The 12 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Set for Home Gym [NEW]

best dumbbells set for home gym
best dumbbells set for home gym

Do you like staying fit? People are very conscious these days and this draws them towards fitness. Maintaining weight and living a healthy life is all that is primary to many. Some even prefer to build muscles and for that, they go to any extent.

A few have a home gym and for those that prefer using their exercising gear, LessConf has a post here for further assistance.

In the wake of things, this post talks about the best adjustable dumbbells in particular. As a result, we came up with these Best full body dumbbells as a reference point for you, if you are planning to buy these little devices.

The Way to BUY THE BEST Home Dumbbells Brand

Reading so way, you’ll have discovered that there are not any one-size-fits-all elbows. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter; a guy or a girl; possess your home gym or reside in a very small flat, there’s a distinct barbell for you!

Whilst funding will play a role in your decision making, it should not be the sole consideration. Within this section, we detect a number of the main issues you ought to look at beforehand of buying a set of dumbbells.


Whatever cost range, weight variety or class you store in, the dumbbells will reveal the identical core design.

A barbell will comprise two equally-balanced end bits, where the vast majority of the fat is distributed, together with a short handle. Next, the barbell layout can differ quite radically!

Irrespective of the plan, the form of the end bits is well worth paying attention to. Normally this will be a curved end or even a hexagonal (or ‘hex’) shape.

Hexagonal endings are valuable as they do not roll around. You place it down to the ground and that is where it remains. Besides, it proves simpler to perform specific movements, like the renegade row (a cross between a board and a single-arm row). With no hex dumbbells, doing a prone movement like this will be too shaky.

Another factor to check at about the end pieces is whether the barbell features weight markers. In case you have at least two pairs, then it is a lot simpler to ascertain which weight you’re picking up in a glance when the endings are tagged.

That is 1 reason people like neoprene weights since they’re often color-coded with weight reduction. The bonus is they are also quite appealing, with vibrant neon or bright light finishes!


The substance a barbell is created out of is also worth considering, since it may influence your overall experience. You may find plastic, metal, neoprene and even wood utilized to craft the contemporary dumbbell!


Naturally, the traditional barbell substance is metal typically cast-iron or metal, or a mixture of both. There’s certainly something attractive about a metallic barbell since it conjures up images of old-school fat chambers and classic lifters.

Metal dumbbells are also quite powerful. Due to the density of alloy, they pack a great deal of weight into a more compact area. Compare a set of inexpensive sand-filled-vinyl dumbbells into a metallic set. While those full of sand are still a good economical solution, a 20lb metallic barbell will be easier to move and save compared to a 20lb sand-filled weight reduction.

While the heads of both alloy dumbbells are eloquent, the grips must be textured or knurled. This procedure provides a cross-etched routine into the handle, which supplies a safe sense regardless of what weight you’re lifting and just how sweaty your palms become.

Another incentive is that metal dumbbells are constructed to last. Rely on them clank them together, shed them they are essentially guaranteed to last a lifetime. In reality, they are a few of the best things that you could have in a great home gym!

Metal weights do possess some drawbacks, however. Primarily, they’re more likely to harm things such as walls, furniture or hardwood flooring should you inadvertently ding them using a metal dumbbell.

Some producers include protective rubber coatings into the endings, but in the event, the barbell is only metal, anticipate some scuffs and dents here and there.

You’ll also discover that, if you don’t use a fantastic set of weightlifting gloves, knurled metal grips may come in you creating calluses on your fingers and palms.

Naturally, this is the indication of a seasoned weightlifter and some lifters use their calluses with pride! But not everyone likes the appearance or feel of calluses on their hands, so be aware.

Ultimately, metal weights may clank together if you’re doing motions like chest flyes and shoulder presses. It is a little problem, but if you live somewhere where you do not need to disturb the others with the noise of your fitness regimen, you may wish to prevent weights. Or, at least, opt for people that have rubber-coated ends.


