Dwayne Johnson Tastes His Own Blood After Workout Injury

Dwayne Johnson tastes his own blood

Dwayne Johnson tastes his own blood in viral video posted on Instagram and goes viral in minutes! The Rock has hit his face during his workout session on Monday. He had a few stitches to fix his injury. This injury though didn’t restrain him from finishing his intense workout regime in the gym.

He did not at all make hue and cry about it. The Hollywood actor posted a picture tasting his blood from the wound. He immediately went to the daily routine and did not give any such importance.

The Rock said that the injury occurred when he was exercising with heavy chains weighing 50lb. There was a heavy swell around his eye and blood as well.

Dwayne Johnson tastes his own blood after hurting himself at the gym

According to Dwayne Johnson, the gym there is no child’s playground in which nursery rhymes would be mumbled. Things often go intense in the gym which he called it “iron paradise”. It is very natural that during these heavyweight training injuries happen.

The 50-pound chain hit him so hard that he had to have stitches to stop the blood. As per reports, the ‘Jumanji’ actor finished his workout and then went for stitches. The actor who is now 48 gives utmost importance to his workout regimen.

The Rock licked his blood and got back to his work

Dwayne Johnson said in the Instagram video that his blood indeed tasted spicy sauces like BlaMoan, Teremana and Calluses.

The Rampage actor just got back to work wiping off the blood with his finger. He licked the same finger calling it real good.

Dwayne’s Black Adam on process

The actor is presently doing the DC series’ Black Adam. It is one of the most famous antihero storylines in the series. Dwayne plays the arch-rival of Shazam, and the movie is directed by the Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra.


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