What is esports and what is its peculiarity?


By themselves, computer games are just entertainment and one of the ways to spend your leisure time. Follow all the latest tournaments and your favorite games on progamestars.com. This type of leisure is not without reason considered not the most productive in terms of usefulness. In addition, it can be a good income, although not permanent.

The situation was saved by the fact that people always, everywhere and in everything loved to compete with each other. The desire to be the best in something gives rise to a sporting interest. Why sports interest? Why, because at the moment of the competition a person begins to make efforts on himself to achieve a result. Efforts on oneself, in whatever form they are manifested – physical, mental, or both – this is development.

Sport in any of its manifestations is aimed precisely at developing all the best qualities in people. Based on all of the above, I can say with full confidence that eSports develops many wonderful qualities in people and therefore should rightfully be considered a sport. But eSports has a significant difference from conventional sports.

Esports is a type of business that includes the fundamental principles of sports competition.

From the very beginning of its development, esports has been inextricably linked with high technologies and marketing (sales). Football, for example, can be played even barefoot, and instead of a ball there can be an ordinary plastic bottle (who in childhood had two trees instead of a gate, and a bottle instead of a ball, with a plus sign). The “virtual world” itself is an information product, and in order to use this product, you definitely need some kind of electronic “gadget”. Both the “virtual world” and various “gadgets” can be combined in one word – “product”. We draw a logical conclusion, eSports is a business. Based on the foregoing, I have formed my own concept that explains such a phenomenon as e-sports.


eSports has adopted only the best from its fellow root:

  1. The desire to prove to yourself and the whole world that you are the best!
  2. Give yourself completely and sacrifice personal interests for the sake of a common victory!
  3. Respect your opponent not only on sports principles, but also as a person in society, recognizing equality!
  4. For years! Train hard!

Differences from regular sports

In turn, traditional sports have a lot to learn from esports. Due to the inextricable connection with business, esports lacks such things as:

  1. Budget financing.
  2. Politics. At least for now.
  3. Morally and physically obsolete sports equipment (and sometimes its absence).
  4. Coaching non-professionalism (honored coaches and masters of sports, especially in old age, turn out to be useless to anyone. Often, “physicians” come to their place).
  5. The risk of serious occupational injuries and illnesses (they are present, but in comparison with sports, the risk of getting them is many times less).


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