If coated dumbbells seem appealing to you personally, neoprene is a substance to test out. This artificial rubberized coating is used on nearly all the lightweight barbell sets primarily directed at novices.

The principal advantage of neoprene is the fact that it offers a gentle and comfy coating that protects both the palms (goodbye calluses!), and your flooring and furniture. The substance stays quite grippy once you sweat. Because of this, neoprene weights are best for use in aerobic vascular activities.

The issue with neoprene is that you’re not likely to locate heavy weights any greater than 20lb per barbell is rather infrequent. Therefore, as you can build a nice group, but you likely will not be constructing epic muscle together with neoprene dumbbells.


More significant than the material and design are that the weight of the barbell. In the conclusion of the day, you’ll have something which looks and feels fantastic but if you can not pick this up, it is not much good to you!

Even if you’re able to pick this up, you won’t wish to use a barbell that’s too heavy for you. This goes for both novices and seasoned lifters.

By means of a dumbbell which is too hefty for the purpose will lead to poor form and possible harm as you try the swing the weight up with the rest of the physique. dumbbell only workout plan.

By way of instance, have you ever noticed someone in the gym hoping to curl a burden that’s far too thick for them? It is rather embarrassing.

You understand to not go for something too thick, what do you need to go for? It is really quite difficult to state, as everyone has fully different fitness levels and targets.

Additionally, it is dependent upon the exercise you do, since it is relatively straightforward to squat while holding a set of 25lbs dumbbells, nevertheless doing a set of bicep curls with this weight is a lot tougher.

If you’re entirely new to weightlifting, a lightweight pair comprising a total of 32lbs of weight is an adequate alternative. Whether there are 3 pairs at the group, you’ll inevitably discover that one set weighs 3lbs, one is 5lbs and the last pair is 8lbs.

For absolute novices and girls, this can be a great starting point because it provides light enough weights to come up with the correct form and also a little bit of muscle strain, without the danger of injury or strain.

But users that wish to really construct substantial muscle and strength will locate these sets too mild. In cases like this, aim to get a pair using a heftier complete load of 74lb that will offer a 10lb setup, a 12lb set up plus a 15lb pair.

That is more considerable and might give a newcomer to an intermediate man lifter enough of a load to find some profits. But if severe mass and strength is your goal, then you’ll have to check towards the heavier end of the spectrum.

That is really where flexible dumbbells come in the picture. Some fixed-weight dumbbells will provide collections of 200lbs (that is 100lbs per barbell ), which is sufficient to create a torso like Arnie!

The attractiveness of the selectorized dumbbells is that you are able to bend it back, eliminating plates so that it turns into a 10lb dumbbell. Then it’s possible to raise the load as you become more powerful. Obviously, a 200lb adjustable barbell set may cost you approximately $300 to $500, therefore these are just worth buying if you’re seriously interested in weightlifting.

If you’re still confused about what burden to really go for, it might be worth investing in one session in the regional gym.

Here, you can head to the barbell rack and pick up a couple of weights to determine that which feels the most comfortable. If it’s possible to conduct a set of between 8 and 12 repetitions with all the burden, that is the perfect one for you.


It is well worth considering where you’re going to keep your dumbbells when they aren’t being used. Many times,’beneath the couch’ or in the closet’ will suffice, particularly if you’re buying only 1 set or lighter weights.

But when you’ve bought two or longer, you’ll surely gain from a storage rack of types. These triangle-shaped devices permit you to pile dumbbells to a little area while making them readily accessible.

A stand-in this way will ordinarily be included with the purchase price of a barbell set and will frequently be made from plastic. All these do the job but maybe somewhat flimsy. Some manufacturers will offer a stronger metal rack, even though the price of those sets will be greater.

Rather than racks, some producers provide storage instances, possibly for neoprene dumbbells or conventional screw-type adjustable weights. The advantage of those instances is they are slim so that you can neatly store your dumbbells then slide the situation under the bed or into a cupboard.

They’re occasionally promoted as being great for traveling, however in fact how many men and women are taking dumbbells together on the move? However, they remain a fantastic alternative for storage.

