The Top 4 Best Exerpeutic Fitness Equipment Review

Exerpeutic fitness equipment

Summer is on its way, and who does not want to look good in a swimsuit? But the thing is, you have to get fit before you can rock the beaches!

If you do not have time for the gym, then chances are you should workout from home. There are many workout machines designed to fit under your roof so that you can exert yourself physically at your convenience.

In our article today, let’s have a look at the top Exerpeutic fitness equipment. Exerpeutic is a well-known brand in the fitness industry, which explains why you should investigate its best products.

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Top Exerpeutic fitness equipment


Exerpeutic 1000XL

The first line of products we would like to mention here is the Exerpeutic ellipticals. Being among the most favorite cardio machines, there is little doubt why Exerpeutic has put their efforts into perfecting the ellipticals.

Currently, Exerpeutic offers two versions of ellipticals – the 5000 and the GOLD 2000XLST – with a price range from $330 to $400. Compared to other brands, it is safe to assume that Exerpeutic aims at middle-class customers with reasonably priced products.

The best thing about Exerpeutic ellipticals is their abilities to accommodate heavy people. Is your weight up to 275 lbs? Worry not, because Exerpeutic has got your back. Its heavy-duty steel frame ensures that the elliptical can endure overweight gymnasts.

Furthermore, Exerpeutic is determined to provide customers with the best comfort in its power. By putting in a media holder on its ellipticals, Exerpeutic allows you to exercise and get entertained at the same time.

With its versatile workout programs and the installment of a Natural Elliptical motion, Exerpeutic ellipticals make a perfect choice for those of you wishing to engage in a LISS cardio session. The movement required of your body is not strenuous, thus giving you the chance to slowly develop your stamina instead of rushing onto a stationary bike.

In short, Exerpeutic ellipticals are an ideal choice for people wanting to get fit without pushing their physical limits. They are affordable, easy to use and they will make your home gym much more helpful.

Exercise bikes

Some of you prefer a low-intensity workout level, while others are into rigorous training sessions. If you think you want to push yourself and lose some weight, consider studying the Exerpeutic exercise bikes.

Exerpeutic currently provides 11 items of exercise bikes, both in recumbent and upright style. Their price range varies from $160 to $430, which means both customers seeking for a low-end and a high-end product can find what fits them here.

The common feature shared by all Exerpeutic exercise bikes is their compact design. To make sure customers will not have any problem placing their workout machine, Exerpeutic removes all unnecessary details and focuses on building a lightweight and space-saving bike.

Another delicate touch of Exerpeutic to its exercise bikes is the application of technology. The majority of these bikes come with a fitness app, which opens up a new horizon of workout plans and fitness coach for the user. And let’s not forget the sensors, which can monitor your pulse and your heart rate while being in motion.

Whether you want to have a high-quality exercise bike that can last for a long time, or you just need a machine to shred a few pounds on your HIIT cardio plan, Exerpeutic can help you both with its wide range of choices.


Exerpeutic TF900

Another line of product that deserves to be on the list of the top Exerpeutic exercise equipment is its treadmills. If you are looking for a machine cut out for LISS cardio or low-intensity workout plans, then let’s have a look into these Exerpeutic treadmills.

Available on the market are three models of the Exerpeutic treadmills, namely the 100XL, the 5000 and the TF2000. While the cheapest product is at $300, the other two can cost up to $700. That said, feel free to choose a product that fits your budget.

All of the Exerpeutic treadmills focus on the safety of their customers, which explains the spacious walking space. Furthermore, Exerpeutic incorporates longer handles placed at both sides of the machine for extra convenience. Yay!

Another outstanding feature of Exerpeutic treadmills is its technical details. All of these products come with an LCD screen, which keeps track and displays the data related to your workout progress. Everything from your heart rate to your pulse or the calorie burned will be presented to you in no time.

Treadmills are among the most user-friendly workout machines thanks to its versatile intensity levels. If you are looking for a way to sweat without getting rigorous training sessions, consider choosing an Exerpeutic treadmill. Not only is it highly effective, but it also makes sure you will get an injury-free experience.

Inversion tables

Finally, on our list of the top Exerpeutic gym equipment are the Exerpeutic inversion tables. This kind of workout machine is relatively new compared to other products, but rest assured that it comes with plenty of health benefits.

Currently, Exerpeutic features 6 models of inversion tables. The price range varies from $130 to around $280, so you do not have to worry about whether your limited budget can afford such a machine or not.

A typical Exerpeutic inversion table includes a Patent Pending AIRSOFT Ankle Holder, which maximizes the comfort experienced by the customer. Exerpeutic understands that an ill-designed cushion can worsen the back and neck pain of its user, so why not opt for a well-padded cushion made by Exerpeutic?

Another interesting feature of Exerpeutic treadmills is its heavy-duty frame. While inverting, one of the most common problems is that the frame will slip on the floor, causing injury to the user. Exerpeutic aims at a sturdy holder so that even people whose weight goes up to 250lbs can exercise without worrying.

If you are experiencing from back pain, stiff muscles or in need of adding a few inches to your height, you cannot go wrong with an inversion table. Nowhere can give you a better option than Exerpeutic products!

In Conclusion

If you are pondering over your choices for a fitness machine, LessConf hopes you have made up your mind by now. With the top Exerpeutic fitness equipment, there is no way your gym plans can go wrong.

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