England Lockdown Exit Plan Finally Unveiled by Boris Johnson

England Lockdown Exit Plan Finally Unveiled by Boris Johnson

There are high hopes with the England lockdown exit plan if all conditions are met as per the latest developments. A new four-step plan signals that all legal limits will be ending by June 21, 2021.ohio state jersey detroit lions jersey florida state football jersey micah parsons jersey florida state football jersey OSU Jerseys custom football jerseys detroit lions jersey Florida state seminars jerseys OSU Jerseys 49ers jersey detroit lions jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms custom football jerseys custom football jerseys

According to this plan by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, shops, outdoor hospitality, gyms, hairdressers, and more may reopen on April 12, 2021. Starting from May 17, two households will be able to mix only at homes, while the rule of six will apply when it comes to pubs.

The whole process will require four tests on infection rates, coronavirus variants, and vaccines. This process is mandatory at every stage. Recently, Boris Johnson tells every one of his officials that the England lockdown exit plan aims to be more cautious but is irreversible.

He also suggests that proper data must drive decisions at every stage of the process. Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that there is no valid route that leads to a COVID-free Britain, or in that case, a COVID-free world too.

In a recent Downing Street news conference, PM Johnson seems to be hopeful. He is hoping that the upcoming summer and spring may bring in some positive news. Mr. Johnson reveals that the experts are suggesting that these seasons will feel and look better for everyone. He does not want to promise that the England lockdown exit plan will be completely irreversible, but the idea is undoubtedly that.

What is the complete England lockdown exit plan?

On the other hand, the latest feedback data regarding the vaccination process in the UK is quite positive. It says that the impact of the vaccines is terrific and that it is successfully restricting the spread of severe infection. Now, there is a step-by-by process in the unlock process, and the first step is:

Starting from March 8, 2021

Schools will reopen with regular classes and allowance for after-school activities and games. Recreation places such as public parks and gardens will reopen, and interaction between two people will be allowed. For example, in a coffee shop by the park, only two people can sit at a table and not a group.

Starting from March 29

There will be an allowance for outdoor gatherings, two between two families, or a maximum of six people. It is expected in this scenario that the gathering will take place in a private space, such as a garden only. Moreover, outdoor sports allowance will also be there, and basketball and tennis courts will be reopening.

Secondary school students can sit for all tests and examinations with a mandatory mask policy. All students must wear masks in the classrooms as well as common areas like corridors.

Every two steps of the England lockdown exit plan will have an interval of at least five weeks. This is the period during which the government will assess the impact of the changes on hospital admissions and infection rates. Once there is a green signal, the next plan will come into action.

The second step will begin on April 12, and a few essential parts of the economy is scheduled to reopen. These are:

  • Non-essential retail joints, libraries and few other public buildings, and hairdressers
  • Self-contained accommodation for leisure and holiday such as campsites.
  • Indoor leisure locations such as gyms and swimming pools
  • Outdoor places such as theme parks, beer gardens, zoos, and alcohol takeaway

In all of the above cases, strict COVID policies and social distancing rules will apply. For example, not more than two households can interact at one place for a gathering, etc. Prime Minister Johnson also announces that there will be an end to the hospitality curfew.

Now, people will be able to eat a nice meal along with some alcohol outside. On April 12, the government will also announce changes regarding international travel. This will only happen after all the options are weighed out properly. However, the date is not fixed.

What are the current restrictions that are awaiting relaxation?

On the other hand, a maximum of 30 people can attend a funeral and 15 for a wedding. The third step is when we will see the abolishment of the rule of six regarding all outdoor gatherings. If the situation is good, then the rules will apply from May 17 onwards.

With the application of this step, a maximum of 30 people will be able to attend weddings. Besides, the third phase of unlocking will witness the reopening of cinemas, sporting events, hotels, and museums too. As many as 10,000 people will be able to attend big matches in the large stadiums.

According to Boris Johnson, the third step will properly assess the potentiality of COVID certification or vaccine passport. If the response is positive, people will be able to attend indoor events in public places with one of the vaccine passes for entry.

Now, before the fourth step comes into implementation, ministers will do thorough research. They will review all long-term regulations, including social distancing. This is to reduce transmission, and the mask policy will be intact too.

Amidst all of these, one more major activity that is awaiting review is the work-from-home policy. Since all the reviews will begin from June 21, 2021, everyone who can stay at home for work.

The fourth step is extremely crucial because abolishing legal distancing limits will depend on the results of various analyses. The government also hopes that all restrictions on funerals, weddings, and other big functions will no longer apply after the final step.


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