Top 12 Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews of 2019 from Strefit Experts

Top 12 Best Free Weights for Home Gym Reviews 2020

LessConf found many brands like Gold’s Gym, Weider, Yes4All, Core Fitness, NordicTrack, Nautilus, Reebok, Proform, Bayou, Heavy, Hoist, Xmark, Stairmaster, Ironman, Titan, Exertec, Universal, Sears, Epic, Cast Iron, Chrome, Costco, Lifesmart, Craigslist at Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart. Include different weights like 25, 50, 100, 200 lbs, sets from used to new.

Here is a catalog that you can rely on:

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

Well, these dumbbells from PowerBlock are ruling the market right now with their high sale. The quality of these dumbbells is truly out of this world by leaps and bound. As a customer, you will be extremely happy with your purchase.

Made with durable materials these dumbbells are sure to last for a very long time. Now you can perform a variety of exercises and achieve a toned body that you dreamt of having for such a long time. Check your dumbbells today and lead a life of discipline and fitness.

[img_products img_code=”7105pmvA4qL” alt=”PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00VEAH5SA”]


  1. With these Elites, you will not have to buy any other equipment or dumbbell
  2. The manufacturer gives a warranty that spans 10 years
  3. This product is made in the USA
  4. This can expand to support a maximum weight of 90 pounds
  5. Very sturdy construction
  6. Reliable brand
  7. Total value for money without any doubt
  8. Sold  for a very competitive price
  9. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable for extensive use


  1. The after-sales services offered by the company is not good at all
  2. The size of Elite is slightly smaller
  3. The weights are inconsistent

Core Fitness Adjustable Affordable Dumbbells

Core home fitness solutions provide some of the best exercising and powerlifting products in the market. It is a name that has attained global recognition over the years. Additionally, it must be stated that you get excellent products at an affordable price if you put in your trust in this brand.

These units are a great way to start a real working out regime and get favorable results.

[img_products img_code=”71%2BZ9kyKD6L” alt=”Core Fitness” star_class=”star-5″ code=”B01J8S38LW”]

Here is more on them:


  • They are efficient and can be adjusted easily
  • Adjustments could be made from 5 to 50 pounds on each side with a twist of the handle
  • Has Twist lock mechanism for weight settings
  • Comes with 5 sets of weights
  • The handle is textured and the grip is made of soft foam such that it does not slip away from the user while exercising and is comfortable to use
  • It is ergonomically made with compact design and space storage
  • It also comes with a durable aluminum cradle
  • There is a 2-year parts warranty attached to this product


  • Some users want more vibrant colors for this product to suit their personality

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System with Stand

Ironmaster 75 lb boasts of vast improvements over the other models because these are adjustable. You can add 5 pounds to 75 pounds on these. So, basically, this serves as a full dumbbell set or read the full review.

[img_products img_code=”41cSUPu6WqL” alt=”Ironmaster 75lb” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B000GE5QRM”]

The good thing is that the sales package includes a stand at no extra cost. This is a huge USP for the product. The overall finishing of the product is super impressive and it will stay in top condition for a long time to come and this is why it has been enlisted in this article.

Interested in knowing more about this fabulous product then simply keep reading.


  1. The manufacturer provides the users with a warranty for a lifetime
  2. The design adds to the efficiency as the dumbbells do not consume too much of space
  3. The sales package includes a dumbbell set that is adjustable up to 75 pounds
  4. The overall construction is very sturdy as the dumbbells are made of high-quality steel
  5. Readily available online and is quite affordable


  1. The locks on the dumbbells malfunction
  2. The sizes are quite inconsistent
  3. The weights do not feel right

Bowflex SelectTech 552

With Bowflex SelectTech 552 you will no longer have to depend on multiple sets of dumbbells. So, in other words, you will not have to spend a lot of money on different equipment and that is truly wonderful.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 is worth every penny you decide to spend on them as they are of very high quality and they will last for a long time. These have outsold every other brand in the market by leaps and bounds with their high sale.

