Easy Workouts You Can Do at Your Home Gym

Your Home Gym

Do you find the idea of having a home gym appealing? The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly encouraged plenty of people to clear out an ample enough space in their living rooms or even an entire room and turn it into a home gym. 

Staying on top of your fitness routine during the holiday season can be easily achieved from the comfort of your home. There are numerous informative websites, such as Home Gym Mania, helping individuals set up a home gym. 

Have a look at some of the easiest beginner and intermediate workouts to try at home.

Beginner exercises

There is a variety of beginner exercises that provide individuals with the opportunity to get a full-body workout. You should complete two sets of ten to fifteen repetitions of each exercise with one-minute rest between every move. This routine takes approximately fifteen minutes, which is excellent for beginners. 

A useful exercise for a warmup is the bridge, which activates the backside of the body. The directions are easy to follow, as you should simply lie on the back while making sure your knees are bent, your feet positioned flat on the floor, and your arms resting by your sides. By pushing through your backside and feet, you should lift your bottom off the floor and squeeze your glutes. Afterward, you return to the position where you started and repeat the move. 

The chair squat is another exercise you can try as a beginner to strengthen your backside and legs, which facilitates everyday movements. You’ll need a chair to place underneath you to assist you in mastering your form. Make sure you position yourself in front of the chair with the feet apart, as much as your shoulders are wide. Don’t forget the toes need to be pointed slightly outwards. 

The following step is to bend your knees and lower down until you touch the chair with your bottom. In the meantime, your arms should be extended out in front of you. Once you touch the chair, you should invest some effort to push through the heels and go back to a starting position. Find out how to perform squats properly to make the most of the move. 


Another beginner exercise you can try is the knee pushup, which assists individuals in building strength before trying a standard pushup. Start the move by getting into a plank position from the knees. From the head to the knees, a straight line should be maintained, and the elbows should be bent to get lower to the ground. The angle at which you keep your elbows should be 45 degrees. In order to start, you should push back. 

The stationary lunge is a perfect beginner exercise to strengthen your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. In order to start your exercise, you should put your right leg in front and your right foot to be positioned flat on the floor. Your left leg should be in the back, with the left foot on the toes. You should bend your knees and stop when the right thigh gets parallel to the ground. Once you complete the preferred number of repetitions, you should switch legs. 

An excellent exercise for building glutes at your home gym is the donkey kick. After getting on all fours, you should do your best to keep the back straight while pushing the right foot out. Your toes need to point down to the ground throughout the move. Remember to squeeze your buttocks while performing these movements. Once you repeat the chosen number of reps, you should make reps on the other leg. 

Individuals looking to strengthen their hip muscles should try side-lying hip abduction. People sitting all day would find this exercise beneficial. You should lie on the left side, keep your right and left leg straight while the right foot is positioned on the ground. Make sure to lift your right leg up in the air but don’t allow your hips to open up. Follow this link, https://www.verywellfit.com/side-lying-hip-abductions-techniques-benefits-variations-4783963, to learn about the proper form, variations, and common mistakes when doing side-lying hip abductions. 

Intermediate exercises

A soon as you master the beginner workout routine at your home gym, it’s time to move on by making some intermediate moves. You should complete two sets of ten to fifteen repetitions of every exercise and rest for a minute before moving to the next one. For instance, instead of doing a bridge, you should be performing a single-leg bridge, which is a bit harder. You should follow the same steps necessary for the bridge exercise but lift only one foot off the floor. 

An upgrade to the chair squat is the squat exercise, which requires workout enthusiasts to remove the chair and perform a regular squat. While making the same movements, you should imagine sitting down in a chair while pushing the bottom back. Conversely, a standard pushup is harder to perform than a knee pushup, as you won’t be relying on the knees throughout the exercise. 

The walking lunge is more challenging than the stationary lunge, as you will be walking instead of staying stationary. The change in movement provides greater mobility, balance, and stability. Keep the feet together and make a step forward by lunging with the right leg. Then, you should stand up and repeat the movement with the left leg. 

Another version of the squat exercise is the get-up squat, which is excellent for keeping your glutes and legs under constant tension. The directions are easy to follow, requiring individuals to put themselves into a squat position. You should drop your knees one at a time to the ground to get into a kneeling position. From the kneeling position, your feet should step back to the floor one by one while maintaining a squat position. There will be no standing during this exercise. 

Final thoughts

The exercises explained above can be easily incorporated into your workout routine.

Do your best to stay fit!


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