Top 2 Best DiamondBack Fitness Equipment Help You Keep Fit Well

Diamondback fitness equipment

For those who are fans of HIIT and LISS, DiamondBack fitness equipment is always in the top-of-the-line. The brand offers a collection of seven breakthrough recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycle trainers.

So, if you are looking for a reliable piece of home gym equipment for such practices in your privy state, LessConf has got the list of the top DiamondBack fitness equipment for HIIT and LISS right below.

DiamondBack and its revolution bikes

Up to now, the brand has presented seven models in total serving different fitness purposes. Those products have received tons of positive feedback as well as a high reputation among gym avid.

Over the years, DiamondBack has delivered two types of bikes primarily categorized into elliptical and exercise bikes.

Elliptical Bikes

1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer

1060EF Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer

This newest generation in this product line has all the advantages from its older versions and beyond. The 1060EF bike continues its excellence in superior engineering, deserving as a Best Buy in eight consecutive years.

1260EF Elliptical Trainer

The exclusive elliptical bike owns a patented design featuring an outstanding braking system that offers the lowest impact possible on the knees and joints. Many experts highly recommend the equipment for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Exercise Bikes

1260SC Rear Wheel Studio Cycle

Specifically designed for indoor use, the bike promises a second to none concept optimized for HIIT and LISS cardio. The model is a part of the winning-award series of exercise bikes with innovative features.

Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

This line piles two models of 510SR and 910SR, which are can’t-be-better options for those who seek to build health from home. The ergonomic recumbent design is a huge flagship feature, making the bike ideal for recovering from injuries or LISS sections for pregnant women.

Indoor cycles

With the 510lc and 910lc in the series, indoor bikes from DiamondBack influence the market with multiple premium features on budget tags. The bikes are known to give real-road experience right in your living room.

Upright bikes

The only child in the category will be your training partner with preset workouts and levels of resistance to enhance your HIIT section. This bike will take your workout to the next level with tons of specialties designed to help you achieve your fitness goal.

HIIT cardio on elliptical bikes

If you ever make it through the traffic jam at 5 pm to the gym, you probably know it pretty much discourages your will to continue on the training section. So, having an elliptical bike at home now is holy.

But why elliptical?

A high-intensity interval training on an elliptical training bike is said to save the joint pain with a low-impact exercise. The reason is it doesn’t place much stress on the hips, ankles, and knees while you paddling with your feet never leave the pads.

Elliptical HIIT may not be good enough for people who seek steady-state cardio, but with sufficient effort in the routine, you will get a convincible outcome.

Compared to HIITs on treadmills, working out on an elliptical bike is a lot safer. DiamondBack bikes qualify all of those standards to protect you from pain.

Practice HIIT cardio on elliptical bikes

HIIT on DiamondBack elliptical

The point of performing HIIT is to get your heart to pump and your body to sweat, meanwhile working on your core. Here is how to do it.

Get your DiamondBack elliptical bike ready and take 3 minutes (or until sufficient) to warm up your body by paddling in a relaxed state.

When you feel your muscles are ready for more challenge, increase the resistance, and full-force the entire body for 20-30 seconds.

Drop the resistance to an easy level for 60-90 seconds while filling your lungs with air.

Repeat the interval around 10 times or to your max capability.

** It is possible to increase the intervals if you feel like your tolerance has not reached its highest capacity. Just make sure to give yourself enough resting time to recover and regain your breath.

In the routine, try to mix up variations by inclining or placing your foot all the way as far as possible to the end of the pad. If you lift your toes and stand on the heels, it should create more burn into your glutes. Vice versa, your quads will get the extra burn.

An elliptical trainer will not only save you a lot of time to keep up with your fitness goal but also positively accelerate your result.

HIIT on recumbent bikes

A 25-minute workout a day to get you in shape is no longer a dream with a recumbent bike from DiamondBack. If you are getting tired with treadmill sprints and Stairmaster, a jump to a low-impact alternative will be convincing.

Start off with pedaling with your life after the warm-up for 40 seconds then slow down the legs for 20 seconds to resting. In the next section, you can put more effort by raising the time intervals or generate the same force in the segment. Try to work it out intensively followed by some gaps to rehab.

LISS on exercise bikes

Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio brings back enormous benefits on the heart, insulin sensitivity, and fitness level. In other words, it blows your fat away without making you lose the muscle mass.

LISS on exercise bike

LISS on the exercise bike

Working out with LISS, you will improve your cardiovascular fitness with exercises that are less taxing on the body. That means you can cycle while watching your favorite show on TV.

How to do LISS on DiamondBack exercise bikes

Low-intensity doesn’t mean easy. You will get to keep your heart rate steady around 40-65% of its maximum. The console on the DiamondBack exercise bikes will help you estimate with the built-in heart rate controlled programs.

In practice, you will get to find a pace that lets you reach the target heart rate and remain that consistency until the end of the section.

As beginners, you should start with a 25-minute workout and increase the practice time up to one hour.

What’s great is all DiamondBack exercise bike models are built to serve LISS most adequately.

Attention for HIIT and LISS on gym bikes

Because your body has to run through an intensive state of endurance in HIIT cardio compared to LISS, it tends to burn more calories, even after the workouts.

That said, you don’t expect a low-intensity will get you to burn fat as quick in the abdominal.

Somehow or other, both forms of exercise all help you to lose weight. The only difference is LISS suits people who aim to get in shape more recreationally.

Final thoughts

Either it’s HIIT or LISS, you don’t need to push yourself to death to lose weight. Any form of exercise offers long-term health benefits that only consistent pull to the top shows the outcomes.

HIIT fits people with endurance who don’t look for a pleasant workout by the TV. On the other hand, LISS is a more relaxing alternative that can bring back the same fitness goal.

One way or another, you will get your desired body, and a DiamondBack bike is a piece of the indispensable equipment in that path. Make your wise investment and start to fill your fitness diary with improvements.


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