, and ROHS certificates, making sure top-notch quality.

IFox also supplies a one-year warranty, promising a complete refund to disgruntled clients, which discusses the organization’s confidence in its own product.

In terms of the layout, the controllers are extremely user-friendly: the buttons are super responsive and simple to read. On the rear of the speaker is really a massive suction cup so that you can connect it to a shower. According to reviewers, the suction cup does, in actuality, stay stable, which means that you can rest knowing that it will not suddenly come loose.

The iFox features fast-connecting wireless capabilities using a Bluetooth assortment of 33 feet. Besides updating your listening experience, you may even answer telephone calls through a speakerphone. The battery also lasts for 10 hours of continuous playtime and just requires 3 hours to fully recharge.


Boom Swimmer Duo is the newest version from Polk that replaces the initial Polk Boom Swimmer.

Moreover, the very small speaker is one of not many that’s been designed and constructed with especially shower usage in your mind.

It’s a flexible tail that may wrap around springs, shower rails, and showerheads which makes it incredibly simple to mount. If your bathtub doesn’t have some of these things, you can use a suction cup that includes the speaker.

The body is constructed from a tough rubber which makes the speaker shock-resistant and durable. Combining that with an IPX7 water evaluation which enables the speaker to be immersed in water for 30 minutes — you’ve got a fairly rugged speaker that’s prepared to survive almost all you can throw at it.

The integrated battery enables up to 8 hours of playing time, and this can be very modest when compared with the competition. In addition, the upgraded version permits speaker pairing should you have to add some quantity.

To recharge the battery, the best cap has to be unscrewed and open a rubber flap indoors. Perhaps it doesn’t seem too awful, but in practice is rather embarrassing.

Boom Swimmer Duo features a 30mm driver, which can be tiny and you shouldn’t anticipate punchy or immersive audio from it. The large and mids aren’t the most tasteful either, providing an acceptable performance all around.

Even though the speaker is tiny, it may become somewhat loud. Still, you do not wish to push it outside 70-80percent of its own volume, as it begins to produce a negative with low-end distortion blurring the general experience.

Bottom Line

Boom Swimmer Duo is a fantastic little speaker should you utilize it to its own strengths. It’s the smallest and the lightest speaker within our inspection with a mile. It won’t blow you off with all the most wonderful audio functionality, but it simplifies it using a lasting waterproof design that’s also extremely travel-friendly.

If you’re seeking to utilize this speaker indoor, then there are probably far better speakers to pick from, if you want a speaker which happens near no space in your back and you’re not so demanding on the audio quality — this really is the ideal speaker to your shower at the smallest dimensions there’s.


  • Can be connected to almost anything
  • Could be paired with another speaker
  • Adequate sound quality for your size
  • Built-in speakerphone


  • Audio distortion in high volume
  • Rolls on tabletops as a Result of round shape
  • USB charging interface Isn’t User Friendly

VicTsing SoundHot C6

Considering its low price, the VicTsing SoundHot C6 mobile Bluetooth speaker packs a significant punch. As it is rated for IPX5, it is totally waterproof, meaning it must withstand anything that your shower may throw at it.

A suction cup over the trunk securely adheres to most surfaces such as tiles or mirrors, but in the event that you’d like, you can attach it to a toilet rack, showerhead, or possibly a backpack with the included clip. Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to set this up with almost any smartphone or media participant within 33 feet, which should be more than enough scope for most bathrooms.

Although it’s waterproofed for your shower, the IPX5 score means it is only certified to defy streams of water instead of full immersion, and that means you will have to be certain that you don’t drop it in the bathtub if you are bathing.

The built-in battery provides up to six hours of playback time and retains its charge well in the event that you turn it off between applications. Assuming you are using it for showering alone, it is safe to expect a few weeks between costs.

Jam Hang Up

The UE Roll two is a fantastic waterproof speaker generally, but in the event that you really need a speaker to stick in your toilet wall then the Jam Hang Up is among the greatest shower speakers out there. For under $20, it features a similar layout to the Bose SoundLink Micro using a more whimsical design and choice of colors.