[img_products img_code=”71%2BRJh5OT%2BL” alt=”Bowflex SelectTech 552″ star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00CLBPHI6″]


  • The manufacturer gives the users a 24-month warranty on the parts and plates
  • With these, you will no longer need to have dumbbells of multiple weights
  • The dial system of SelectTech 552 lets you combine multiple sets of plates
  • You can perform a wide range of exercises with Bowflex 552
  • The construction of Bowflex is far superior to anything in the market
  • Very affordable product
  • Readily available on the internet
  • Good value for money


  • After-sales service is not up to the mark
  • The locks on the dumbbells are very stiff and are difficult to open
  • The weights are not all consistent

Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds Adjustable Dial Dumbbell

With Merax Deluxe 71.5 at your disposal, you are one step away from achieving the body you dreamed of having.  These are made by a reliable brand so you can expect to get the best quality that you can buy.

The overall construction of Merax Deluxe 715 is really sturdy so you can expect to use them for a long time.  You can now indulge in a variety of exercises with Merax. Want to know more about these? Simply keep reading.

[img_products img_code=”610N-RxQoML” alt=”Merax Deluxe Dial Dumbbell” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B07869BT7R”]


  • The good thing is that the company offers a warranty for 24 months
  • Since these dumbbells are adjustable you make a rapid switch to different forms of exercises
  • For a versatile training session, you can use 12 sets of the weights at the same time
  • Merax can fulfill your every requirement you will not have to invest in other tools
  • The overall construction of the dumbbells is very strong and durable so you can expect these not to wear out prematurely
  • Sold at a competitive price
  • Readily available online


  • The components are shipped in separate packages so they may be delivered on different dates
  • It seems a little smaller than what is mentioned
  • The aftersales service is not up to the mark

Omnie Adjustable Dumbbells

With Omnie your workouts will get easier and better every day. These are manufactured by a reputed brand so as a user you can expect to get the best quality that you can afford.

Omnie is so versatile that you can indulge in multiple exercise routines with them. So, you can target multiple muscle groups with these adjustable dumbbells. There is no doubt that these are totally worth it.

[img_products img_code=”414b1dpd8BL” alt=”Omnie” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B00QWJ4DTW”]


  • The compact design of Omnie facilitate easy storage
  • Omnie are very easy to put together
  • With these, you can focus on activities such as losing weight, toning muscles, strength training
  • The company offers a warranty that is valid for 5 years on the parts and plates
  • This is sold for an affordable price
  • The rod section is textured with chrome and has an anti-slip grip
  • You can buy this online without any problems as it is always available
  • The weight plates are made of strong cast iron


  1. The customer service needs to improve
  2. The sizes are very inconsistent
  3. The  grip on the rods wear out fast

PowerBlock GF-SPDBLK24 Adjustable SpeedBlock

Are you looking for the best and the most affordable power training equipment in the market? Then there is one name you can reckon with, the Power Block GF-SPDBLK24. They are the real things when it comes to enhancing your exercising skills. The results of this powerful training will be visible in a very short time and you will be completely overwhelmed. So, why not give it a try

[img_products img_code=”51KilJy7kqL” alt=”PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B000A6T9I8″]


  • SpeedBlock come in total 24 pounds weight range
  • The weights can be adjusted with 3-pound increment on each side
  • It is compact in size and is space-saving
  • The design is so engineered to have maximum control and balance by the user
  • The handle is rubberized which allows the user a secure grip to the units
  • There is a selector’s pin for changing the weights very easily and efficiently
  • This single pair of the dumbbell is efficient to perform the work of a dozen
  • It comes with 15 years home use warranty


  • Users have found the unit so helpful that they want more than 24 pounds weight for total

One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Kits – 200 Lbs

Are you into strength training? In case, you are in love with those heavy-duty dumbbells and love to own the same, then this article is the right place to read about them.

However, if there is a space crunch in your home, then what do you do? Don’t worry. There is a one-stop solution to your problem. Why not try these super affordable One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbell kits? Let us focus and discuss this product in a nutshell.

