Los Angeles Makes Mask Mandatory as Covid Cases Surges Again

Los Angeles Makes Mask Mandatory as Covid Cases Surges Again

The third wave of the Covid-19 virus has more transmissibility as per the latest reports. The unvaccinated section of people is the most proCollege Football Jerseys micah parsons jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Florida state seminars jerseys custom made football jerseys 49ers jersey Florida state seminars jerseys ohio state jersey Florida state seminars jerseys micah parsons jersey Florida state seminars jerseys micah parsons jersey johnny manziel jersey OSU Jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys ne to getting this affected by this virus. Los Angeles sees an increasing number of cases and puts masks back on as mandatory.

Los Angeles makes mask mandatory again

Previously, wearing masks indoors was mandatory in LA. However, after it was dropped, people still wore masks outside, as a local person reported. However, from July 24, wearing a mask became mandatory again.

Corona cases are again surging among the unvaccinated mass. This has compelled health officials in Los Angeles county to make wearing masks both indoor and outdoor compulsory.

Even if the total number of cases has still not reached the mark as high as in the early days of the pandemic, the number of hospitalizations has again increased.

Moreover, this time it is the Delta variant known to be way more dangerous and infectious than the other ones. This triggered the impromptu action of the health officials in Los Angeles.

This announcement comes after a daily record of 1000 plus cases for six days at a stretch. July 22 saw more than 1500 hundred new cases making Los Angeles a place where “substantial” transmissions took place.

California might follow LA

Not only in LA but many more counties in California are seeing this spike in cases. Apart from Los Angeles, Yolo in California has also recommended masks in indoor spaces. Health officials urge the residents to take the shot as soon as possible.

Barbara Ferrer is the health director in Los Angeles County who, in a special interview to The New York times, stressed the need for masking. She said that test positivity has gone up to 5.2 percent with 2500 fresh cases.

As this is the most infectious virus to date and has little information on fatality, people need to wear masks again. It is the only way to prevent a fatality.

Not hesitating to take the vaccine and normalizing wearing masks are the two most sane decisions in this rush hour!


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