On the back of this Hang Up is a silicone panel which may be pulled back to show a sticky mat, that sticks onto any horizontal surface. Throughout testing, it fell in the shower wall. What is more, it is easy to clean and if you would like to utilize it like a little living space speaker, simply cover the glue pad with the exact same silicone flap.

Even though the buttons are intended to seem fun, they are, they are not easy to press. It requires quite a lot of force, which really deterred me from shifting tracks. Furthermore, involving the”X” and”O” buttons is a vertical line which matches the overriding speaker shade; originally, I thought it was a separator for its”X” and”O,” but it is really a multifunction button.

On the reverse side, the Hang Up includes a fantastic design that houses the added micro-USB cable; you won’t ever be with no fee. The speaker also contains an auxiliary input signal, which is rare to see from speakers of the grade. In general, if spending less than $20 on bath speakers appeals to you, then the Jam Hang upward ought to be wrapped up.


You will know Treblab out of their cans as that’s the market they’ve started outside in and their principal specialization. However, not so long past, Treblab has launched its very first speaker using Bluetooth capabilities — HD55.

The business is well known for outstanding customer support and hence receives a disproportionate number of bright and positive reviews. However, have they managed to pull it off using all the Bluetooth speaker? Let us look at it!

The speaker includes a classical cylinder shape, very similar to the well known UE Boom two which we’ve analyzed previously.

TREBLAB HD55 is a wonderful general-purpose speaker which matches most applications and tastes except bass fans. It’s unquestionably among the greatest shower speaker choices available on the industry.

Treblab HD55 includes a spare red shade cover, so in the event that you believe you want to put in just a small amount of excitement to your music device, it comes from the bundle.

The playback controls are easy, yet very innovative for Bluetooth speakers. To alter the soundtracks, you just need to swipe your finger onto the panel right or left. It’s not difficult to use, and it works nicely, in spite of all the palms being moist.

So far as the speakers go, the entire body has four of these incorporated, one double bass, two tweeters, and also one midrange. This arsenal contributes to 12 watts of acoustic power which makes Treblab HD55 among the top Bluetooth Bluetooth speakers within our review. It produces strong, lively, and crystal clear audio, even in high volumes.

1 innovative feature that places the Treblab HD55 aside from the competition is your indoor/outdoor button. It corrects the frequency response to meet your environment. Choosing indoor style enriches the noise with much better bass, whereas the exterior style contributes to louder, but marginally less in-depth functionality.

The speaker includes a built-in mic so that you can easily use it to make phone calls, as well as the audio quality, is excellent which makes it a fantastic match for both podcasts and music.

The rechargeable battery produces average outcomes, providing the speaker with approximately 10 hours of your favorite songs. Additionally, it takes approximately 5 hours for the battery to recharge, which we discovered to be rather long.

Bottom Line

Treblab HD55 is an excellent lightweight speaker that provides loud, clean, rich, and distortion-less noise at any volume.

Though we appreciate the equilibrium throughout the frequency range, the bass fans will get the lows lacking punch. It also covers the mobile Bluetooth speaker staples flawlessly and we are confident that you’ll come across this flexible speaker perfect for virtually any kind of use, such as your bathroom or shower.


  • Loud and balanced 360-degree noise
  • Light and comparatively portable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Integrated speakerphone


  • Not for bass fans
  • No battery charge indicator
  • Requires horizontal surface to stand

Braven Mira

To get a system that measures only 1.38 x 5 x 5 inches and weighs just under 2 pounds, the Braven Mira presents outstanding audio to get a shower-ready speaker. Powered by a 1200mAh battery, the Mira may perform around ten hours before needing a recharge.

The hinged hook is flush with the apparatus when closed onto the back of the hardware however when opened, it makes for a superb method to hang out of a showerhead listening.

Layout and battery apart, the true highlight of this Braven Mira is your noise: 2 motorists along with a passive radiator to allow for complete audio, crisp highs, and superb bass.