[img_products img_code=”61huTa35NtL” alt=”One Pair of Adjustable Kits” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B0087T8UOE”]


  1. The dumbbell comes with 200 pounds of weight in total for the full unit
  2. There are eight 10 pounds plate, two of 5 pounds plates and 2.5 pounds plate for individual unit adjustments
  3. The weights are easy for setup and no external tools or special adjustments are required to assemble them
  4. It also comes with a chrome cast handle with threaded collar locks for safety
  5. The plate weights are prepared of durable cast iron
  6. The kit is space-saving and can be stored very conveniently


  1. Users have noted a point that after prolonged use the paints from the weight plates start to chip off

Ringstar Starring 65 105 200 Lbs

Are you interested in doing strength training? Nonetheless, you don’t have time to hit the gym after a grueling day’s work. Can you think of any solution to this problem? You must have got some ideas but practically they are not compelling enough.

So, you are still standing on square one and envying the well-chiseled body of those lads from the magazines. LessConf suggests you take action to solve this problem. Use Ringstar Starring to satisfy your hunger and let others envy you. Let’s understand in brief about this product.

[img_products img_code=”71F8gJDjzSL” alt=”Ringstar” star_class=”star-4-5″ code=”B00MN50JEM”]


  • Each dumbbell is adjustable from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds weights
  • Weight can be increased every 5 pounds on each unit
  • Weight plates are made of high-quality spray painted cast iron
  • The handlebar is made of durable, lightweight material with a non-slippery grip for the user
  • There is a specially engineered plastic tray for the unit to prevent it from rolling and damaging the floor


  • The safety trays are optional and are on the user’s discretion to purchase it or not

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Sets 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105 to 200 lbs

Is there a way to change your normal boring lifestyle and get engaged with an exciting fitness regime that can improve your cardiovascular health? You have been interested in doing strength training but could never practically convert your thoughts into action. So why worry? Get yourself Yes4All AD and start your workout with immediate effect.

You can exercise single or multiple muscles simultaneously and develop strength on your arms, back, and shoulders. So let’s read in nutshell about this product in the mentioned points below.

[img_products img_code=”61wJEOV3tGL” alt=”Yes4All” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B07RRSDTWJ”]


  • Proper use of Yes4All improves your cardiovascular function and muscle mass
  • Bone density is increased and it helps to burn calories
  • Appropriate strength training with this kit decreases the risk of bone fracture and improves endurance of body muscles
  • The kit comes with cast iron weight plates with black finish paint to avoid rust and corrosion
  • The handle is chrome coated with an anti-slippery grip
  • Lock collar with threaded ends ensures a safe workout
  • It takes no time to assemble and dismantle the unit and can be stored easily


  • It is recommended to the user to clean the kit after workout such that the shine on the unit is maintained

Weider Speed Weight A.D

Are you looking for a dumbbell that goes easy with your workout? You are completely unaware of selecting a particular unit that suits your purpose and serves you well.

Do not worry!

LessConf is here with a solution to serve your needs. Using Weider Speed Weight for the best possible results. We will discuss it in a jiffy and comprehend why it is recommended by most.

[img_products img_code=”81lJK28KrAL” alt=”Weider Speed Weight” star_class=”star-4″ code=”B0045GTE66″]


  • The weights are adjustable from 5 pounds to 25 pounds for a single dumbbell
  • The weights are engineered with cast iron and galvanized steel coating
  • There is a lifetime warranty on weight plates against corrosion and rusting
  • The handlebar is chrome cast with a solid non-slippery grip
  • There is a slip screw arrangement to prevent the weights from slipping out while workout
  • This unit offers a wide range of exercise options to its user
  • It is ergonomically designed to benefit its user and store conveniently
  • The kit comes with a robust storage tray for the product


  1. The product is so popular that there is a demand for it in the market worldwide

Rep Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning

Want to build your dream body without splurging too much on pricey gym sessions? Well, here is the answer to your prayers. Buy this wonderful kettlebell and start working out.

