Marcy Fitness Equipment for Effective HIIT Workouts to Burn Body Fat

Marcy fitness equipment

What are your favorite workouts to make the body slim down; gym, yoga, or quick exercises like HIIT?

Top Marcy fitness equipment for HIIT

Well, for those who do not have much free time like me, the third type – HIIT seems to be ideal. And, to optimize its effectiveness, LessConf often chooses to combine with the other fitness equipment from this brand.

Now, I will tell you what it is and how it works.

First things to know about HIIT workout

HIIT stands for the High-Intensity Interval Training. It is an alternating form between a short duration and an equally spaced resting phase.

HIIT vs. Cardio

Like cardio, HIIT helps to burn maximum fat in a  period. But, HIIT still shows some differences. Cardio is aerobic while HIIT is anaerobic.

When you do the cardio, oxygen goes through your breath to the muscles and gives the energy for the effort sustaining.

Contrarily, the anaerobic HIIT can produce energy without using oxygen as a cycle part. After breaking down carbohydrates from glucose in the blood, the body stores them in muscles and then creates energy.


Besides, to max out the short workouts like HIIT and make it more intense, you should bear in mind these things.

A typical HIIT session often takes from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. If you overdo (I mean that you cap the HIIT more than 30 minutes), injuries tend to arise later on. So, I suggest you divide the whole workouts into short sessions with the brief recovery instead of a 30-minute non-stop HIIT.

Of course, having the equipment to perform HIIT will be much more effective. There are a lot of exercises for you to do, including running, jumping, stepping, rowing, and so forth. In the next part of the article, I will share with you some potential equipment to optimize the workouts.

Top Marcy fitness equipment for effective HIIT

Among a variety of fitness brands on the market, LessConf chooses Marcy as a reliable partner on the long-term fat burning journey.

Founded in 1982; this American brand has become a reputable name in the fitness industry. For years, it has been manufacturing many high-quality products along with ultimate customer service.

The followings are some impressive equipment from such a well-known brand for your HIIT workouts.


Doing HIIT workouts with a treadmill requires you to take an experiment to choose the right setting. I mean that they are the speed along with incline settings which plays a pretty essential part. The key of research is to know which level you can sustain for 1 minute.

Marcy Treadmill

Marcy Treadmill

The challenge is not the same for beginners and professionals. For those who are new to HIIT, the popular setting will be a 5mph jog with 0 inclines. When you become more advanced, you can set a 10 mph run and 1 incline.

Basing on the experiment, you will know what your 1-minute limit is. After this 1 minute, you are likely to feel that your body fat is wiping out. And then you need to slow down a little bit to reproduce the energy.

How to do

  • Spend about 3 minutes to warm up the bod at a gradient of 75%.
  • Increase the gradient to 10% when coming to the third minute.
  • Run for the next 30 seconds and then straddle the treadmill.
  • Take a brief rest for 30 seconds, then increase the speed by 5kph.
  • Jump back on and get ready for another 30-second sprint.

If you are beginners, you can do the process only once. But, as for the advance, the times should go up to three.

Not only for HIIT, but you can also take advantage of Marcy treadmill to do daily running. It helps reduce risks of heart attack, cardiovascular disease, as well as other health problems.


Another ideal fitness equipment for HIIT is a bike. Practicing with bikes can improve your mental well-being, pushing weight loss, and promoting lung health.

It is not necessary to cycle outdoor; you definitely can do it at home. For every cycling beginners, there is no challenge when taking the indoor cycle. So, why don’t you try to jump on a bike and start a perfect HIIT workout? I dare to guess that you will be much surprised by the benefits this simple exercise can bring.

Marcy Exercise Bike

HIIT on a bicycle has positive effects on your body by making it leaner, fitter, and stronger than ever. When riding the Marcy exercise bike, you must use your legs, back, abdominal muscles, and even biceps. You only need three times of biking weekly to see amazing results.

Like any other exercise, you need to warm up before using Marcy biking. It takes around 5 or 10 minutes. Thanks to this step, you can loosen up joints and muscles, preventing injuries.

Here is a sample of HIIT with biking that you can try.

How to do

  • 45 seconds full throttle pedaling
  • 45 seconds easy pedaling
  • Repeating six times
  • After the 6th repetition, doing 3 minutes easy pedaling for extra rest

For each day of workouts, you repeat the whole step twice.

Does it sound simple? I am sure that the thing will be different when you make it real. All steps above are truly challenging since they are a 25-minute intense workout. But, no pain, no gain, you cannot burn your fat as you desire unless trying your best. You can add more challenges by reducing the rest time and increasing repetitions.

Rowing machine

Besides running and biking, applying a rowing machine into the workout schedule is also a not-to-miss practice. The Marcy brand launches many models of rowing machines for you to choose from. The exercise seems to be a tough experience. But, do not worry much, my dear.

Marcy Row Machine

Marcy Row Machine

Only about 2 minutes going at the full intensity on the rowing machine can cause you to feel exhausted. However, trust me, the result will surely worth it. A rower does well the task of delivering a full-body workout, which not many equipment can.

As a tough form of workouts, the rower requires you to use so many muscles in arms, back, and legs.

How to do

  • Rowing at the most comfortable pace for a three-minute warming up.
  • Setting the screen to display the number of calories.
  • After the first 3 minutes, exploding into the maximum effort to burn as many calories as possible in the next 60 seconds.
  • Repeating one more time with a 60-second set.

A suggestion of repetition for beginners and advanced is three and ten, respectively.


The list does not stop here. There is a wide range of products from this reliable brand to choose from for your ideal HIIT workouts.

Three options above are recommendations coming from my daily fitness experience. Besides, I also do some extra exercises without equipment to boost effectiveness. If you do, too, do not forget to share with other readers and me and we can get perfect bodies for the beach altogether.


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