Past noise, the IPX5 score features water resistance, but it is not waterproof (therefore maybe it does not survive a fall in the bathtub ). On the other hand, the Mira will conveniently shrug off splashback emanating from a showerhead without slowing down.

How we picked the best shower speakers


As it came to choosing what we believed the ideal shower speakers were, there were a couple of features we were seeking. The most essential attribute was clearly waterproofing. You can not choose a speaker which is not protected against water into a bathtub where it is likely to be subjected to mist, water, and be possibly dropped every now and then. You can, however, you won’t have that speaker to get more.

The second was the simplicity of use. As an instance, the UE Wonderboom is an excellent little waterproof speaker which pumped out that the UE Roll two in our finest waterproof Bluetooth speaker’s record, but there is a reason it did not have the ability to do this.

The UE Roll two’s elastic bungee cord is big enough to hang from almost anything in the bathroom. The UE Wonderboom comes with an adjustable loop also, but it is so small you would be hard-pressed to hang it from a towel hook, and let alone a showerhead. Something such as the JBL Charge 3 does not have a loop, but it becomes so loud you could just leave it to the ground and you will still fill your bathroom with songs.

The last and possibly most crucial feature we looked at has a cost. If you are only going to use the speaker as you shower, it is likely that you do not have to over a hundred bucks. Should you choose to invest more, then it’d better be a damn great Bluetooth speaker which you could use in a couple of distinct scenarios (therefore the JBL Charge 3 recommendation).



The IP stands for International Protection marking and classifies the amount of protection from intrusions like water and dust. To find out more about the classes, please check here.


There are a couple of simple tips to maximize the battery life of your wireless Bluetooth speaker:

Reduce the quantity, a few Bluetooth speakers will last twice as long as used in 70% quantity when compared with full volume.

Maintain your phone nearer to a speaker.

Charge your speaker once you’ve got a chance, don’t let it run from battery life completely.


Waterproofing is accomplished mainly by utilizing a distinctive external material that protects the speaker in water damage. The sophistication and also the main reason why just a few speakers are waterproof is the cloth should not permit the water but shouldn’t block or obstruct soundwaves and distort the sound quality.

Here’s a fast overview of what makes the best shower speakers waterproof:


Your only other alternative is an AUX 3.5millimeter connection. You’ll have to guarantee the speaker affirms this link type, so please check before purchasing.


  • The directions vary over different brands and versions, yet generally, the measures are:
  • Empower the Bluetooth on your Cell Phone
  • Hold the primary button on your Bluetooth speaker for 2-3 minutes to Allow pairing mode
  • Devices set and Now You Can playback your audio


  • There are just two things you can do:
  • Recharge the Bluetooth speaker using the wall charger
  • Use a mobile battery pack to recharge your wireless Bluetooth speaker when on the move


The device of sound power is the watt (W). If the planned speakers use is mainly for showering, 10W of power ought to be more than sufficient. But if you’re also intending to utilize the speaker outside, 15W or more is suggested.


Frequently, folks mean exactly the identical thing when they refer to water-resistant Bluetooth and waterproof speakers. In reality, some vital differences can make you easily pick 1 shower speaker on the other. Understanding the difference between waterproof and water-resistant will finally help you choose the speaker that’s most appropriate for your shower or toilet.

Water-resistance is a phrase that’s used to refer to how the thing won’t immediately soak up liquids. Some could also refer to it as plain water repellant or hydrophobic.

Becoming waterproof at precisely the identical time generally takes a more powerful capability to resist water penetration. Oddly, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that the merchandise is completely impervious to water despite having the term proof’ from the title.

On the other hand, waterproofing is regulated by global standards that assist consumers to understand the amount of water protection. The scale ranges from IPX-0 (with no water protection) into IPX-9 (can endure strong water jets).


Yes, of course. Speakers for showers may also be used outside or indoors. The only consideration to bear in mind your speaker can be certified using a waterproof rating to be secure.


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