With these kettlebells, you can perform a wide range of exercises and target every muscle group in your body. This is a complete set with kettlebells of different weights. The sales package also contains a rack to store the kettlebells. There is no doubt that these kettlebells are worth purchasing.


  1. These help to enhance the metabolism and builds lean muscular tissue
  2. The design is very ergonomic and they are very comfortable to use for a long time
  3. Can be used for exercises such as snatches, get-ups, squats, deadlifts, and swings
  4. These kettlebells are very sturdy and are made from a single cast
  5. You can readily buy these kettlebells online
  6. The manufacturer  provides a valid warranty on the and customers can also seek a refund


  1. The overall construction of the dumbbells is not satisfactory at all
  2. The weight is very inconsistent
  3. The dumbbell is slightly smaller than what is advertised

Dumbbell Rack

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Benefits When Using It

Training with a dumb-bell has a plethora of advantages. You can develop symmetrical strength on both your left and right side of the body. For some exercises, you also enjoy a full range of motions that work the muscles properly giving them a good squeeze. Here are some more advantages of using dumb-bell:

  1. Working with a dumb bell is said to increase coordination between muscles. This makes sure that a group of muscles get a good workout simultaneously, so you get a lot out of your training sessions.
  2. As a beginner in the gym, you can use a dumb bell to get your body into the habit of working out on a regular basis. If you use a lightweight dumb bell for compound exercises you can expect to build good coordination between your muscle groups. This will eventually prepare your body to get used to heavier weights.
  3. Training with the dumb bell over a period of time and that too in the proper posture you can expect to see some solid muscular growth and an enhanced capacity to lift heavy weights in proper form.

What Do You need?

When you are out looking for dumb-bell you should not hurry the process to look for one.  Firstly, figure out the kind of exercise you would want to do with them. Do you want them for muscle building? Do you want them for creating a definition of your body?  If muscle building is your aim you will need the heavyweight dumbbell.

If you wish to create a definition on your body then you could do with light to medium weight dumbbells. Also, make sure that you purchase dumb bell from a reputed brand even if you have to pay extra. At least you will be assured of the quality.

Best Choice

The best choice for a dumb bell bench would be to buy from reputed brands. Do a bit of research on the internet and you will get to know which ones are the best brands. Read customer reviews as they are very helpful in understanding the different brands.

Try to use dumbbells that are adjustable and come with multiple weight plates. This way you will not have to invest in multiple sets of dumbbells. Also, select a manufacturer that offers a good warranty on the parts and the weight plates.

Something like Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells crops up in our head, but it will unfair of us to name one. You may have to pay a bit extra for premium quality dumbbells but at the end of the day, it will be worth the trouble.

Where are Buy Cheap Fitness Equipment?

If you really want to invest good dumbbells then you could purchase them online. However, do not bid from any website that you come across. As the many such con sites that sell you flimsy products for premium prices and they are not worth the effort.

Take your time and locate reliable websites that sell these items. Try to purchase from a website that deals solely in sports goods, the chances are that you will be treated to a huge variety. Also, try to purchase from sites that offer good on heavy discounts. Whatever you do, you must not rush the process of looking for a reliable website.

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Why Are hand weights So Expensive?

It is an obvious fact that good quality products are costlier than products available locally or products with a cheap make. The same applies when purchasing dumbbells. It is always better to invest a good one rather than to settle for a low cost or a duplicate item.

Another main reason that these products are expensive is due to its transportation charges. It has to be transported from the factory to the wholesaler, then to the retailer and finally to the store. There is a lot of fuel burn on the mode of transport fixed to carry out this process.

How does it work?

See more from Reddit:

How to fix/loosen/remove the best adjustable dumbbells?

Getting “How to loosen it from this video”

How to use it?

Using it from the pro trainer: click here

How safe are dumbbells?

See more from

Dumbbell Workout Plan

Dumbbell Workout Plan

There is no doubt that working out with dumbbells have a lot of advantages. With dumbbells, you can perform a wide variety of exercises using full-range movements. You can also build symmetrical strength for both sides of your body. Here is how you can pursue a workout routine using dumbbells.

