Rick Harrison Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Rick Harrison Net Worth

People love to watch reality shows. The unique competitions and presenting methods of a reality show attract people. Rick Harrison took his reality shows to the next level through his presenting style. Today, we will discuss Rick Harrison net worth and how he earns it.

Who is Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison is an American businessman. He is the owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Rick is well-recognized as a reality television personality. His business is featured on History TV’s Pawn Stars series. Rick and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, established this Pawn Shop business.

Short Bio of Rick Harrison

Full Name Richard Kevin Harrison
Birthdate March 22, 1965 (age 58)
Birthplace Lexington, North Carolina, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 6’ 0” (1.82 m)
Profession Businessman, Reality television personality
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $9 million

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $9 million. Owning a million-dollar business is the main reason behind this massive net worth. His business activities telecast as a reality show on television. The show became very popular worldwide. This popularity helps him in increasing the growth of his business. Also, his wise decisions and unique business strategies made a significant impact on his financial state.

Early Life

Rick Harrison was born in Lexington, North Carolina. He has three siblings. Richard Benjamin Harrison, his father, served in the U.S. Navy. Rick’s family moved to San Diego, California, when he was two.

During his childhood, he had epileptic seizures, a mental health issue. For this reason, he had to take bed rest for a long time. Rick suffered from this condition until he was eight. After overcoming this situation, he attended Taft Middle School. But Rick didn’t complete his graduation and dropped out of school when he was in tenth grade.

After dropping out of high school, Rick established a business selling fake Gucci bags. He generated $2000 per week from this business. This attempt allowed him to understand business policies and strategies, which helped him in his future business venture.

Sources Behind Rick Harrison Net Worth


Rick Harrison’s father launched a secondhand store, Gold & Silver Coin Shop, in Las Vegas. This 300-square-foot shop opened in 1981. Rick and his father together run this business. They bought unique used items from different persons or companies and later sold them by adding a reasonable profit to their customers.

Soon, their collection of unique items increased. They also started collecting history items, which have a high demand on the market. They got their shop license in 1989. Rick and his father included several sports items with unique histories. This gained an incredible reputation for their shop. Any sports fans came and bought their favourite things at a reasonable rate.

In 2005, Rick’s son Corey joined this family business. This store also sells unique historical jewellery that is worth hundreds of millions. They could easily generate a massive profit from those million-dollar sales.

Later, in 2009, Rick, along with some other producers, launched the Reality television series Pawn Stars. This show telecasts the daily activities of the Harrison family’s paws store business. It broadcasts the business deals in an attractive style.

As soon as the show became popular, their business sales increased massively. Thus, Rick’s pawn store business became the major source of his net worth.

The Pawn Stars

On July 19, 2009, Rick, with some other producers, started The Pawn Stars, a Reality television show. This show premiered on History TV and became very popular from the beginning. The show soon became a global phenomenon. It broadcasts in 150 countries in 38 different languages. With this much popularity, This reality series became an hour-long format.

The show completed a total of 21 seasons with 675 episodes and is still running on History TV. Rick generated a massive profit from this show. Different streaming platforms, TV channels, and dubbing companies paid Rick to broadcast his show. Rick’s pawn shop business was well-recognized by this show.

As a result, people got to know about his shop, which brought massive customers to his business. Rick’s earnings from this shop significantly impacted his net worth.


Rick appeared in several popular television shows. In 2003, his pawn shop was featured in Insomniac with Dave Attell. Later, Rick, with his son Corey and Chumlee, appeared in iLost My Head in Vegas on November 3, 2012.

He also appeared in the American television sitcom iCarly and The Middle. Rick appeared in some particular episodes of those series and got paid for his every appearance. Undoubtedly, these earnings increased his net worth.


On June 7, 2011, Rick released a book on his biography, License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver. As he gained massive fame, his book went viral soon after its release. It became a best-selling book and ranked at number 22 on The New York Times Best Seller list on June 26, 2011.

Brand Deals

As Rick’s fame rose to the top, he got many offers from big companies to promote their products. For this reason, he became a spokesperson for the Micro Touch One Razor, a shaving product for men.

He also appeared in television commercials to promote this product. This company pays him a good amount of money for promoting their brand. Rick’s deal with this company was started in 2014 and continued for a long time. Earning from this brand deal increased his net worth widely.


Rick Harrison received the Pawnbroker of the Year Award from the National Pawnbrokers Association in 2010 for his work educating the public about the pawn industry.

Personal Life

Rick Harrison was in a relationship with Kim. Soon, they got married. The couple welcomed their first child, Corey, on April 27, 1983. After two years, their second child, Adam, was born. Rick and Kim got divorced soon after Adam’s birth.

Later, Rick married Tracy in 1986. Together, they had one son named Jake. Tracy filed for divorce in 2011. Rick married Deanna Burditt in 2013 and got divorced in 2020. Currently, Rick is married to Amanda Palmer in 2021.


How much is Rick Harrison paid per episode?

Rick Harrison got paid $100,000.

How rich is Harrison?

Rick Harrison’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $9 million.

Who inherited Richard Harrison’s estate?

Richard Harrison’s wife, Joanne, inherited her husband’s shares in a different estate.

Who owns Pawn Stars?

Rick Harrison owns the Pawn Stars.

Final Thoughts

Rick Harrison net worth is a visual representation of his business success. He took every better decision and unique idea of strategy in his business, which led him to a significant financial state.


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