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There is nothing better than you can do for your own body than exercising regularly with the help of gym equipment.

However, there are just too many people balking at going to the gym because of some personal fears like embarrassment. Of course, there is also the chance of the gym membership being too expensive for their wallet.

In addition, it is not always that fun to work out and sweat among a bunch of strangers. Not to mention the challenge of finding time to go to the gym is quite a tall order.

Thus, most of us can arrive at the conclusion of it being much more convenient having our own workout equipment. Instead of having to pay for a gym membership while being under many constraints, you have things ready at your convenience.

There is also the plus of not having to drive to fitness centers as well as getting your own privacy. However, before getting the equipment, you must first know a little bit about training. Thus, let’s learn more about the current best two training regimes.


High-intensity interval training, sometimes called sprint interval training (SIT) or high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE), is a popular interval training form. To be more specific, it is a strategy of cardiovascular exercise. The regime alternates short yet intense anaerobic exercise periods with less intense recovery periods.

You are supposed to keep on alternating the two types until your body is too tired to keep on. In spite of no apparent universal duration for HIIT, this intense regimen usually lasts for 30 minutes.

Of course, the time can vary with the current level of fitness that the user is having. It is also dependant on the session’s intensity.

Doing HIIT exercises can provide you with an increased capacity of athleticism as well as improved glucose metabolism. There are scientific proofs that doing this regimen can help you reduce the fat mass of your whole body significantly.


Standing for Low-Intensity Steady State, LISS is also a popular training regimen. Just as you can guess from the name, you mainly maintain the same pace of low-intensity cardio throughout the regimen.

This type of regime is currently one of the most popular training forms for women around the world. The regime works on a whole different philosophy when compared to HIIT.

First of all, LISS is a much more relaxed regime for you if you are a newbie to the fitness world. After all, it contains mainly low-intensity exercises that anyone can do easily. You will not have to specifically go to the gym. Thus, it can be the perfect start to the new routine.

Secondly, LISS is the best when it comes to recovery. If you just had some tough sessions of training, doing LISS will help relax your body greatly.

After getting familiar with the regimes, you should next consider the equipment that you will be using. There are quite a lot of great gym equipment manufacturers, but I trust Concept2 the most.

What is Concept2?

Concept2 began way back in 1976 with Peter and Dick Dreissigacker, right after their Olympic training. The whole idea started out with composite racing oars. Since then, the company has gone on to become the best choice for oars among rowers across the world.


Even in the present day, their innovation still lives on. Back in 1981, the sibling duo made the Concept2 Indoor Rower that swiftly attained the crown of the best-selling rower. Nowadays, after several models, it is a necessary equipment that cardiac rehabbers and Olympic athletes use each day.

Now, let’s look through the home exercise equipment at Concept2!

Top 3 Concept2 Exercise Equipment Review

Indoor Rowers

The original rowing machine was created back in 1981 by Concept2 as an aid for competitive athletes’ training. Since then, the indoor rowers of Concept2 have been consistently rated as the best across the world.

This is due to them having unrivaled durability as well as function and the incredible support post-sales. All the rowers from Concept2 are suitable both for commercial and home gym use.

With the experience of making indoor rowers since the start of the 1980s, Concept2 make machines that last a long time. The machines are long-lasting, have quite a fair price, and the support is just top of the line.

This kind of machine is especially great for those who do not have too much time to spend working out. After all, the amount of muscles utilized makes rowing quite a calorie burner. Its nature of whole-body workout can provide you an effective and efficient exercise that the other types will not.

All the models of Concept2 rowing machines feature what they call a quick-release frame lock mechanism without any tool required. Thus, you can separate the device easily into two pieces and then store them.

There are also caster wheels on the front foot, which allow the machine to roll into position for your workout.

One of the most revered features of Concept2 rowing machines is the Performance Monitor. This monitor will give out immediate feedback on any pull you make and the total data of your whole workout.

The Performance Monitor can also self-calibrate, allowing one to compare every stroke, interval, and workout. In other words, you can compare yourself to any athlete using Concept2 rowing machines across the world.


Nordic skiing is, without a doubt, one of the most aerobically demanding and exhilarating sports. Thus, it is only natural that Nordic skiing athletes are all extremely fit. With the SkiErg, this terrific aerobic exercise has become accessible to everyone.

You will no longer need to wax the skis in order to benefit Nordic skiing’s impact-free, full-body workout. The SkiErg of Concept2 will help you build up endurance as well as strength through rhythmic, efficient workout motions.

You are in control of the resistance as the flywheel will spin faster, creating more resistance, if you pull harder. The machine provides you excellent training with poling motions integral to both Nordic Skiing techniques.

In addition, it can also give out a resistance range that is similar to snow. The convenience that you will experience training with SkiErg is hard to beat. This is especially true when there is no option for roller-skiing. After all, no matter the conditions and weather, this machine will always be available for you.


The BikeErg is Concept2’s latest addition to their family of ergometers based on sports. It has the same Performance Meter as well as flywheels like the Rowing Machines and SkiErg. With those, it has cycled the features and strengths they have brought previously to cross-country skiing as well as rowing.

The flywheel of BikeErg uses air resistance in order to make a quiet, smooth ride responding to your efforts. The damper is the “gearing”, which allows adjusting the feel of the ride.

Unlike the other stationary bikes, BikeErg possesses a clutch. Thus, when the user stops pedaling, the flywheel keeps spinning, like real bikes.


The Performance Monitor proves its sophisticated nature once again with the immediate feedback on your workout. Moreover, it has quite a huge variety of workouts as well as displays that one can choose from.

Furthermore, the monitor is calibrated so you can actually be able to compare the distances and times with other people. Of course, you can also track your progress a whole lot easier with the monitor.

If you are the one who likes his own setup, then you will not have to worry. After all, the BikeErg can fit most of the standard bike parts. Thus, you will be able to use your own pedals, handlebars, and saddles. As a result, you can experience the ultimate personalization.

BikeErg also utilizes poly groove belts with high strength instead of chains. Thus, you can enjoy a far quieter ride.


With this guide, LessConf hopes that you can find the best equipment from Concept2 that will fit with your routine. After all, having a great and efficient workout depends on both the regime and the equipment.

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