Getting into the basics:

Start out with basic weights and basic movement. Let your body adapt to things before you move ahead with advanced routines. Also, decide on the repetitions you want to perform a per set as this will help you select the amount of weight you would want to use.

Breathing techniques:

While exercising with dumbbells proper breathing. Improper breathing techniques can increase blood pressure.

Proper Form:

Always maintain a proper posture while working out with dumbbells if you want good results. A proper form will also eliminate the chances of injuries. List weights as per your own capacity do not copy anybody else.

Workout for the lower body:

With these, you can perform exercises such as squats and lunges for the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Exercises for the upper body:

With dumbbells select exercises that do not require you to have a spotter with you. You can perform chest presses, shoulder presses, and bicep curls with dumbbells.

Dumbbell Exercises

It is no secret that dumbbells are very versatile indeed and highly effective in building rock-solid muscles. With the dumbbell, you can perform a myriad of exercises ranging from isolated movements to compound movements.

The best angle for incline dumbbell press between 30 to 45 -degrees

Here are a few popular exercises that can be performed with dumbbells.

Exercises For The Lower Body

  1. Quadriceps: To develop muscular quadriceps you can perform squats and dumbbell lunges. To get the best results you should perform these with heavyweights. These exercises are tough but if you perform them for a couple of weeks you will see great results.
  2. Hamstring: For this, you can perform a deadlift keeping your legs straight. This will give your hamstring a good workout.

Exercises For The Upper Body


Incline extension, dumbbell kickbacks, and triceps extension are some of the best exercises you can perform with dumbbells. These can cause explosive growth in the triceps region.


To develop good back muscles you could perform deadlifts and dumbbell rows.


For the chests, you could focus on the incline, decline, and flat bench press using dumbbells. With dumbbells, you can give your chest muscles a good stretch and a good squeeze.


You can perform both the incline cur and dumbbell curl with dumbbells to give your biceps a good workout. You must remember that these exercises need to be performed in a very good form. So, to get good results you must exercise slowly.

Incline curls are slightly tough to perform, so use moderate weights while performing them. On the other hand, you go heavy while performing the standard dumbbell curls.


Lateral raise, upright row, and shoulder presses are very effective exercises that you can perform with dumbbells. Dumbbell rows and shoulder presses are very good for adding mass to the shoulders. However, these exercises need to be done in proper form and using proper breathing techniques.

How To Squat With Dumbbells?

So, if you want to work out on your legs at home and you do not have access to a whole lot of equipment well you do not need to worry. All you need is a couple of dumbbells and you are good to go. Here are a couple of ways to perform squats but it is wise to start with light weights.

How To Squat With Dumbbells?
Squat With Dumbbells

Standard Squats

  1. Keep the chests upright for the entire exercise
  2. Make sure that the butt is in a backward position
  3. Let the arms with dumbbells in them hang by your side
  4. After that start to squat like normal

Sumo Squat

  1. This exercise needs to be done by placing dumbbells in between the legs
  2. For this, your stance has to be really wide
  3. This exercise should be done in proper form and one can use heavy weights for this exercise
  4. This is ideal for people who cannot do normal squats

Goblet Grip Squat

  1. You begin this exercise by holding the dumbbell like a goblet
  2. Then you move into a normal squatting position and you get on with the exercise
  3. This can be performed with light to moderate weights
  4. Take sufficient rest in between sets
  5. Has to be performed slowly and in proper form

How Many Kilos Are The Dumbbells You Lift?

Firstly there is no set rule that you have to lift dumbbells of a certain weight because somebody told you so. You should lift weights as per your own capacity. Everyone is built differently and to get the best out of your training sessions you should acknowledge those differences.

How Many Kilos Are The Dumbbells You Lift

If you have just started out then use light weights and gradually increase the weights as you progress from set to set. Also do give the dumbbells a good inspection to make sure you are not lifting weights beyond your present capacity. The weight of the dumbbells is usually mentioned on the side it could be in pounds or in kilograms.

How To Build Muscle With Dumbbells At Home?

You can build an amazing body by using dumbbells and this is a tried and tested by most bodybuilders. The only thing is that you have to select your exercises really well and execute them in good form. With dumbbells, you can perform a wider range of movement.

How To Build Muscle With Dumbbells At Home
How To Build Muscle At Home?

Here how you can build fabulous muscles at home using dumbbells.

  1. You can hit all major muscle groups in your body. So, with a little effort, you can get the most out of your work out sessions. You can perform many compound movements with them and experience explosive muscular gains. You can also approve a manual that shows you how to build muscles the right way using dumbbells.
  2. To perform certain exercises like chest presses or pullovers you will need to invest a bench. You can invest a standard bench for yourself and perform all these exercises. Other exercises may not require benches for example deadlifts, dumbbell rows, dumbbell bicep curls can be done without the use of a bench.
  3. The most important thing is that you do not have to buy too many dumbbells. You can need a fitness adjustable dumbbell that allows you to use additional weights on them. These dumbbells can be stored very easily as most models come with a storage case.
  4. No matter what exercise you perform with dumbbells in the house you must perform them perfectly. If you are performing a couple of sets then you should take sufficient rest in between them. Nutrition is also important to monitor your carbohydrate and protein intake. Stay hydrated well during your workouts.

How To Get Bigger Arms With Best Dumbbell Weight?

Whoever told you that you can only get good arms by performing barbell exercises probably has no idea on the benefits of dumbbell exercises. You can easily forgive the poor soul for he probably knows not what he says.

How To Get Bigger Arms With Dumbbells

So, how do you get good arms with dumbbells?

Let us find out.

Develop A Strategy

Workout a routine as this is very important it will give you a sense of direction. Make a list of all the exercises that work the best for you. Try to keep the training sessions short and intense. Maintain a log on how much weight you are lifting and how much you have improved.

Inclined Dumbbells Exercises

  1. For this, you need to sit on a bench that is inclined at 45 degrees and then simply start curling like a regular dumbbell curl.
  2. You need to make sure that your arms are still and keep your palms facing upwards.
  3. You also need to keep your bicep flexed when you reach the peak of every movement.
  4. You need to hold it there for a couple of seconds. Repeat this with the other arm.

Hammer Curls

  1. For this, you will need to stand with two dumbbells and your palm facing inward
  2. Being raising the left dumbbell up to your shoulder level and flex the bicep
  3. Hold that position for a couple of seconds and return to the starting position
  4. Repeat this exact movement with the other arm

How To Work Triceps With Best Hand Weights?

There is no denying that triceps can be the most difficult muscle group to build. However, by selecting good dumbbell exercises you can add sufficient mass to your triceps.

How To Work Triceps With Dumbbells

You must also make sure that you perform these exercises in perfect form and in a particular tempo for good results. You should also take sufficient rests in between sets.

Here is how to do it.

Triceps Extensions With Two Arms

  1. This can be performed while being seated or standing
  2. You need to keep your arms really steady
  3. Hold the dumbbells firmly with two hands behind the head
  4. Start to lift the dumbbells until the arms are fully straight
  5. After that lower it back to the initial position
  6. Perform this for a couple of reps

Kickbacks For The Triceps

  1. This can be performed on a chair or a bench
  2. You need to add support to your body weight using a single knee and a hand
  3. Place the dumbbell in your other hand and then begin to lift the arm until it becomes straight
  4. Make sure that the upper section of the arm does not move
  5. Hold it in that position for a couple of seconds and then repeat for the other arm.


No matter how much LessConf talks about the best commercial dumbbells when you go out to buy one, you get a bit overwhelmed. There are too many products to choose from and it may look confusing at first.

The point of our post is to help you find the best one for you.

So, stick to your needs combined with the strategies explained here.

This will certainly help you locate the one for you at least. Please share with us, if you have more names on your list. Let the whole community grow with your expertise as well!


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